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Control your Expenses

By Guest Author On March 3, 2011 No Comments

We often hear the expression: “Live within your means.” Nowadays, we need to change this expression by substituting “within” to “below.”

If we work for somebody or for a corporation, we need to set aside some savings which we can use for a “rainy day.” There can never be enough savings. That is why we sometimes find a second job. And this is the reason why we want to improve our lives financially, by getting off the “rat race” and creating wealth.

At times, we have the uncontrollable habit of buying things we don’t really need, especially when items are “on sale.” We stock up on things that are “on sale” thinking that we are saving. At first thought, it seems we are, but on second thought, we are actually losing. Foodstuffs get spoiled. Clothes go out of fashion. Appliances’ warranties expire even before they are used. Sometimes, they get damaged because they have been stored for too long. And new models are introduced which makes what you have on hand, obsolete or phased out. This might probably be the reason why they are “on sale.” If you notice, most electronic appliances are expensive the first time they are introduced and they become cheaper in time.

We stock up on things thinking that a similar opportunity might not come our way the next time. However some products are excessively produced on purpose, to be put up “on sale” if not completely sold while regularly priced. To some producers, it’s cheaper to sell at cost or minimum profit than to keep under storage, not to mention expiration dates. This is also one way to push a product. You see, when people know that a certain product sometimes goes “on sale,” they always have the product on mind. It’s free advertisement at its best. The product makers don’t lose money anyway. On the contrary, they make money.

All too often, even the rich people fall prey to this kind of promotion . The poor and middle class would say: “I might as well spend my savings on these items since little savings are not going to make me rich anyway.”

And you know what happens to your house if you keep on stocking up? You turn your house into a warehouse. There will be clutter everywhere, especially when your house isn’t big enough. You only buy things ‘on sale’ if your intention is to sell them off for a profit and not for your own future use. Keeping a reasonable quantity is justifiable.

Be prudent. This is a habit that we seriously need to consider improving on or rectifying. If you are making enough or more than enough, keep in mind that it is not how much you make that can make you wealthy. It is how much you spend and how much you keep. Some of us have the habit of buying luxuries the moment we have the funds or credit line for it. Most rich people, in spite of being rich, buy luxuries last. One of the best investments you can make with the money you save are books. They keep you skillful. They open up new horizons which can lead to wealth creation. The same thing is true with seminars, tapes, and other media related to acquiring financial knowledge.

Therefore, prioritize your purchases. Don’t spend money unecessarily on a buying binge. You’ll see that at the end of the day, you’d actually have some surplus to carry you over the next month.

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From One Income To Another

By Guest Author On March 3, 2011 No Comments

Let us take a look at the different types of income. They are:

1. Earned Income    –   obtained from working for someone or a company.

2.  Passive Income   –   income generated from business.

3.  Portfolio Income –   income generated from investments in paper assets.

Earned Income comes from having a job in a company or in someone else’s business. You get paid for your time and services rendered. The income an employee can generate from working for an employer is limited. There is the possibility that an employee may devote extra effort thinking the employer will pay him/her more.

Although, it’s a rare possibility for the most part, when the going gets tough, but even then, it’s still possible. . And even if it happens, it is still limited. When there is additional profit gained by the employer as a result of the employee’s extra effort, the employer will get the bigger “slice of the pie”. You are, in effect, making someone else rich through your added effort. It is a good act but it is also a fact. Maybe you’re telling yourself mentally: “Hey, that’s not fair.” Fair or not, that’s the way life is, when you work for money.

If you are an employee, you get your money or paycheck after everything else. It is earned income, less taxes and everything else deductible, before money reaches your hand. And if ever the money reaches your hand, the next place it is bound to go is to pay your bills. If the amount is not enough, you are bound to borrow, which makes you debt-ridden if it accumulates. Now, this is one big mistake. Don’t ever get debt-ridden. It is the shortcut to poverty.

Earned Income is a safe way to generate an income. There is not much thinking to do. Except for a few high paying, high profile jobs, your work is mostly concentrated on a few things where you keep repeating the same functions. Unconsciously, this discourages creativity, so boredom starts to set in. It is because of this boredom that getting to work every morning is such a drag and you keep on looking forward to weekends, holidays, and vacations.

Unless you really love what you do without consideration to the income it generates, or unless you are highly paid, or unless there is a lot more to learn in your job, or unless financial security is of no importance to you, there is no reason for you to stay long in the “rat race.” The earlier it is to get out of the trap, the better chances you will start creating wealth.

Passive Income is generated from businesses. You can sell products or offer services, or a combination thereof. Examples are buying/selling real estate, trading merchandise as in wholesaling and retailing, etc. In many instances, you need not be physically present in your place of business. There are also small businesses like vending machines where you don’t really need an employee to visit those machines for refill because you can do it yourself. You can also go with franchising; either be a franchiser or a franchisee. The list is endless as long as you do what you love to do.

The beauty of going into your own business is that you work for you, not for someone else. You enrich yourself, not someone else. You need discipline to manage your time but you are allowed a certain level of flexibility because you get to set your own schedule.

Another advantage of going into business, especially in your own corporation, is that you earn and spend before tax is deducted, unlike being an employee where you are taxed before you spend.

Portfolio Income, just like passive income, is making money work for you. Portfolio Income is generated from paper assets like bonds, stock market, certificate of deposits, and mutual funds. They are called paper assets because literally, they are businesses that revolve on papers. Financial knowledge is vital when it comes to portfolio income. Your intellect interacting with creativity can either unmake or make you rich.

It is best to have a combination of the different types of income. For example, if you are an employee, it won’t stop you from making passive income on the side by building your own business through MLM. At the same time, you can invest the money from your passive income in stocks and generate portfolio income.

Set the combination that you are comfortable with and which is within your means. Having a diversified income source means you have more avenues to create your own wealth.

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Living The Excellent Life

By Guest Author On December 2, 2010 No Comments

My passion has always been to pursue a life of excellence.

As an undergraduate business major, I was named the Most Outstanding Management Student and received several academic and leadership scholarships. In law school, I clerked for a Georgia Supreme Court Justice and successfully resolved the cases of low-income clients before the U.S. Tax Court.

I passed the Georgia bar the first time and then started my career with one of the nation’s largest housing authorities.

Then when I left a year and a half ago to pursue my passions, I developed the I’m The Boss Success Coaching System to help others live more passionate, purposeful, and powerful lives.

I’ve done some amazing things in my life, but my excellent life is just beginning.

Each of us has limitless potential- it’s up to us to tap into it.

I want to share with you my top five tips for living an excellent life.

Live With Passion and Purpose.

You give your all when you are doing what you love to do. All fears banish and obstacles turn into mere stepping stones. When you live in your passion and purpose, living with excellence comes naturally.

Plan and Act

Setting goals and making a plan to achieve them is critical to living an excellent life. The goals give you direction. A plan will give you focus. And taking action will make sure you achieve success every time.

Get A Mentor

Find someone who has already done what you want to do and ask them to be your mentor. This will shorten your learning curve and you will be able to reach the levels of success you desire much faster.

Have Positive Friends

I once heard Joel Osteen say, “…you cannot soar with the eagles as long as you’re pecking around with the chickens.” Your attitudes, beliefs, habits, and accomplishments are a direct reflection of the people you spend time with. Distance yourself from the negative influences in your life and begin to soar with the eagles.

Have Faith

In order to live with excellence, you must believe you can. Let go of the limits you’ve placed on your talents and abilities. Don’t hold yourself back. Go for what you want.

Don’t just “get by”. You’ve been given a great potential for excellence. Use it to live a healthier, wealthier, and happier life.

Benecia L. Ponder, Success Coach

Benecia Ponder is a success coach dedicated to helping you live a healthier, wealthier, and happier life. Find out how you can take charge of your personal and professional destiny at www.beneciaponder.com.

Drastically Explode Your Personal Allure With Subconscious Mind Power

By Guest Author On December 1, 2010 No Comments

You are about to learn a mind control technique so powerful that the ancients kept it hidden from the general population for fear that if it got into the wrong hands, disaster would occur. These subconscious mind power methods were kept so secretive that it was believed by many that they were somehow attached to the occult and the dark side. For thousands of year they were kept secret.

No more.

In the last century, bestsellers like “Think and Grow Rich,” and “The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind,” for the first time presented way in to these ancient and life shifting subconscious mind power secrets to the common man or woman on the street. In this editorial you’ll be trained to operate them to get social success, however that means to you.

Love, friendship, community respect. It’s all yours for the taking. All you need to do is to tap your oversize and continuous subconscious mind power.

Your subconscious mind is the controller of all. When you come into this existence, you are pre-programmed with a few survival mechanisms and learning instincts, but that’s about it. As you mature and travel through the world, you collect resources and grow viewpoints about how the world operates. If these perspectives are empowering and life affirming, then you are considered a ‘natural’ and success is simple.

However, for the immense majority, restrictive perspectives are developed, and serve as a barricade to accomplishment for many. As a replacement for of seeing opportunity, we see obstacles. Instead of seeing accomplishment, we see malfunction. Instead of seeing potential rewards, we see probable rejection and mortification.

That changes now.

Humans are organically social creatures. We are at home with others. Our inborn proclivity is to get along with others, share with others and make others chuckle and smile and feel happy. That naturally charismatic character who enters the room and turns heads, they are living in their native state.

Purpose of subconscious mind power.

Your subconscious mind will need to be retrained with some specially crafted affirmations, that will need to be used in a detailed way to maximize the power of your subconscious mind.

The initial step is to make your affirmations. State them in the present, positive tense, as if they are already genuine. Say them as you are describing your ideal social self. If you received one wish from a magical genie, how would you decide to be? Depict that future you, in the present tense.

While repeating your affirmations, say them with as much sentiment as possible. Gratitude, thanks, love for yourself and who you are. Love for the dominant feelings you generate in others.

The best time to affirm your affirmations is when you are in that drowsy, drowsy state just near sleep. This is when your subconscious mind is open the most to suggestions, and will accept new encoding the easiest. Spend five to ten minutes, two or three times a day, repeating your affirmations.

The most excellent times are just when you wake up, and immediately as you fall asleep at night. If you can get into the habit of actually falling asleep while whispering your affirmations to yourself, that will turbo charge your results.

Keep this up for a few weeks, and observe the magic happen.

You can increase your subconscious mind power when you learn about online hypnosis

Repeatedly Demolish Troubles And Difficulties With Subconscious Mind Power

By Guest Author On November 26, 2010 No Comments

Subconscious mind power is an astonishing source of power, knowledge, and insight that has been hidden from the masses for thousands of years. These powerful, life altering methods have been used to create world changing inventions, secure gold medals, and hurriedly get riches and generations of affluence, and clearly and quickly crack any trouble that life can come up with.

Methods that you will be taught in this article.

One influential application of your subconscious mind power is the skill explain almost any trouble or difficulty you are facing in life. Almost everybody, when we come up against a problem labor with our conscious mind. We think the same thoughts over and over again. This leads to the same mistaken solutions, which cause health destroying frustration and anxiety. This easily limits our ability to think ingeniously, and the troubles continues in a vicious cycle, getting worse and worse.

No more.

When the appropriate treatment of the power of your subconscious mind, you will develop skills to conquer any difficulty that comes your way. And the best part is it takes little conscious thought at all. The coolest minds of history were trained to come up with ‘insights’ that solved problems, created inventions, and understood the out of sight and spiritual world of science.

Now you will be able to accomplish the same.

The subconscious mind is always wondering, always evaluating. While you slumber it is going through your intellect like a disk defrag program on your computer, rearranging files and sorting through problems.

Ever wonder why your visions are so often disjointed and ridiculous? Now you know.

Instead of just unreceptively standing by while your subconscious tries to rearrange your stress and nervousness to keep the pain away, you can task it to find solutions to your difficulties. And you’ll soon find that you have virtually unbounded brain power to answer virtually any crisis.

Just spend a few minutes before bed at night, and think of your biggest concerns or worries. But don’t think of them as the common man does. Don’t fuss or hope they would go away. Think of them as a child would think of how to get to the cookie jar up on the shelf. Does the little youngster worry and stomp his feet in aggravation? He does not.

He or she thinks and plans and wonders how he can acquire the cookies.

Become like a kid with your troubles. Become curious as to how you can answer them. Ask yourself how many ways you can defeat your obstacles to get to the first-rate material that is on the other side. Contemplate the mysterious answers with curiosity.

As you fall asleep, this inquisitiveness will organically be handed over to your subconscious. When you wake up, be ready to be given a flash of insight.

The best way to bring this insight to light is to commence journaling as soon as you awaken. Keep a notebook and a pen or pencil next to your bed, and start writing as soon as you wake up.

This is the identical process that the geniuses of old came up with their humankind shifting inventions.

A process you can use now to improve your life in ways yet unfathomable.

You can increase your subconscious mind power when you learn about online hypnosis

Personal Development (Personal Development Skills)

By Guest Author On May 11, 2010 No Comments


Network Marketing Diva tip of the day! Let’s talk about personal development skills. You have to develop yourself.

personal development skills
Success Coach Wealth
Law of Attraction
make money


Duration : 0:1:31

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Business Secrets from a Hotelier – Part 1

By Guest Author On May 10, 2010 No Comments

Rollan Roberts II interviews Julian MacQueen, a businessman who owns resorts and developments including the beach waterfront Hiltons (and other Hilton/non-Hilton brands), multiple jets, property management company, and private luxury aviation FBO, about his passion for flying and the secrets of his success.

Duration : 0:5:28

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Personal Development – The Next Big Boom Biz

By Guest Author On May 6, 2010 No Comments


Duration : 0:2:16

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Creative Visualisation through Personal Development

By Guest Author On April 28, 2010 8 Comments

Visualisation – Val’s Mind Movie

Duration : 0:3:22

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Motivational Speaker vs Personal Development Coach

By Guest Author On April 25, 2010 No Comments

The difference between the two. For more info or coaching services, Mike 954 806 0994

Duration : 0:6:7

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