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Starting an online business: real-life case studies

By Guest Author On July 31, 2011 No Comments

Lots has been written about how to commence an online business. I don’t want to color in what’s been outlined already, or show another light on the same old fundamentals. So I’ll share with you a couple of real-life case studies drawn from my years of mastery in online enterprises. Both guys I’ve written about started out working for large corporations, and for one reason or another found themselves having to go it alone online. Take heart, take inspiration. Here are their stories:

The road less travelled: stepping outside the square

If you approach online business with tunnel vision, you will miss the best opportunities. Confidentiality restrains me from giving away too many particulars in this history, but you’ll get the idea even with the names and products substituted for fictional ones. A friend of mine worked for a company that sold widgets in a few different geographical locations. We’ll call them “Widget World”. My friend, in his marketing role, helped Widget World develop their online store about five years ago, bringing in tech support as needed. Sales started trickling in but after one year not as many as the company had hoped for, despite the site achieving search engine popularity and having plenty of traffic. Eventually he found out how to read his search engine statistics and what he saw stumped him. The main keyword he had focused on was “widgets” of course. So what keyword was driving most traffic? Widgets, right? No, the most effective keyword was “gizmos”. But Widget World didn’t sell gizmos! And everyone should have known that Widget World didn’t sell gizmos, because on their website, in a very prominent position (the home page), in magisterial big letters (H1 for the geeks) was the argument: “Please note we do not sell gaudy gizmos, only high quality widgets.”

Well, as it turned out, of all the websites that were actually merchandising gizmos among many other items, none had made such a big noise to the search engines about gizmos as the widget website’s landing page. So, when someone went looking to buy gizmos from an e-store, at the top their results was Widget World. And none of the sincerely gizmo-related sites in the top bunch had online shopping facilities.

My friend was in a lather. At the time he put it this way: “Widget World is never gonna sell gizmos, but if I remove all of the gizmo references from the site, we’ll be fighting it out with thousands of other widget sellers online.” I gave my friend some advice and things unfolded from there. When Widget World downsized, my friend found a gizmo provider and started selling gizmos himself. That was four years ago and at present he’s known as the “gizmo king”. Last I heard he was selling more gizmos than anyone.

Being yourself and making money online

This other guy I know used to be a risk analyst. He was much admired by colleagues for the charicatures of management drawn on his folder whenever presentations got boring. His department was charged with deciding which divisions in the company could be cut back – which people would go – and when there was almost no-one left for them to put in the firing line, his workgroup had to fire itself, effectively. He could have started looking around for a new job, but instead he spent his redundancy payout on some bulk blank t-shirts and a home screen printing starter kit. Next thing he had printed up some designs from his cartoons and with a bit of help from social networking… well, I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag about his ideas for t-shirts online – his business is yet growing. The point is that he found a market with his cartoon t-shirts and he won’t be back on the executive employment line any time soon.

Kissing sayonara to the job and winging it 

Hundreds of thousands of people have created online businesses and a surprising number of these are successful. For a relatively small percentage of people – those prepared to learn from their successes and mistakes – there are millions or billions of dollars being made. For most there is money coming in and unlimited future potential. There is a global settlement full of opportunities out there if you’re sharp and dedicated enough to finding and making the most of them. Do you have what it takes to become an online business success storye-commerce millionaire?


The Way For You to Get Over Failure

By Guest Author On June 29, 2011 No Comments

Things won’t always go as planned – this is something that we all come to realize at some point in our lives. Things can fall apart and it doesn’t matter how much we desire it or how much we plan for it. Failure, in fact, is an unavoidable part of who we are as individuals. However, what’s important is that we figure out how to move forward. It doesn’t even matter what approach you prefer to make it easier to recover from failure. If you long for, you can consult a friend, see a psychiatrist, or even consult your numerology report. . The crucial thing there is that whatever you choose works for you.

Springfield, MA 11/11/10 – Bartholomew Hubert is a numerologist who works with many clients who are overcoming failures in life. “Failure can on occasion be very hard to take,” said Hubert. “Many individuals are going to battle just to get past it. But, with the proper tools on hand, it might be much easier.” At the launch of the web page – http://www.numerologist.com/articles/numerology/numerology-report/, Hubert was also one of the people who were there. It discusses what a Numerology Report is and how it can be used to help plan a life.

Going through failure can be like going through loss or mourning. Let us say that you have seen something you have wanted so much and worked so hard on come apart. With its loss so did you loose all of the other things that were linked to it. Later on, you could find yourself going through the motions of grief such as – Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance.

You could go through the D.A.B.D.A stages in order or you can follow a different order. Some people will find themselves skipping some stages, others will also notice that some of the stages will be less grave than the others are. It is an incredibly personal process and we all go through it in a different way. The most crucial thing to bear in mind though is that acceptance is gonna come no matter what.

So, if you are in denial at this point or if you are in an incredibly deep depression just feel it and don’t try to repress it with drugs and alcohol or by doing something that can possibly hurt you. Just allow the emotions to flow. However, you should always remember that acceptance is a path that you can choose to go through too. You will also really have to be mindful about your decisions and you have to police yourself. If you are angry, be angry but do not allow it to destroy your bonds or allow it to hurt the people around you.

A great way that helps you to live through your failure is talking. Talk to a friend who understands what you’re having. If you have to, you can seek the advice of a psychiatrist. Planning your future or getting started on Plan B is also a great way to make it easier to get over failure.

You may be able to use a numerology report if you are looking for ways to help you plan your next move in life. However, you should not be limited to just that. . There are a whole lot other strategies that are available to you. Make sure that you do your finest to explore what your other options are. Find what works for you the finest and start from there. Always bear in mind though that your failure will not define who you are. How you go forward is what does.  

How to be the Very Best Version of You

By Guest Author On June 12, 2011 No Comments

Potential, it is something that all people hold, for it brings hope and for other, it is a burden that they hold to live up to. If there is anything you really have to know about potential, it’s that it’s flexible. Yo should never worry about not being able to satisfy yours because you still possess time and if you work now, who knows, you can even surpass it.

04/14/2011 New York, NY – Michaela Lamp works as a life coach and she reveals her skill when it pertains to helping her customers become more focused in life. “It is crucial that you set goals, and more than that, your goals possess to be real looking,” said Lamp. “I possess had to caution consumers who thought that they could make millions without doing anything. You cannot just lay around and wait for things to happen to you, you need to have a plan and it has to be an excellent one. Oh and it really helps to be sensible too, and of course do that without squashing any dreams you hold. It is just a matter of breaking things down so that you’re able to reach an eventual objective and mind you, that goal can be as big as you could probably want it to be.” Lamp was also there at the launch for the webpage – http://amazingself.com/.

Amazing Self is one of the best products you’ll use to help you with any of your self-improvement tasks. There are other products like it on the market too and they can absolutely help individuals who are aiming to do more with their lives. When choosing a product similar to Amazing Self, make sure that it is really wonderful and that it could help you reach any of your gaols. You could also go to an expert life coach if you would like.

The first thing you really need to so as to meet your capability is to work out what precisely that potential is. Look for what it is you might be wonderful at, by this we mean that you should contemplate what exactly your talents are. If you might be very great at persuading individuals to do things then you must do well in sales. If you possess some talent in the arts, you could be the next great artists a Picasso, perhaps.

However, you do hold to do not forget- just having potential is not enough. The universe is not likely to work by itself to hand you your already accomplished dreams, you possess to work at it. Set goals because this is an vital key to finding who you might be meant to be.

As mentioned, a product just like Amazing Self might be great help to anyone who is looking to improve their lives. If you happen to be one of those individuals, you ought to get an excellent self-help book. At the same time you’ll also seek the help of a life coach.

Achieve Success With These 7 Specific Steps From Perry Belcher

By Guest Author On March 23, 2011 No Comments

Perry Belcher‘s success strategy will open up more doors for you than you ever imagined possible.

Success is not a secret for the privileged few. You achieve it by cultivating specific habits and working on them consistently. Everyone has the ability to be successful in every single area of their life. Those that are successful take on a certain personality profile. They think, talk and act in certain particular ways. All of which can be condensed into 7 success principles. Act on them with faith, persistence and determination and in no time you will become a winner like other successful people! Here are the 7 success principles:

Success Principle # 1 – Set a clear vision.

This is the starting point to success. Think through and develop a crystal clear vision of what you want to achieve in life. One example is you want to be a surgeon and carry this vision in your mind at all times.

Success Principle #2 – Define solid goals.

The vision you set is the ultimate destination which in this example is to be a surgeon. The initial goal sets the steps necessary, both long and short term, you have to take to get to the final destination. Using the example, assuming you have just completed your four year degree, what you do next is to enroll in a course in a junior college that on completion will qualify you to pursue a course in medicine in a university.

Other consideration for the next steps you will be taking includes the need to obtain or set aside the necessary finance to complete your medical studies in the university. These are the short term goals you need to formulate in order for you to arrive at your final destination. Short term goals are like the resources you need to reach your final destination. Your goals have to be measurable, attainable, timely, specific, and realistic. These are the steps you have to take to reach competion of your vision.

Success Principle # 3 – Break it down and act.

Figure out your plan of action to reach short and long term goals. If the task is huge, breaking it down into smaller tasks is important. You may have to take detours or additional time to reach one of your smaller goals. It’s ok. Just do it. Example – if you bombed in one subject in junior college which is a compulsory subject for admission to the university medical course, you may have to do supplementary studies or repeat that subject. Keep your vision at the front of your mind at all times. When you act with faith, determination, persistence and in alignment with your short and long term goals there is only one outcome – success in achieving your vision.

Success Principle # 4 – Commit to action.

Make a solid commitment to act. Once you act, stay committed and refuse to give up. Once you deter in your commitment, your belief becomes shaky and unstable. If you do that, your efforts will just crumble to nothing. Everything you’ve done up to this point would end up being a waste of time and energy. You have to stay committed.

Never give up until you have achieved what you desire. Take on every single obstacle that you run into during your journey. Persistence and faith in your dreams are keys to your success. Treat every failure or obstacle as a learning experience or opportunity.

Success Principle # 5 – Use positive affirmations.

Create positive affirmations that support your goal using short, positive phrases in the present tense only. Make a habit of repeating affirmations several times each day especially just before sleeping (while lying on bed) and just waking (but still in bed). Say and repeat your affirmations mentally or aloud if it doesn’t disturb others. This helps to keep your faith and persistence!

Success Principle # 6 – Eliminate negative influences.

Avoid negative influences including people, books, articles, etc… Keep things and people around you that support your success.

Have no doubt that your dreams are reachable. Believe in a higher power residing in self that has been giving you whatever you need.

Success Principle # 7 – Keep an attitude of gratitude.

Believe that you are going to complete your vision and it will become reality. Look around you and be grateful for things that you already have such as a home, loving family, etc. Always stay appreciative for what you have. Give your service, time, and money to those in need. Be kind and generous to all.

Now you know Perry Belcher 7 principles of success. Act on them with faith, persistence and determination and you will soon be one of the successful people.

Upgrade Your Relationships

By Guest Author On December 14, 2010 No Comments

Associations bring about assimilation. Birds of a feather flock together. I’m sure you’ve heard these sayings at least once in your life. But, have you ever considered what they mean in relation to the levels of health, wealth, and happiness you have in your life?

Jim Rohn, America’s foremost business philosopher, was famous for saying, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Think about the five people you spend the most time with…do you all enjoy the same things? Do you all have the same level of happiness? Even if you are in different careers, do you all have just about the same level of income? Do you all read the same types of books or watch the same television shows? Are your relationships with your significant others similar? Chances are, you answered “yes” to most of those questions.

That?s because your experiences and environment shape your beliefs, thoughts, actions, habits, and character.

Evaluate your top five relationships and ask yourself, ?Do I want the same level of health, wealth, and happiness as my friends??

If your relationships are not providing the support and challenge you need to achieve the levels of success you desire in your life, then it may be time for you to make some changes. Here are three choices you can make in your current relationships:

Say Goodbye. This is a tough decision. It should not be taken lightly. You will have to seek wise counsel and pray about this decision.

Place Boundaries. There are some relationships you won?t want to let go of. And, you don?t have to. However, you will want to place some boundaries in these relationships.

Upgrade. Begin to enhance and expand your relationships with positive and successful people. Make it a priority to spend the majority of your time with people who are excelling in various areas of life (health, wealth, relationships, spiritual growth, etc.).

Challenge Yourself This Week:

Focus on expanding your positive relationships. Spend at least 2 hours this week in the company of people who challenge you to stretch and operate in excellence. This could mean attending a personal development seminar, going to a new Bible study class, taking your mentor to lunch, or attending the monthly meeting of your professional association.

Benecia L. Ponder

Benecia Ponder Coaching is where successful people come to get even better. Find out how you can live a more passionate, purposeful, and powerful life visit www.beneciaponder.com.

Increase Your Productivity: How To Use A Simple Time Budget To Use Your Time Wisely

By Guest Author On December 11, 2010 No Comments

People with great organizational and time management skills seem to have extra hours in their day. They somehow have the time to check off all their to-do list items and still have time left over to rest.

However, if you are like the majority of Americans, there never seems to be enough hours in the day, the week, month, or the year for that matter. Of course, you?d love to exercise more, read more books, learn a new language, travel to new and exotic places, or just get more sleep. But, you need more time.


Time is a finite, non-renewable resource. As such, it is our most valuable asset. You?ve got to learn to invest your time wisely if you want to protect this precious gift.


The amount of time you have is not the problem ? your habits are. Instead of trying to manage your time, determine to manage yourself. Get rid of all the time wasters like television, constantly checking your email, and incessant gossip. Determine what?s been wasting your time and deal with it today.


People who want to better use their money are quite familiar with the concept of a financial budget. Yet, those same people spend less than 10 minutes a week planning their time, even though time is much more valuable than money.

A time budget is very simple to prepare. At the top of a sheet of paper, write down the total number of hours you have in each day (24, in case you?ve forgotten). Next, make a list of all the things you want to accomplish during the day ? work, exercising, family time, and don?t forget about eating and sleeping. Beside each task, write the amount of time it will take to complete each tasks. Add the time up. If it totals more than 24, go back and adjust your time. You can?t spend more time than you have.


It?s a big mistake to try to do a little bit of everything every day. You want to exercise, read a trade publication, spend quality time with your family, pamper yourself, and of course, get enough rest each night to function the next day. So, you put in a little bit of everything into your daily schedule.

But, instead of feeling more productive, you feel stressed and frustrated.

Stop trying to cram everything in a single day – spread it out over the week or month. For instance ? you want to spend more time with your family so you schedule a thirty minute ?family time? blocks each day. Instead, what about setting aside a three-hour family block on the weekend?

Benecia Ponder is a personal and executive coach who can help you succeed in every area of your life. Fnd out more about how to use your time more wisely and increase your personal productivity. www.beneciaponder.com

Annie Jennings PR Presents Promoting Services And Products Using Radio Publicity

By Guest Author On December 7, 2010 No Comments

Radio is one medium that has seen a lot of ups and downs over the years and have lived through all those. The best part is that over the years, as things changed and new modes of communication and information came up, radio managed to carve a niche for itself in broadcast communications. Today, there are many loyal radio listeners and there are many programs that have audience who take interest in the field or domain. As a result, there are a lot of advantages of using radio publicity for promotion.

For any medium to be effective it must reach a lot of people and the people should be able to get that information easily. Radio signals are broadcasted everywhere and hence they can be captured in a wide range of locations. The other aspect is the receivers which are equally common and inexpensive today. In fact, cell phones, handheld music players and even car audio systems have radio feature as a norm today. This has really made radio very popular.

As people can access radio signals anywhere, they tend to listen to it at times when they cannot do a lot anyways. This is the best time to get your message through to the people and engage them. There are two common ways promoters exploit this reach of radio. The first is the standard option of player advertisements between shows; this is done in television too.

While advertisements require lot of time and money, the more economical option is to take part in talk shows hosted on the radio stations. In the talk show, the person looking to promote a product or service comes in as a special guest and talks with the host. Given that most shows have a specific audience, by choosing the right show to take part in; one can deliver a very effective message to the listeners.

The targeted audience available in any show is a very important factor in radio publicity. If the audience is a bunch of people who really have interest in what you have to offer, they would want to learn more about it. This increases the chances of getting the message out successfully.

The radio publicity has a wide reach but at the same time it is not as expensive as the television publicity. With radio talk shows there is no investment in creating an advertisement or anything of that sort. It is a very simple talk show where you can give more information about the product you are promoting.

The final advantage of radio publicity discussed here is the effective long distance communications for promotions. Authors can take a phone call from the radio station wherever they are and still deliver the message effectively. This is not all; even the people listening to the author or promoter can interact and ask them questions. This gives the promoters real time feedback which is perfect.

All in all, the radio is a very popular broadcast medium. It has a wide reach and the right components for targeted advertisement. For individuals it is a cost effective alternative too.

Access additional tips on radio publicity and book promotion at the famous and action-packed Annie Jennings PR book and radio publicity website. Get outstanding radio publicity and author book promotion fast.

Corporate Communications Business Promotion Strategies Revealed

By Guest Author On December 1, 2010 No Comments

When you are in business you need to think of the correct ways that you can do business promotion. Without the use of marketing or advertising people will not know about your company. Leaving them in the dark and you without the sales that you need to stay in business.

What sort of business publicity strategy will work for your company? Will you need to showcase your company on the radio, in newspapers or magazines? There are many publicity strategies you can use to promote your business and your company.

To create a successful publicity, promotion and communciation strategy for your business, you much first need to check out the competition, conduct an in depth analysis of your competitors to discover how they are doing. Keep the scope of the search in the specific area that you are dealing in so you can optimize the amount of research time. Researching your competitors takes a lot of time so stay focused on the ones that are most like you in terms of product offeings and services. You don’t need to search all small businesses, but only the market specific ones.

Not only should you research your competitors you should also reseach your customers and how they are finding your product. Next, its time to optimize your site for your customers. Make sure they can find the products or services they are looking for quickly. Plus you will want to have something that is different among the other companies that also offer what you have. The right strategy will help you set up that unique offering.

There is a corporate communications and publicity strategy that may be used to achieve tremendous outreach in your target market. Remember, to be successful your target market must know how to find your business online and how to connect with you to become your client. Also, remember, you website is a big factor in your success of it might be a good idea to ask a website and search engine optimization expert to conduct a review of your website to be sure your client can find and buy what they want.

Access additional strategies on, corporate communications to jumpstart your business success now. Experience the tremendous benefits to your firm when you use business promotion to create credibility for your firm as an industry leader.

The Law of Attraction Isn’t Working – How To Use The Law Of Action To Make The Law Of Attraction Work For You

By Guest Author On November 30, 2010 No Comments

During a coaching call, once of my clients said to me –

“That Law of Attraction and power of positive thinking stuff doesn’t work. I’ve read the Secret and tried it for a while, but I’m still not seeing any changes in my life.”

She?s not alone. Many times clients come to me for success coaching after they?ve tried other types of self-help. And it?s always the same, positive thinking doesn?t work.

On a very basic level, these coaching clients are right. Thinking alone won’t help you achieve the levels of success you desire.

You’ve got to use the Law of ACTION! When you combine The Law of Attraction (positive thinking) with the Law of Action (positive deeds), you will have the power to transform your life.

Want to make the Law of Attraction work for you, try the I’m The Boss 30-day Success Challenge.

Decide. Ask yourself: What do I want to attract in my life over the next 30 days.

Write the Vision. In clear and vivid detail, write down your intention.

Make A Plan. After you’re clear on what you want, brainstorm to determine all the steps you could take to make your vision a reality. Don’t censor your list. Write down everything that you think of, even if it is a stretch for you.

Divide. Separate your list of tasks into three groups:

Simple – you can complete these tasks quickly (in about an hour) by yourself

Medium – tasks that you can complete by yourself in 2 – 48 hours.

Hard ? a task that you cannot do on your own and it will take at least three days to complete.

Conquer Your List. Take the Easy List first. Complete three easy tasks each day until the easy tasks are all checked off. Next, go to the Medium List. Complete one medium task each day.

You don’t need to be concerned with the difficult tasks right now. What you will soon discover is that those tasks that seemed difficult, or even impossible, will be much more manageable. Your actions will bring new resources and opportunities that will catapult you to your vision.

The Law of Action is powerful! The more action you take, the more powerful you become. You will soon become a magnet for all the resources you need. You?ll connect with people who will use their skills and abilities to help you succeed.

If you want to achieve greater success in your life, you can’t’ just think (wish, dream), you have to ACT!

Benecia Ponder, Success Coach

Using her signature I’m The Boss Coaching System, Benecia Ponder puts YOU in charge of your personal and professional success. Find out how you can live a passionate, purposeful, and powerful life at www.beneciaponder.com.

Success Secrets: Sharing Your Gifts

By Guest Author On June 2, 2010 No Comments

http://heartandsoulofsuccess.org Dr. Phillip Mountrose, the holistic Dr. Phil, and Tamara Gold share insights on the importance in believing in yourself and sharing your gifts with the world..http://heartandsoulofsuccess.org

Duration : 0:3:26

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