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Change yourself with powerful affirmations

By Guest Author On July 17, 2011 No Comments

The power of affirmations

A lot of people use affirmations or have at least heard about them. Some people find they are good , other people only seem to get average success . What makes affirmations work – or could an important question be ‘do affirmations in truth work?’.

it is simple to dismiss a thing if it doesn’t work at first, but sometimes a thing that completely work could take a little while to practice.

Affirmations will be genuinely effective, as long as you follow some of the rules for creating and utilising them.

What is an affirmation?

An affirmation is saying things like ‘I am confident’ repeatedly to yourself.

it is a little like making a suggestion to yourself. Effective suggestions work by completely becoming able to accept them, so if you actually don’t believe it, they won’t work as effectively .

Another thing which is important is to say the affirmation in a way that is as if you believe it. If you say ‘I feel confident’ in a weak and feeble voice, it won’t be that effective. If your final result is to build your confidence , say it as if you believe it (just pretend you do if you don’t! – It may make a big difference!).

Using suggestions can take   several weeks of consistent use preceeding they become effective. However with practice they may totally become effective . You could even have a monumental influence on your health . I used to get nose bleeds that would remain for ages , however now I could just suggest ‘the bleeding is ceasing ’ and a nose bleed will stop within moments . This might take a lot of practice, but it’s worth the practice to get awesome results.

So here are some principles to follow to create effective affirmations to help you accomplish your big picture:

1 Mull over your vision carefully

2  Write your affirmation – make sure you state it positively – what you   wish , and not what you don’t desire . it’s easy to know what we don’t desire like ‘I don’t desire to be anxious’ but when you say this, you must focus on the thing you don’t   wish .

3  State it positively , for example ‘I feel composed and confident’

4  Stand in a way that matches the affirmation – if it’s about being confident you will find it helpful to stand as if you are confident.

5  Say the affirmation out loud in a way that corresponds to the affirmation. How would you repeat it if you absolutely believed it? This will totally make a difference. Repeat it 10 – 20 times.

You may repeat this many times throughout the day – keep doing it for a few weeks

The more you do it the more effective it will be


For affirmations to become really effective, you absolutely want to build upon your ability to communicate with your unconscious mind.

A genuinely outstanding way to develop your unaware communication is to learn NLP or hypnosis. I regularly see clients for hypnotherapy in London, and they may achieve amazing results when they develop their unconscious communication. NLP is a very effective tool for change.


Achieving Success Through Positive Thinking Process

By Guest Author On July 5, 2011 No Comments

Do you know that positive thinking can lead to a successful life? While growing up, you were probably were told the phrase “think happy thoughts” or “think positive”. Your mind is the hub of all of your functions, including your moods. A common saying, “thoughts are things”, is as true as the saying “you are what you eat”, and can affect your overall well-being.

According to some people, positive thinking has no effect on success; rather it all depends on your academic achievements and credentials. Although, without the proper outlook, even having the best possible credentials may not lead to your success.

A person with positive thinking can be determined by the compassion and consideration that they show towards the other people around them. They will seem almost as if every day is a bright and sunny day to them, no matter what issues they come across. It is his positive attitude that provides him power as well as confidence to take action in accordance with his own will without thinking about what others would think or say regarding him.

Now, you must be thinking about how to change the negative thoughts with positive ones, so here are a few tips.

Make an overall goal and write it down.

Think about your aims, what you want to do in your life and write down on a paper. Also, write down about your efforts you are making to achieve them.

Imagine reaching your goal

It is important that you imagine triumph in your mind. This will not only reinforce the desired outcome of your efforts, but will also help you to keep focus. A few minutes each day spent meditating on your goal will help keep you in a positive frame of mind about it and lead to new solutions to any obstacles you may encounter.

Making the positive thought effort

Your subconscious mind is enough capable of assisting you to succeed but it reacts in the way you feed it with thoughts either they are positive or negative. Actual reminders to maintain optimism is the best practice to influence your success, and not get side tracked with negative thoughts.

These three steps, if implemented on a regular basis, will help you to change your negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Positive attitude towards life is imperative as it persuades individuals to deal with each day, each difficulty with a bright viewpoint.

I recommend visiting this website for more detailed information on Positive Thinking

How Personal Time Management Allows You To Be Better

By Guest Author On July 1, 2011 No Comments

Time management planning is basically in relation to staying focused. The Pareto Principle also called the ’80:20 Rule’ tells you that 80% of efforts which are not time managed or unfocused generates primarily 20% of the desired result. Nonetheless,  80% of your required productivity can be made only using 20% of a well time management efforts. Despite the fact that the ratio ’80:20′ will only be arbitrary, it’s always utilized to put emphasis on how much is lost or maybe how much may be obtained with the help of time management.

Many people view time management like a set of rules which involves organizing of appointments, goal settings, writing activities listings and also prioritizing. They are the key principles of time management which should be understood to make an efficient personal time management ability. Such basic abilities can be good tuned more deeply to include the better points of every capability that could grant you that extra reserve for making the outcomes you like. There is however more techniques needed for time management planning as compared to the core basics. Capabilities including making decisions, built in expertise for example mental intelligence as well as crucial imagining will be important to your own personal improvement.

Personal time management will involve the things you do. Regardless of what big and no matter how small, anything counts. Each and every new understanding you find, every new advice you think about, every new technique you develop will be considered.

Personal time management should not be very complicated task. It’s a highly sensible as well as sensible tactic in resolving large and also little issues.

Daniel Desmond is also author of home furniture information, view his content articles in corner tv armoire, cheap tv armoire and pulaski furniture

Why ‘no’ can mean ‘yes’

By Guest Author On June 28, 2011 No Comments

The result of the communication is the response you get…

You could be considering, what on earth does that mean?

Well anyone could be a outstanding communicator, you just need to know a few easy secrets to get there.

And it initiates with knowing about how people respond to our communication . You may mull over at the moment that if someone doesn’t respond to what you say or do in the way you wish for , then it’s something to do with them.

But it is far more empowering and could help you become a far more first-class at communication if you consider that it’s how you tell that leads to the response in the other mortal.

For example , if I went up to someone and said ‘it is outstanding to meet you’, someone can react and be actually happy. However someone else might respond in a very bad way.

it’s easy to consider that it’s their problem, but it would be far more useful in interacting if we think about what might be going on for the other person.

What do you consider might be going on for someone who responds in an undesired way?

potentially the completely enthusiastic greeting made them feel genuinely overpowered and unsure how to respond. People basically respond to situations based on their own past experience. it’s oft the case that a person who is quite an introvert might feel genuinely nervous when greeted over-enthusiastically and they will respond in a way that the other person can experience as acting negative or undesired .

Everybody has had completely different life experiences and we know how to respond to a thing based on past experience.

To one person, an intense look means it’s a sign of a person’s anger. To somebody else, it’s a sign of being liked .

To get your outcome in any communication, we need to be flexible. And part of that flexibility is about knowing that people react differently and we might need to change our way of communicating depending on how they respond.

Every excellent communicator must be flexible and can keep changing their way of communicating a lot of times before they get their big picture.

You can achieve your big picture when interacting with anybody if you have enough flexibility.

  Several really important keys to effective communicating are:

1 Know your big picture and have a positive result in mind for the other person
muse upon about a positive outcome for the other person – you could desire your outcome straightaway, but very considering the needs of the other person makes a outstanding difference

2 Don’t take it personally

People react to a thing in different ways. People might respond in a way that you don’t expect, but it’s not necessarily that they are not interested. Beware of your interpretations – what you muse upon might not be the reality!

3 Be flexible – if you keep changing what you are doing and how you are communicating, you can get your result quicker than you mull over !

NLP is one of the fastest ways I have found to get any vision. When I at the start began to learn NLP and hypnosis in London, I found the most effective tools to rapidly achieve any vision.


Marshall Sylver – Change Your Life

By Guest Author On June 17, 2011 No Comments

Marshall Sylver, a world-renown hypnotist and master of interpersonal communication, has been harnessing the power of the human mind since he was a child. Sylver’s journey started on a Michigan farm where a mother, who worked three jobs to support her ten children, raised him. As a child, he experienced such hardships as no running water, no electricity, and no telephone.

Through mastering the subconscious mind, Sylver turned his life around. Sylver is a respected consultant sought out by Fortune 500 companies and is the creator of the top personal development program worldwide. Today, he is recognized as the leading expert in subconscious reprogramming and the master of influence.

Sylver’s hypnotism show has been on television and on stage for thousands of people. He is the creator of the largest hypnotic production show in the world. Sylver has enjoyed long-term engagements at the Sahara and Stratosphere hotels in Las Vegas.

Sylver has entertained audiences through his hypnotism expertise on Howard Stern, The Late Show with David Letterman, Rosie O’Donnell, Dr. Joy Browne, Donny & Marie, Sally Jesse Raphael, Montel Williams, and The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, where he used the power of influence to have the host eat fire.

Through his appearances on David Letterman, he’s received global attention. Sylver has appeared on David Letterman an unprecedented five times. His appearances were so popular that his segments were extended and bumped Letterman’s famous Top Ten List.

While Sylver has used his background in hypnosis for entertainment, it is his teachings on personal development that has gotten him worldwide acclaim. Sylver travels the country teaching seminars on subconscious reprogramming and influence and persuasion to groups of all ages. He has led training programs for such companies as IBM, Ford, KFC, and Pepsi, teaching management how to motivate employees and teaching sales staff how to close deals.

He is a keynote speaker at dozens of massive seminars throughout the world.  He has shared the stage with Donald Trump, President Clinton, and Robert Kiyosaki. Sylver teaches students to be influential, self-empowering people.

Sylver motivates people to take action in the moment and change their lives through the power of subconscious reprogramming. His book, Passion, Profit & Power, published by Simon & Schuster, is a best seller, which has been translated into numerous languages and distributed all over the world.  His infomercial of Passion Profit & Power has sold over a million copies of his personal development program.

Sylver has ventured into a new medium to educate others on persuasion and influence – motion pictures. Sylver produced, wrote, and starred in “Tranced”, a movie created to hypnotize the audience to interact and participate with the actors on-screen. He is now creating “Tranced: The Experience”, which began shooting in 2009

Marshall Sylver is one of the few remaining renaissance performers.

He is the world’s foremost hypnotist; a star of stage, television, and movies; a creator of the number one personal development infomercial; producer of two major motion pictures; a best-selling author; a top business consultant for of hundreds of thousands of sales and marketing executives; and most importantly, the #1 leading expert on subconscious reprogramming and master
of persuasion and influence.

A self-made multi-millionaire, Marshall Sylver is an inspiration of how a person can change their destiny to create a successful life through mastery of the mind.

Framing power for results

By Guest Author On June 1, 2011 No Comments

I was going into London earlier at the busiest time on the underground – it’s something I prefer to leave out and am lucky enough in running my own business to be able to do just that most of the time!

But now I required to get into town early. Sure enough, the train was packed! I decided to wait for another one and that was pretty empty , until 3 stops afterwards the doors of the train jammed (funnily enough every time I have seen the NEW underground trains, it’s always them that break) and all people had to get off at the next station.

Lots of grumpy people got off the train and waited for the next one. And that is when the underground staff made a big mistake.

They announced it is soon that there would be an empty train right behind. But when it came , it was packed!

People were not happy!

And that is a principle we teach in NLP – the contrast frame. But they did it the wrong way! Give someone two options, one that’s better and one that’s much worse and the better one might seem even better!

In queues it is   something I’ve observed Disneyworld does a excellent job at this – they always say the wait time could be longer than it’s, so you are completely happy when you don’t have to wait as long as you had expected.

In contrast, it’s frequently that I’ve waited in a line at the mail office in the UK and a sign said 20 minutes to go , but that is an hour later while I was nonetheless waiting. all people felt even more unhappy because the expectation was set up the incorrect way.

You see, disappointment requires preparation! You have an expectation that is usually way out and nothing can ever match it, so when the event happens, you naturally may feel unhappy!

NLP training teaches about expectations and you could use language in an good way so that you ay induce positive experiences for people. And a lot of the time it is absolutely simple – it is just about using your words in a good way!

You see, you might either make someone feel good , or unhappy, and it’s all down to how you frame the situation.

Framing   something right –  it is all the difference.

On our NLP course we teach dissimilar ways to frame a thing for brilliant results.

One way you might do this – which is to ask yourself quality questions.

For example if it’s possible, ask yourself at the beginning of each day questions like –

‘How may I have pleasure today?’

‘What may I inspire today?’

‘How will I get good results today?’

Then how do you consider your life can be even more excellent ?

As long as it is the case that you absolutely put these into practice, which is enough to notice a difference. Change your focus, it’s the case you’ll notice different results.

In working with prospects it is always the case that if you delver more than they expected in advance, they’ll feel outstanding . Deliver less and that is the case that they’ll be unhappy, even if you do a excellent job. So it is important that you frame   something so that people feel they are getting more than they expected and you’ll get outstanding business and future repeat sales.



Teams – your secret to success

By Guest Author On May 26, 2011 No Comments

What is up with the world cup?

it is difficult to get away from the world cup football tournament which is all that is talked about and shown on television all the time.

In fact all that I hear people interacting about is the world cup and how come so many of the teams don’t seem to play at the highest level they will?

it’s not just   something that applies to football, but also to business .

Everyone   wish to get visions in life and business and when it’s also a question of getting teams involved, which is another level of difficulty!

One of the huge issues is helping teams to work together . A team may get excellent results depending on the quality of interacting and interacting within the team.

You can have the best people in the world, but that means zero when it’s about teams.

That is all it comes down to – how the team works together .

Whatever your big picture, synergy in a team leads to brilliant results, when there is disharmony, you’ll get lousy results!

Take for example if you desired to build the best car in the world. You could regard that you could go out and get the best parts from all the different cars. For example, perhaps Ferrari build the best engines, BMW the best exhausts, maybe Mercedes the best wheels etc .

Which is all the best parts from all the cars around the world and now you will get to put it all together. So do you get a excellent car?


it is a pile of rubbish!

it’s not just about the best parts, it’s about how they work together!

So what is your vision?

If you have a team involved and you long for to get excellent results, you need to make sure that the team will work together well.

You can hire the best people in the world, but you’ll get terrible results if they won’t work together.

Just look at the world cup!

Which is loads of the best players in the world, but the results they are getting are frequently pretty bad! Because they are not completely working as a team!

So how could you get a team to work together well?

Well, here are   several steps to get brilliant results:

1: Know your outcome – you must make sure you know your vision and that your team does as well. Be really clear about explaining your outcome to your team, or you will find yourself wasting a lot of time

2: Set guidelines for working – make sure people know their roles in the team, what is expected of them and the consequences of not doing what is needed. Most teams lose because well stated rules are not made clear to people involved in them

3: Reward good work – you will get brilliant results sometime and take them for granted. Make sure you reward brilliant results in the team and reinforce the behaviour.

NLP offers good secrets for getting results in any outcome. Most people who learn NLP and hypnosis in London get results far quicker than they would imagine.



What makes someone really attractive..

By Guest Author On May 21, 2011 No Comments

The principles of attraction

What is it that makes a person able to go into a room and cause people to find them attractive?

Some people say it is things people are born with,

But in realism that’s merely not the case.

it’s not just about looks – just look around and see some of the ok looking guys and women with outstanding looking partners!

it’s something else entirely !

So how come some people will possess this seemingly ‘magical’ quality that makes people to be ‘drawn’ to those people ?

Well the keys of attractiveness start from inside.

it’s certainly not   something inherited – it absolutely might be developed.

The magic that is the secret of attractiveness begins with our own self-image.

it’s for the most part about confidence and self esteem, and will be developed by anyone who desire s it. it’s also about being truly happy inside yourself and loving yourself.

If you consider someone else could make you happy and you are waiting for the person who will make you happy to appear in your life, you’re going to be waiting ages !

People who are completely happy carry a true charisma and attractiveness. They could have average resources , but their inner happiness and self-esteem flows out.

A large part of feeling good about yourself is having outcomes in your life. When people know what they   wish they will very seem to have first-class confidence which carries outstanding attractiveness.

Liking yourself is also a major principle.

If your don’t like yourself, people will often come across as a little desperate to other people because they are wanting validation from another person .

Everyone can learn to like themselves – however it might take some practice to get brilliant at it!

So what are some of the principles that will help you to develop excellent courage and attractiveness:

1 Set clear big pictures in life – know what you   wish . What sort of things in life will totally awaken you? What things are important to you? What will give you the good pleasure in life?

2 Learn how to love yourself – you are a good person – you just could not have appreciated your true good resources !

Write down a list of the behaviours you are excellent at – if you don’t know, ask a friend. it’s a sure thing that you are good at a great deal things that you will not have given yourself credit for.

Write down a list of your best qualities. which is often a tricky thing to do also, but it might make all the difference in building good self esteem. Again it can help to ask a friend what some of your best features are – we often don’t recognize them within .

3 Show a real interest in other people – when you greet people you can seem far more attractive if you are more interested in other people than yourself. Ask lots of questions and find common areas of interest .

If you may follow these basic secrets which I first learned in NLP, you may make a excellent difference in your life. Many people find that attending NLP courses or working with a hypnotherapist in London may be particularly helpful.


Getting the results you want with NLP

By Guest Author On May 13, 2011 No Comments

Creating results

What is the secret to creating excellent results?

Well, it’s no surprise that in the current average economic climate, getting outstanding results will be a challenge.

However, that is frequently used as an excuse for not doing the things you need to do to create the excellent results that you could totally} create when you know what to do.

a lot of people seem to be happy to settle for remaining ok. But, which is a thing I’m dead reckoning you’re not going to settle for as you’re noting this right now!

Well it is a good thing you’re spending the time to read this right now, and even better when you put some of the steps into practice in your life .

We can all create excellent results in our lives – it is just of matter of understanding some of the keys that completely lead to success.

The real secrets to success are pretty elementary. However, most people don’t follow them – and that is totally why they settle for becoming so-so.

So what are the secrets to success taken from NLP:

1 Know your vision – you need to know what you desire . Knowing your outcome is the number one step in getting brilliant results – if you don’t know what you   wish you might end up with anything – might be   something you totally don’t want

And it’s not enough to be vague about your vision – you may desire to spend some time to be totally specific – try interacting it to someone else and getting feedback about how specific your big picture is

2 Take action! Now that is a thing that sounds obvious, but you’d be amazed at how many people set an outcome and never do anything about making it happen! If it is important to you, take action to make it happen now! Now it is not evermore simple to know what to do, but it is the only way to get what you desire ! If your big picture is completely big, break down your actions into smaller steps and decide what you could do to work on your outcome today!

3 Notice the results you get. Once it is underway, your path to success is only as secure as the steps you take. You can take some steps that get you nearer your big picture, but sometimes you can also take secrets that get you further away. The real secret is noticing the results and using it to assist you get what you want more straightaway and easily

4 Change your behaviours if they aren’t working! Now it’s the case that if what you’re doing isn’t working, then which is not   something to keep doing, because it isn’t going to get you there. Alter what you do until you get the results you   wish .

NLP training is a speedy way to help people get good results. I’ve also seen excellent results in my work as a hypnotherapist in North London when people improve their trust with hypnosis to help them get brilliant results in their lives.

You might accomplish your big picture now when you know how!


Changing Bad Habits Into Good Ones

By Guest Author On April 18, 2011 No Comments

We all have habits and some of these habits are bad ones. Kicking a bad habit and turning it into a more positive one is hard but is well worth the effort if you put your mind to succeeding. Our habits can determine our life to an extent and affect the way we feel and think. Bad habits affect our self-esteem and lead to negativity while good habits lead to a feeling of achievement, accomplishment and positive thinking. It leads to improve personal life. So what is the key to successfully breaking our bad habits and replacing them with ones that are more positive? Listed below are some helpful techniques that you can put to use to change your bad habits into more positive ones.

Make a list

Make a list of all the reasons why you want to stop your habit, really give it some thought and list as many reasons as possible for giving up. For example if smoking is your habit and you wish to give up then you could put down things like its costs me x amount of money every year, it makes my clothes, hair and breath smell, it makes the whole house smell. By listing as many reasons as you can as to why you want to give up it will allow you to see in black and white what it is that you don’t like about your habit and why you should give it up.

Analyze yourself

Ask yourself what it is that you are getting out of your habit, are you really getting what you want from it? Do you really enjoy it? Or is the habit exactly that, just a habit that you have done for so long that you would feel uncomfortable without doing it? 

List positive things you could swap your habit for

Stop for a moment and think about what you could do to change your habit in a more positive way, for example you could take up a hobby, workout, read, go for a walk, do chores around your home or take up an adult education class. . All of these can help you to take your mind off and break your habit and bring about life improvement.


Visualize how you would feel and the changes there would be if you broke your habit, for example if you are a smoker and wish to quit then picture the differences it would make if you did quit and replaced smoking with say working out. Picture yourself being able to breathe easier, your taste buds improving, your clothes, hair and home smelling fresher and cleaner and what you could buy from the money you saved.

Take one day at a time

Always take one day at a time when trying to break a habit, never look into the future and start to think how will I cope in certain situations. Choose a day to give up your habit and stick with it no matter what comes up, keeping a journal can also help you to deal with kicking your habits and is helpful to get your thoughts and feelings out at the most frustrating times.

We also have a self improvement blog where Patric Chan shares his personal success secrets and strategies regularly.