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Becoming a true leader

By Guest Author On August 26, 2011 No Comments

What makes an awe inspiring leader?

An relevant factor in your own personal development and growth is about nurturing your own inner leadership .

Many years past when I was at college I took part in the militarycadets and recall getting yelled at all the time . This was one of my earliest experiences about leadership and as a result I believed that leadership basically were people that shouted a lot and told people what to do!

However , in reality I later found out that that was not partiucularly a useful example of excellent leadership, in fact for most of our experience that is an example of rubbish leadership .

I have known some ‘leaders’ who want to get their own needs met by yelling and bullying, but they rarely last long and don’t produce pleased followers .

Many of us seem to have that experience of leaders as being aggressive and shouting, but would you think that excellent leadership ?

Consider your life for amazing examples of excellent leaders . Who are some of the preeminent leaders you can think of ? Did they have to scream to others to follow them ?

Two examples of recent outstanding leaders I can consider of are President Obama and Clinton. Did they ever have to resort toyelling  and bullying?

No !

Because a awe inspiring leader helps to make people to want to take action themselves rather than force them to. That is what both Obama and Clinton have done so successfully .

Some persons appear to have been giving Obama a difficult time for a while , but few people may really doubt his ability to inspire. Being in a position of power in the current world climate is one of the hardest deals anyone could be served . If events are going well in the world, people like the leader . If things aren’t going great , people tend to blame the leader, even though they may have not much to do with it!

Yet the mark of a amazing leader is someone who holds on to his values and ideals despite what others might do to dissuade them . Being popular is not the issue for the leader, but wanting the greatest for others who follow them is relevant.

Obama is a inspiring example of this – he maintains his ideals which he considers are for the best of the country , even though initially the issues might not be popular . Actually , most of the greatest leaders had concepts which were initiallyscorned , yet later on became accepted as things that couldn’t be lived without.

So developing yourself as a leader is a crucial part of your own personal growth and it isn’t about shouting and screaming.

For me , learning NLP assisted me to awaken my inner leader , as has my practice as a hypnotherapist in London. People who learn NLP learn crucial leadership skills.

Knowing how to think can get you what you want

By Guest Author On August 2, 2011 No Comments

I’ve oft thought about what makes some people get so much out of any course they go on and someone who seems to take away very little . It actually comes down to what you put in to it .

To get the most out of a course , or in fact everything we do in life , its really all about giving it 100% .

An analogy for this would be seeing your life as if it was a game of sport . Are you just going to watch from the side – or are you going to be a player on the field . Observing life can be easy and sometimes fun , but being a player and going for it with everything you’ve got is the way to real fulfilment .

Many people just live their life day to day , but don’t really give it 100% , and therefore don’t get get out of life everything that they really could .

Just like deciding to take up a new lifestyle program and only giving it a little effort . If you wish to get the body you deserve and still think eating a few donuts a day won’t hurt, you’ll never get there!

When you really want something in life , then give it 100% !

Totally go for it .

That’s why on every NLP training I run I really encourage my students to go for everything 100% . NLP trainings provide a unique opportunity for people to completely transform their lives and whether or not they do , largely comes down to the amount of effort they put into it.

Don’t give much, and you won’t get much .

Give it average effort and you’ll get average results back .

Give it everything and you’ll be amazed at how much you get out of life!

At the moment as I write this I’m actually on the train on the way back to London . I was meant to fly , but with Icelandic volcanic eruptions and resulting ash and many flights being cancelled , the train seemed like the best idea . It turned out to be a good idea – I’ve been writing and doing things for the last 4 hours solidly working on new ideas and programmes .

Many people I know consider commuting and travel as a waste of time – but now I love it! I do lots and lots – I give my time to focus on writing , learning and reading which I can give 100% and now love the journey time .

So take some time to reflect on your outcomes .

What is something that you really want?

How much time or energy have you spent on it ?

Have you invested everything into it ?

If not, then why not ?

What can you do to totally go for it 100%. This week?

Remember, what you put  into things determines what you’ll get out , so give your dreams everything you’ve got and you’ll get great results

NLP is one of the greatest ways for getting results and success in life that I’ve come across – and I’ve learned lots of different approaches over the last 20 years . Probably, to me more accurate, NLP when its taught well will help you achieve what you want – its most important that you spend time finding an excellent trainer , because standards ca be really mixed . When I first attended an NLP training and hypnotherapy in London, it completely changed my life and I’ve seen the same for countless people since !


How to manage stress

By Guest Author On July 20, 2011 No Comments

Managing stress

How many times over the last month have you experienced being stressed?

Most people find it is a pretty common thing to get stressed sometimes. Whether it is at home, or it’s at work or even whether it’s socially, everyone get stressed from time to time.

I of late ran a stress management workshop in London and found a common reception. Most of the stress which is experience by a great deal of people isn’t inevitably at work, but outside of work.

However, the effects of stress outside of work still go into the workplace . Because it’s a fact that you willnot isolate stress – if it is in one area of your life, it is going to affect you in other places also.

So if it is at home you feel stress, that is going to have an effect on your work and your business.

And it is the same the other way too – if it is in the workplace that you experience stress, you’ll likely experience effects at home too.

And it is also a fact that most people aren’t mindful of stress until it’s too late. But all the time, it is having a negative impact on your work or your family life.

To get the best and get good results at work or at home, we need to be mindful of stress. When you’re mindful of stress, you might do   something about it. But when it is lurking secretly in the background, it’s a tacit assassin.

So how will you become mindful that it is there – that stress is building up?

Growing your self consciousness is genuinely important – and it is not tricky to do. Having worked as a hypnotherapist in London for much years, it is relaxation skills that could in truth help – that’s why our hypnotherapy London practice has such brilliant results.

But it is not just hypnosis that is the way to get brilliant results. Any sort of meditation of self reflection might help.

Once you’re witting of stress and it is effects, you could desire to take action quickly.

So here are some steps to take action now!

1 Identify your stressor – what cause you stress. You may long for to take some time to mull over these

2 mull over your outcome – what might you do about the stressors in your life? – it is fine to know what causes you stress, but clearly that is just the start. But it’s actually about what you do then – and you may find that the most important thing is your vision. Decide what you long for – not what you don’t want . Focus on the specifics. If it is a relationship, then how do you   wish it to be specifically?

3 Take action – you may have an excellent vision, but unless you take action, it’s not going to be any use. You must take action – and it will be that now is the best time to start – because it is all too easy to consider about doing a thing, but not doing anything about it!

The best time to act is now!

So follow these secrets and go for it!

Hypnosis downloads can also be great in stress management.



Change yourself with powerful affirmations

By Guest Author On July 17, 2011 No Comments

The power of affirmations

A lot of people use affirmations or have at least heard about them. Some people find they are good , other people only seem to get average success . What makes affirmations work – or could an important question be ‘do affirmations in truth work?’.

it is simple to dismiss a thing if it doesn’t work at first, but sometimes a thing that completely work could take a little while to practice.

Affirmations will be genuinely effective, as long as you follow some of the rules for creating and utilising them.

What is an affirmation?

An affirmation is saying things like ‘I am confident’ repeatedly to yourself.

it is a little like making a suggestion to yourself. Effective suggestions work by completely becoming able to accept them, so if you actually don’t believe it, they won’t work as effectively .

Another thing which is important is to say the affirmation in a way that is as if you believe it. If you say ‘I feel confident’ in a weak and feeble voice, it won’t be that effective. If your final result is to build your confidence , say it as if you believe it (just pretend you do if you don’t! – It may make a big difference!).

Using suggestions can take   several weeks of consistent use preceeding they become effective. However with practice they may totally become effective . You could even have a monumental influence on your health . I used to get nose bleeds that would remain for ages , however now I could just suggest ‘the bleeding is ceasing ’ and a nose bleed will stop within moments . This might take a lot of practice, but it’s worth the practice to get awesome results.

So here are some principles to follow to create effective affirmations to help you accomplish your big picture:

1 Mull over your vision carefully

2  Write your affirmation – make sure you state it positively – what you   wish , and not what you don’t desire . it’s easy to know what we don’t desire like ‘I don’t desire to be anxious’ but when you say this, you must focus on the thing you don’t   wish .

3  State it positively , for example ‘I feel composed and confident’

4  Stand in a way that matches the affirmation – if it’s about being confident you will find it helpful to stand as if you are confident.

5  Say the affirmation out loud in a way that corresponds to the affirmation. How would you repeat it if you absolutely believed it? This will totally make a difference. Repeat it 10 – 20 times.

You may repeat this many times throughout the day – keep doing it for a few weeks

The more you do it the more effective it will be


For affirmations to become really effective, you absolutely want to build upon your ability to communicate with your unconscious mind.

A genuinely outstanding way to develop your unaware communication is to learn NLP or hypnosis. I regularly see clients for hypnotherapy in London, and they may achieve amazing results when they develop their unconscious communication. NLP is a very effective tool for change.


How to influence other people

By Guest Author On June 30, 2011 No Comments

What are the deep keys of getting other people to do what you want ?

How on earth do you influence people to do what you desire

There are lots of show on TV these days , books and courses (for example NLP and hypnotherapy) that say they will show you how to influence others to do what you want. But , can you really do it ?

OK , the honest answer is yes AND no!

In reality we cannot utter some magical words and have other people do our bidding – and that’s a good thing , as it would suggest that we are like some sort of robot that could possibly be programmed by anybody .

Yet everyday we are influencing people without even knowing it . In fact , we cannot NOT influence.

Every time you go into a room or meet someone , you are influencing their thoughts and behavioursjust by being there in the same environment .

Whenever you say anything you are influencing what is going on in that individual’s mind.

Whenever we send any communication we are influencing someone , and therefore it would be a good idea to understand how we are influencing people and whether we could do this even more effectively !

Here are some steps to influence:

  1. Begin from a ‘win-win’ psyche
    Others will usuallyrealize if you are trying to take them for a ride – even if it works for a little , they will not like it. It is important to consider a positive result for other people and not just for us
  2. Say to yourself ‘ What do they want ?’
    You cannot influence anyone if you do not know what is in it for them. If you can answer that simple question and show them how they will get it , you can achieve amazing results !
  3. Get into rapport
    When I first went on an NLP Training I learned some unbelievably potent skills for developing rapport. This is developed through matching and mirroring – really doing similar things to the other person, or copying someone’s behaviour. For example , assuming a similar physiology to them – if they have their arms crossed , cross your arms. Find common areas of interest in communication .
  4. Put yourself in the shoes of the other person
    Try to really internally construct what is going on for the other person. If your message doesn’t have the desired effect , keep altering your behaviours until you are getting the outcome you desire . Remember that if your communication doesn’t get the desired outcome , it may be to a great extent regarding how you are communicating it, not them – be flexible!
  5. Invoke the law of reciprocity
    The law of reciprocity says that when we give somebody something , they will want to do something for us . So take any opportunity to help other people – at some point in the future you’ll be glad you did when they help you !


Take note of these steps to influence and you’ll get some pretty amazing results. There are many more steps that can also make a difference , and as a friend of mine who is a hypnotherapist in London commented once ‘resistance in other people is commonly a sign of our own inflexibility’.

How hypnotherapy really works

By Guest Author On June 30, 2011 No Comments

What is hypnosis ?

Can a hypnotist actually make you quack like a duck?

Well we’ve all seen tv shows , a hypnosis show or stories about people that have taken part in absurd things as part of a hypnotic show , but what really is possible ?

So , the first thing is you’re only going to quack like a duck if you really want to !

If you do want to , then I’m sure it can be arranged !

However a fundamental principle in hypnosis is you cannot make anyone do anything that violates their beliefs and values .

Hypnosis for most people is a very relaxing and enjoyable state, no more difficult than just closing your eyes and relaxing. Your mind might deviate , or you could stay alert the entirely time.

But the hypnotic state is very crucial , as it is a time where you can tap into your full potential and access internal resources you normally aren’t aware of .

Eg , I was once working with an athlete who believed he wasn’t reaching his full true potential , but he couldn’t realise what was preventing him. He was wanting to get his running speed up, but just felt he was pulling back .

Using strategies from NLP and hypnosis , we were able to unleash incredible potential within him and help him overcome all of his past records that he previously had been trying to reach.

Other standard areas where hypnosis is highly helpful include stopping smoking , weight loss , focus and concentration, dealing with exam nerves, boosting confidence, wiping out phobias and lots of issues .

Hypnosis really has applications in so many different areas . When I first startedworking as a hypnotherapist in North London, I was amazed at the outcomes clients would discover .

Many people have the belief – well I don’t think I could be hypnotized.

Well have a go at these simple procedures :

  1. Stare at a point on the wall or something in front of you
  2. Shut your eyes
  3. Have three deep breaths and let your body relax more a little with each breath
  4. Reopen your eyes again!

So, who shut your eyes and reopened them? It certainly wasn’t me!

Of course it was you !

However many people think that hypnosis is all about being controlled by someone else .

It couldn’t be farther from the reality . You will be in greater control than you normally are when you go into hypntherapy – you can reduce your breathing, your heart rate and lower your blood pressure.

When people attend a hypnotherapy or NLP training, they are close to always shocked that it is not at all like what they thought it would be. In truth it is frequently a disclosure at how much control they can have over themselves and can tap into the true resources we all have include us.

Hypnotherapy is particularly useful in helping to deal with unwanted habits that we have , such as nail biting , over eating and scratching . Medically trained hypnotists can even aid patients to have operations under hypnosis rather than anaesthesia and to help deal with a range of physical conditions.

Why ‘no’ can mean ‘yes’

By Guest Author On June 28, 2011 No Comments

The result of the communication is the response you get…

You could be considering, what on earth does that mean?

Well anyone could be a outstanding communicator, you just need to know a few easy secrets to get there.

And it initiates with knowing about how people respond to our communication . You may mull over at the moment that if someone doesn’t respond to what you say or do in the way you wish for , then it’s something to do with them.

But it is far more empowering and could help you become a far more first-class at communication if you consider that it’s how you tell that leads to the response in the other mortal.

For example , if I went up to someone and said ‘it is outstanding to meet you’, someone can react and be actually happy. However someone else might respond in a very bad way.

it’s easy to consider that it’s their problem, but it would be far more useful in interacting if we think about what might be going on for the other person.

What do you consider might be going on for someone who responds in an undesired way?

potentially the completely enthusiastic greeting made them feel genuinely overpowered and unsure how to respond. People basically respond to situations based on their own past experience. it’s oft the case that a person who is quite an introvert might feel genuinely nervous when greeted over-enthusiastically and they will respond in a way that the other person can experience as acting negative or undesired .

Everybody has had completely different life experiences and we know how to respond to a thing based on past experience.

To one person, an intense look means it’s a sign of a person’s anger. To somebody else, it’s a sign of being liked .

To get your outcome in any communication, we need to be flexible. And part of that flexibility is about knowing that people react differently and we might need to change our way of communicating depending on how they respond.

Every excellent communicator must be flexible and can keep changing their way of communicating a lot of times before they get their big picture.

You can achieve your big picture when interacting with anybody if you have enough flexibility.

  Several really important keys to effective communicating are:

1 Know your big picture and have a positive result in mind for the other person
muse upon about a positive outcome for the other person – you could desire your outcome straightaway, but very considering the needs of the other person makes a outstanding difference

2 Don’t take it personally

People react to a thing in different ways. People might respond in a way that you don’t expect, but it’s not necessarily that they are not interested. Beware of your interpretations – what you muse upon might not be the reality!

3 Be flexible – if you keep changing what you are doing and how you are communicating, you can get your result quicker than you mull over !

NLP is one of the fastest ways I have found to get any vision. When I at the start began to learn NLP and hypnosis in London, I found the most effective tools to rapidly achieve any vision.


Workplace communication

By Guest Author On June 20, 2011 No Comments

Communication at work

The secret of great communicating in the in business starts with good communication within yourself.

What do I mean by that?!?

Well, much of the time we’re communicating to others and not mindful of the subconscious messages in our communicating that give more out than the words we utilise . Take an example – you’ve just finished a discussion with an irritated client – you’re feeling irritated and uneasy and leave your post. Someone shares ‘hello’ to you and you grumble something out to them , not really conscious of anything but for your own unresourceful state you are in. The other person hears the ‘mumble’ and perceives ‘that guy is really rude !’.

They have no clue about the tough time you have just experienced on the phone and take your communication to heart ! All throughout the day we are faced with different challenges , some which max us out, others which justify a lot of thought – all of which take us away from being totally here in current communicating , some of which incur our communicating to be understood in ways we would prefer not have them perceived !

Being in mastery of how you think and feel is vital in effective communication, however in realness most of us just are not conscious of them

Controlling this is vital in good communication, so how can you do it?

Here are a few keys to being in control of your mind and emotions and achieving far higher happiness in your future communication.

1 Be aware of your emotions – if you have had a tough interaction/conversation, take a time to be aware how you are feeling

2 Note your initial ‘tells’ of ‘stress’ – does your heart beat faster , your hands sweat, you feel tension in your body

3 Take 5 deep breaths – count in to the number of 4 and out to the number of 4 and give out from your diaphragm . Breathing is one of the speediest ways to manage your own emotional state. When you are apprehensive, what happens to your breathing? When you are relaxed , what happens to your breathing? By decreasing your breathing you trigger a calming reaction in your body and cause yourself to begin to let go of stress.

4 Keep breathing slow and controlled and clench your hands into fists – take a deep breath and then let go of the tightness in your hands. Repeat it with your shoulders , legs, belly – in fact go aroundeachpart of your physiology tensing and relaxing. Really notice the deviation between tension and relaxation – with usance as soon as you are aware of any tension in your physiology you’ll be able to release it speedily and easily

Naturally , these aren’t the only qualities you need for excellent communication, but it is a crucial part that oft gets taken for granted . In fact most of our communication is non-verbal and out of conscious sentience, so practice them and notice excellent outcomes .

When I firststarted to learn NLP and hypnosis in London, I discovered that NLP can be one of the fastest ways to get these results .

Framing power for results

By Guest Author On June 1, 2011 No Comments

I was going into London earlier at the busiest time on the underground – it’s something I prefer to leave out and am lucky enough in running my own business to be able to do just that most of the time!

But now I required to get into town early. Sure enough, the train was packed! I decided to wait for another one and that was pretty empty , until 3 stops afterwards the doors of the train jammed (funnily enough every time I have seen the NEW underground trains, it’s always them that break) and all people had to get off at the next station.

Lots of grumpy people got off the train and waited for the next one. And that is when the underground staff made a big mistake.

They announced it is soon that there would be an empty train right behind. But when it came , it was packed!

People were not happy!

And that is a principle we teach in NLP – the contrast frame. But they did it the wrong way! Give someone two options, one that’s better and one that’s much worse and the better one might seem even better!

In queues it is   something I’ve observed Disneyworld does a excellent job at this – they always say the wait time could be longer than it’s, so you are completely happy when you don’t have to wait as long as you had expected.

In contrast, it’s frequently that I’ve waited in a line at the mail office in the UK and a sign said 20 minutes to go , but that is an hour later while I was nonetheless waiting. all people felt even more unhappy because the expectation was set up the incorrect way.

You see, disappointment requires preparation! You have an expectation that is usually way out and nothing can ever match it, so when the event happens, you naturally may feel unhappy!

NLP training teaches about expectations and you could use language in an good way so that you ay induce positive experiences for people. And a lot of the time it is absolutely simple – it is just about using your words in a good way!

You see, you might either make someone feel good , or unhappy, and it’s all down to how you frame the situation.

Framing   something right –  it is all the difference.

On our NLP course we teach dissimilar ways to frame a thing for brilliant results.

One way you might do this – which is to ask yourself quality questions.

For example if it’s possible, ask yourself at the beginning of each day questions like –

‘How may I have pleasure today?’

‘What may I inspire today?’

‘How will I get good results today?’

Then how do you consider your life can be even more excellent ?

As long as it is the case that you absolutely put these into practice, which is enough to notice a difference. Change your focus, it’s the case you’ll notice different results.

In working with prospects it is always the case that if you delver more than they expected in advance, they’ll feel outstanding . Deliver less and that is the case that they’ll be unhappy, even if you do a excellent job. So it is important that you frame   something so that people feel they are getting more than they expected and you’ll get outstanding business and future repeat sales.



Teams – your secret to success

By Guest Author On May 26, 2011 No Comments

What is up with the world cup?

it is difficult to get away from the world cup football tournament which is all that is talked about and shown on television all the time.

In fact all that I hear people interacting about is the world cup and how come so many of the teams don’t seem to play at the highest level they will?

it’s not just   something that applies to football, but also to business .

Everyone   wish to get visions in life and business and when it’s also a question of getting teams involved, which is another level of difficulty!

One of the huge issues is helping teams to work together . A team may get excellent results depending on the quality of interacting and interacting within the team.

You can have the best people in the world, but that means zero when it’s about teams.

That is all it comes down to – how the team works together .

Whatever your big picture, synergy in a team leads to brilliant results, when there is disharmony, you’ll get lousy results!

Take for example if you desired to build the best car in the world. You could regard that you could go out and get the best parts from all the different cars. For example, perhaps Ferrari build the best engines, BMW the best exhausts, maybe Mercedes the best wheels etc .

Which is all the best parts from all the cars around the world and now you will get to put it all together. So do you get a excellent car?


it is a pile of rubbish!

it’s not just about the best parts, it’s about how they work together!

So what is your vision?

If you have a team involved and you long for to get excellent results, you need to make sure that the team will work together well.

You can hire the best people in the world, but you’ll get terrible results if they won’t work together.

Just look at the world cup!

Which is loads of the best players in the world, but the results they are getting are frequently pretty bad! Because they are not completely working as a team!

So how could you get a team to work together well?

Well, here are   several steps to get brilliant results:

1: Know your outcome – you must make sure you know your vision and that your team does as well. Be really clear about explaining your outcome to your team, or you will find yourself wasting a lot of time

2: Set guidelines for working – make sure people know their roles in the team, what is expected of them and the consequences of not doing what is needed. Most teams lose because well stated rules are not made clear to people involved in them

3: Reward good work – you will get brilliant results sometime and take them for granted. Make sure you reward brilliant results in the team and reinforce the behaviour.

NLP offers good secrets for getting results in any outcome. Most people who learn NLP and hypnosis in London get results far quicker than they would imagine.