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Do You Want The Assistance Of A Motivator? If Yes, Click On This

By Guest Author On April 20, 2011 No Comments

Is today one of those days where you’re down and everything seems dull? Do you think you need a motivator to lift you up? You are reading the right post if your answer is a yes! Herein, we’ll go over how a motivator can help you lift yourself up. 


How do you define a motivator? Anything that propels you to success. The motivator is there to help you get back up and running although he may not get you to success in a single try. We need that push time to time to keep ourselves on the track. The motivator could be anything – it could be the money, fear, your family, etc. You shouldn’t be surprised to see dreams and music motivating people, too. 


Most people “think” that money is the biggest motivator. And sure enough, it looks like that on the surface. You’ll notice that some of the most successful people were not motivated by just the money they were making or going to make. Instead, they knew exactly what they wanted and had set goals. The biggest motivator was the dream for them. 


Money wasn’t what they wanted. They were very clear on where the money was going to take them. They were very clear on where the money would put them. They were very clear on how the money was going to help them out. If you follow their principles, and try to find out why you want more money, it’ll be more beneficial than just flat out going after money without knowing what you’re going to do or how its going to help you. That, in my opinion, is the biggest motivator. 


If you want to get motivated, the sure-shot way of doing that is to get motivated people around you. When you talk to these people, it automatically pumps you up and you get motivated. 


If you want to get the help from motivator terbaik, click here! 

Suffering In Your Business & Life From Those Nasty Personal Growth Barriers?

By Guest Author On March 23, 2011 No Comments

If you really think about it, there’s a real correlation with doing well in your network marketing business and investing time in breaking down any personal growth and development barriers you may have.

Listening in to negative messages is the first barrier we must look at. In your quest for business profits and overall personal growth, you can easily be taken down by the negative people you know (family and friends?) as well as the stuff you let into your brain that comes through mags, the television, newspaper, etc.

Be aware of how the negativity of society affects you. Make the effort to only take in the positive messages.

Rather than drowing in a pool of negativity by watching some bizarre sitcom or your local news television programming, sit down with a good book, like The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People instead.

A lack of resources is another point of interest both in business and personal growth. Surrounding yourself with quality personal growth and development resources is a must!

When it comes to creating great prosperity in your life or business, there are just too many cd’s, videos and books available to not take advantage of some of them.

Some people talk about wanting to make this positive change but simply refuse to put out the little money it takes to access the resources necessary, such as true MLM secrets. Or, these people will go buy many wonderful life changing resources and then let them sit on thier shelves for years on end. Don’t fall into this personal growth and development barrier and become that type of person.

Pursuing spiritual growth is a factor in seeing huge improvement either in life or business that I don’t see discussed nearly enough out there.

If you really take the time to consider it, self knowledge is key when it comes to improving in anything and spiritual growth will help you with that. Deciding to ignore this aspect of your life will result in creating a big barrier to creating the life you truly desire to live.

The Benefits of Having a Plan in Life

By Guest Author On March 7, 2011 No Comments

Do you have a plan for your life? Do you have goals that you really want to attain? If no, then why not? What is it that is arresting you from listing plans in life? Did you know that plans are key in achieving great success in life? If you don’t have any idea how you can start off planning out your life, you can go and get numerology readings that may help you get a top-notch idea of where your life is to go.

Tampa Bay, FL – 11/12/10 – Stewart Peterson is a life coach who works with clients who are aiming to go forward with their lives. “A lot of people do not seem to understand that planning is extremely important,” said Peterson. “Without a life plan in life, it can be difficult going down a solid path.” Stewart was also nearby at the launch of the site – http://www.numerologist.com/articles/numerology/numerology-readings/.

There are a lot of advantages to having a solid plan for your life. For one thing, your plans could help give your life direction. If you find yourself trapped in a dead end state now, it could possibly be a consequence of not having a good plan in life. When you have plans, you will then have something that you will work towards. If you don’t then you put yourself at risk for stagnation. You may be wedged where you are and you may find yourself uncertain of where you are to go next.

Another gain of planning could be observed in some of its consequences. Many people who have fruitfully laid out plans for their lives are happy and contented. If you are trying to find something like that in your life then you should very set off planning.

SMART – You really need to guarantee you keep these things in mind when you are figuring out your plans. This planning acronym means Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Oriented. These should be the characteristics of the plans you make. These factors can result in awfully productive planning. If you have had issues in the past of plans that fell through, there is a great chance that those plans weren’t S.M.A.R.T.. Re-evaluate your plans and make changes where it is required.

There are a whole lot of factors that can lead people to stop listing plans for the future. Fear is one of the top reasons. Many people are afraid of whatever consequences can result from plans that have fallen apart. Many are afraid to set their hopes high in the first place because if they don’t come true, there will not be much disappointment. This is the exact area SMART planning comes in handy once again.  

numerology readings are going to help you take a better look into your personality. You may already know you own psyche, but with the aid of a reading, you might also get a top-notch look at your potential in life. Keep in mind though that life plans always have to be S.M.A.R.T.. If you are undecided how S.M.A.R.T. the plans are, you can always invite a friend to look at it. If you want, you might also visit a specialist life coach. 

How to Deal With Low Self Esteem

By Guest Author On February 28, 2011 No Comments

Newborn Babies Don’t Have This Problem

Newborn babies have no self esteem problems. We have no concept, yet, of other people’s expectations. Then we grow up, start observing, and interacting with, the world and the people in it, and our personal belief systems begin to develop. In a very real sense, it’s our interactions with other people that are the root causes of low self esteem. Since we cannot avoid interacting with people, we have to learn how to identify these causes and stop them from affecting us.

The People You Know

The foundations for our self-esteem come from our parents. A child’s self-worth is based, in part, on the expectations of the parents and how well the child can meet those expectations. It is important for parents to see the limits to which they can make demands of their children. Also, criticism and snide comments can be internalized and become part of the child’s belief system and this will be held throughout their adult life. We cannot change our past, and we cannot blame our parents for wanting us to succeed, but what we can change is the way we look at it. Acknowledge the love, learn to set aside the disappointment, forgive where necessary, and move on. The entire field of positive motivation and daily affirmations is designed to combat those internalized feelings and beliefs and allow us to grow past them.

Relationships are also partly based on expectations, so it is important that communication about expectations is open, honest, and clear. Failing to meet an ideal that you you are unaware of can be very damaging to a relationship as well as our own self image. The same idea applies to friends and relatives and our relationships with them.  We need to be sure that we can clarify our role and understand what they expect of us.

Our self-image can also be affected by our relationships at work. On the one hand, the general expectations of the people around us are usually pretty clear. On the other hand, this clarity also makes in easier to point out our shortcomings and all all know people who are willing to do that pointing. What’s important here is to realize that a job can be looked at as  an opportunity for growth. If you do no have the required skills to grow at your job, yet, identify them so you can acquire them and meet your goals.

Comments, Real or Otherwise, From Strangers 

Most of us are affected, to a certain degree, by the remarks of total strangers. Perhaps we overhear comments of people as we walk down the street. We may think they’re about us, though they usually aren’t. Or perhaps we may read comments written in blogs or articles (especially when we actively participate in those blogged discussions. ) We may identify with certain groups that are discussed/dissed in the media, such as on TV or in magazine articles.

Judgments from people who do not know us can sometimes be more crushing than from those close to us. We may feel unfairly judged or belittled. Worse, we may even partially agree with these negative pronouncements. What is important here is to identify these feelings and examine their causes. If we cannot dispute a negative observation, perhaps we can change our mistake (did I forget to shower today? oops!) and also look for positive affirmations to counter the negative feelings. Sometimes the people who do know us can help (if they’re not part of the problem.) There are many books and online sources that can help us change what needs to be changed and grow from there.

As you can see, our perception of failing other people’s expectations is the seed from which poor self image sprouts. These causes of low self esteem are ubiquitous and unavoidable so you must learn to guard against them if you want to grow. Learning to deal with yourself and other people in a positive way is the one sure path to confidence and a good self image.

Your Attitude Determines Your Success

By Guest Author On February 6, 2011 No Comments

We have all heard the old phrase – attitude is everything, and that phrase is very true. Your attitude can have a profound impact on your personal motivation, so it is important to keep that positive attitude no matter what challenges and roadblocks are thrown up in your way. 

As a matter of fact, keeping your attitude a positive one in the face of overwhelming odds is the motivation tips that owners of the most successful businesses will all give you.  The most successful business owners, from the Sam Walton to Bill Gates, have all been able to triumph in the face of adversity.  It is those successful business owners many people have in mind when they tell you that attitude is everything. 

We all know that the old saw that attitude is everything is true, but how you deal with that knowledge that will determine your level of success, or your lack of success. One of the most important ways to implement that attitude is everything axiom is to observe who you associate with and who you surround yourself with. That is because when you surround yourself with negative people it can cause their negative attitudes to rub off on you. When people say attitude is everything that applies to both negative attitudes as well as positive ones. Surrounding yourself with people who exhibit positive attitudes, however, will also be contagious, but in a good way.  Keeping your network of associates, colleagues, coworkers and friends as positive as possible is a great way to put the phrase “attitude is everything” into practical use.

Whatever you decide to do in life, your attitude will have a profound effect on the success you achieve. Success, whether in the world of business or in your personal life, is directly related to your attitude, and the attitude you bring to your work. A positive attitude will help you achieve greater success in your job, regardless of your current level of employment.  Many people are still able to work their way up through their companies, even in today’s competitive environment.  Exhibiting a positive attitude can go a long way toward helping you get the most from your employment, and it can help you get the attention of those in a position to help your career as well. That is because those business achievers are likely to understand that attitude is everything, and they can recognize your positive attitude and award it appropriately.

A positive can do attitude is important to being a quality employee, but taking the phrase attitude is everything to heart is absolutely essential if you plan to start your own business.  Whether your plans are for a one person part time enterprise, or a nationwide company employing hundreds or thousands of people, the attitude you express will be reflected in your business and in the members of your staff. 

If you would like to expand your business by leaps and bounds, you must show a positive attitude towards all those who are associated with your business especially your employees and they in turn prove they are an asset for you.

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Annie Jennings PR Presents Promoting Services And Products Using Radio Publicity

By Guest Author On December 7, 2010 No Comments

Radio is one medium that has seen a lot of ups and downs over the years and have lived through all those. The best part is that over the years, as things changed and new modes of communication and information came up, radio managed to carve a niche for itself in broadcast communications. Today, there are many loyal radio listeners and there are many programs that have audience who take interest in the field or domain. As a result, there are a lot of advantages of using radio publicity for promotion.

For any medium to be effective it must reach a lot of people and the people should be able to get that information easily. Radio signals are broadcasted everywhere and hence they can be captured in a wide range of locations. The other aspect is the receivers which are equally common and inexpensive today. In fact, cell phones, handheld music players and even car audio systems have radio feature as a norm today. This has really made radio very popular.

As people can access radio signals anywhere, they tend to listen to it at times when they cannot do a lot anyways. This is the best time to get your message through to the people and engage them. There are two common ways promoters exploit this reach of radio. The first is the standard option of player advertisements between shows; this is done in television too.

While advertisements require lot of time and money, the more economical option is to take part in talk shows hosted on the radio stations. In the talk show, the person looking to promote a product or service comes in as a special guest and talks with the host. Given that most shows have a specific audience, by choosing the right show to take part in; one can deliver a very effective message to the listeners.

The targeted audience available in any show is a very important factor in radio publicity. If the audience is a bunch of people who really have interest in what you have to offer, they would want to learn more about it. This increases the chances of getting the message out successfully.

The radio publicity has a wide reach but at the same time it is not as expensive as the television publicity. With radio talk shows there is no investment in creating an advertisement or anything of that sort. It is a very simple talk show where you can give more information about the product you are promoting.

The final advantage of radio publicity discussed here is the effective long distance communications for promotions. Authors can take a phone call from the radio station wherever they are and still deliver the message effectively. This is not all; even the people listening to the author or promoter can interact and ask them questions. This gives the promoters real time feedback which is perfect.

All in all, the radio is a very popular broadcast medium. It has a wide reach and the right components for targeted advertisement. For individuals it is a cost effective alternative too.

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What Makes Kriya Yoga Techniques So Effective

By Guest Author On December 6, 2010 No Comments

Kriya yoga techniques are extremely effective as they were directly on the source of the spiritual energy that is believed to lie in our spines. This is nothing new as all yoga techniques work with this energy, but it is usually indirectly. Many positions help to open up the spinal channels and also help to balance the energy that lies in the spine. The breathing exercises are used to enervate that energy.

Like most yoga techniques it has existed for a very long time. Though it fell out of favour it was rediscovered in the 19th century by Mahavatar Babaji. It is unique as it uses Pranayama or breath control in such a way as to hasten a person’s spiritual development. Doing this kind of yoga will help person enter a state of extreme relaxation which has been likened to a religious experience.

This kind of yoga is very direct. It enables practitioners to use their awareness to draw energy up and down the spinal area. It is supposed to be taught through initiation and should be learnt from a Kriyaban or a Kriya yogi. The whole idea of this yoga is that it should be practiced with sensitivity, awareness and an open heart.

Part of the teaching of this yoga is that there are six spinal centres, and the energy revolves around this area in our forums and downwards directions. The six spinal centres corresponds to the signs of the Zodiac. Practitioners are taught that just a small amount of this kind of energy can be equal to 12 months of trying to develop spiritually.

There are four techniques which make up the path of kriya which are a technique of concentration, of meditation, energizing exercises and the kriya technique. Anyone wanting to learn this kind of yoga has to be prepared to study and to commit to regular daily practice. They have to be prepared to practiced meditation techniques and the energizing exercises.

This yoga technique was once commonplace in ancient India, and written information about it may be found in the Bhagavad Gita. This is an important part of the Hindu religion and is a sacred scripture. Many literary figures regarded as one of the greatest works of literature.

You can choose to begin learning this yoga in several different ways. You can attend regular classes or you can choose to learn some of it online. You will need to be prepared to learn the self realization fellowship lessons, so that you can then go on and learn the basic techniques needed for meditation. When you have done this phase then you will be able to go on to learn Kriya yoga techniques.

Kriya Yoga Techniques

Looking to find the definitive source of information on Kriya Yoga Techniques?

Consider an Improved Personal Life

By Guest Author On November 29, 2010 No Comments

Are you aware that there are things you can and cannot change? Do you believe that mostly other people tend create a change in your life than you are? Do you accept that you are a unique person, no matter what other people think? Do you have the ability to accept the changes that happen in your life?

If yes is your answer to any of these questions then you are looking for way to improve your personal life. This is true if you find a reason to laugh at something not funny at all. For instance, someone pushed you. Normally, you will get mad and probably try to push that person back. Instead you stand on your feet and smiled back. The push was merely a way to test how you would react in a particular situation, a situation which you successfully handled.

Accepting things will result to having the ability to be in charge of your life. If you have the power to take control of your life, it is expected that you will soon find ways to make it better. If you will be able to accept these things, then you will get to know yourself more.

Each of us is a unique person. Most people think that if our actions are mostly repetitive, our identity is formed. This is politically wrong! We have emotions, thoughts, behaviors, actions, and are often affected by both good and bad influences. Everyday new things happen to us and our personality reacts with these changes. So, if a person is laughing then cries afterwards, that is what we call a shift of emotions, which is probably a common occurrence for this person. But, if a person’s eyes change, behaviors also change noticeably, friends change frequently and other things too, and then perhaps you are seeing something that is applicable for everybody.

The world we live in makes us less aware of the real situation. We are surrounded with many influences like the television or the radio and even the people we see daily. We cannot avoid people’s nature of judging others. That is something we can do nothing about but we can do something about our lives. This is a component of learning and accepting. It will be good for you if you influence yourself and just let the other influences deal with other people’s lives. Know who is worthy of your trust based on the way they act, speak, and behave. Creating a good image is one way to live happily.

Once you learn to accept you will also be willing to laugh. Even if someone tries to make you mad, you will only consider it as a joke. It is also possible that you find your actions funny every time you do something wrong and join in their silliness.

Once you realize that your life is fun, you will feel more comfortable. There are many types of people who exist in our community and mostly are very difficult to be with. But, if we successfully mingle with this type of people, we will be able to proceed to our goal, which is to become a better person. By becoming one, many people might follow our steps and try to improve their lives too. It is confirmed that actions speaks louder than word and good actions can persuade others to modify their lives for the better.

As you find your way through life, a certain longing will fill you which will also make you want to create a change in your life. Once you start to feel better, you will realize that exercise, eating well, and being with friends is also a good thing. Once you experience this, you will see the need to work hard in order to reach your objectives.

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Success & Winning Streaks by Brendon Burchard

By Guest Author On May 19, 2010 25 Comments

Brendon Burchard discusses winning. http://www.BrendonBurchard.com. Brendon is the author of Life’s Golden Ticket and founder of Experts Academy.

Duration : 0:9:50

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Michael J. Emery NLP and Hypnosis – Personal Development Coach & Trainer (revised)

By Guest Author On May 14, 2010 No Comments


Michael J. Emery is a Personal Development Coach & Trainer in Portland, Oregon. Michael specializes in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and Ericksonian hypnosis. Michael’s background is in transpersonal psychology, marketing, and advertising.

Michael has hypnosis downloads and nlp downloads that receive great reviews on iTunes, Amazon.com and other online mp3 stores. Download his free programs: Intro to NLP and Experience Trance so that you can understand how his Personal Development audio programs can empower you.

If you are interested in one-on-one Personal Development Coaching, then consider joining Michael J. Emery’s Coaching Gym. The Coaching Gym utilizes skype video conferencing technology and NLP-based coaching. You can be anywhere in the world and be coached by Michael.

Personal Development Coaching
NLP Coaching
Hypnosis Coaching
NLP mp3
Hypnosis mp3
Hypnosis download

Duration : 0:8:27

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