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Your Business Can Be Sabotaged By Clutter

By Guest Author On May 14, 2011 Under Success Secrets

Clutter that’s merely an eyesore, a minor irritation, or a cause of stress in your home can be a serious problem in a business.

although people can survive with clutter in their home doesn’t mean that they can operate a successful business the same way.  This is especially true for home businesses because clutter in other portions of the house usually flows right through the home office door. 

Running a home business already requires more discipline than a regular 9 – 5 job because home business owners set their own schedule.  Also, home business owners typically wear many different hats.  One person may be responsible for operations, purchasing, personnel, and sales.

Clutter in a home-based business can be a disaster waiting to happen.  It comprises not just piles of litter but disorganized documents, out-moded office equipment and furniture, old manuals and business cards, outdated phone lists, old leads lists, overstuffed filing cabinets, disorganized files, overstocked inventory, and outdated advertising materials.

Clutter is not picky about where it calls home.  It can be found in drawers, on computer hard drives, on bookshelves, in stacks in corners, in filing cabinets, on floors and tables, on contact lists, in e-mail inboxes, on meeting schedulers, and in e-mail address books.

The solutions to clutter are planning, organization, and most of all, discipline.

Whether just starting a home-based business or having decided to de-clutter their exisiting home business, people can benefit by spending some time planning.  They need to  ask themselves “What level of sales do I want to achieve?  What kind of results do I expect?  What quantity of inventory will I require?  What systems will I have in place and how will I use those systems to prevent clutter?”  Formulating a business plan can help in the planning process.

Organizing their workplace, inventory, filing systems, business tools, available resources and time in such a way as to prevent clutter can pay big dividends. Any system used must provide for periodic review and updating, and for the deletion of excess and outdated items.  

Believe it or not many people spend a lot of time planning and organizing and then get stopped by a lack of perserverance and discipline.  The systems they put in place to control clutter are never started, or the attempt is abandoned after awhile.

Often this is because of a failure of the original planning process.  The system designed was just not functional or takes too much time.  In other cases it’s because of a lack of commitment or a failure to set priorities.

If this happens people should think back to why they originally wanted to have an organized, uncluttered workplace.  If the systems they’ve put in place aren’t working it’s best to revise them and try again.

Regardless of the claim by some people that they entered this world with a “clutter gene”, anyone can de-clutter and have less stress and greater success in their business.

Whether you’re in the perfect network marketing business or you’re trying to produce and market the perfect product yourself, minimizing clutter will help you achieve the results you want.

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