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Workplace communication

By Guest Author On June 20, 2011 Under Self Help Tips, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

Communication at work

The secret of great communicating in the in business starts with good communication within yourself.

What do I mean by that?!?

Well, much of the time we’re communicating to others and not mindful of the subconscious messages in our communicating that give more out than the words we utilise . Take an example – you’ve just finished a discussion with an irritated client – you’re feeling irritated and uneasy and leave your post. Someone shares ‘hello’ to you and you grumble something out to them , not really conscious of anything but for your own unresourceful state you are in. The other person hears the ‘mumble’ and perceives ‘that guy is really rude !’.

They have no clue about the tough time you have just experienced on the phone and take your communication to heart ! All throughout the day we are faced with different challenges , some which max us out, others which justify a lot of thought – all of which take us away from being totally here in current communicating , some of which incur our communicating to be understood in ways we would prefer not have them perceived !

Being in mastery of how you think and feel is vital in effective communication, however in realness most of us just are not conscious of them

Controlling this is vital in good communication, so how can you do it?

Here are a few keys to being in control of your mind and emotions and achieving far higher happiness in your future communication.

1 Be aware of your emotions – if you have had a tough interaction/conversation, take a time to be aware how you are feeling

2 Note your initial ‘tells’ of ‘stress’ – does your heart beat faster , your hands sweat, you feel tension in your body

3 Take 5 deep breaths – count in to the number of 4 and out to the number of 4 and give out from your diaphragm . Breathing is one of the speediest ways to manage your own emotional state. When you are apprehensive, what happens to your breathing? When you are relaxed , what happens to your breathing? By decreasing your breathing you trigger a calming reaction in your body and cause yourself to begin to let go of stress.

4 Keep breathing slow and controlled and clench your hands into fists – take a deep breath and then let go of the tightness in your hands. Repeat it with your shoulders , legs, belly – in fact go aroundeachpart of your physiology tensing and relaxing. Really notice the deviation between tension and relaxation – with usance as soon as you are aware of any tension in your physiology you’ll be able to release it speedily and easily

Naturally , these aren’t the only qualities you need for excellent communication, but it is a crucial part that oft gets taken for granted . In fact most of our communication is non-verbal and out of conscious sentience, so practice them and notice excellent outcomes .

When I firststarted to learn NLP and hypnosis in London, I discovered that NLP can be one of the fastest ways to get these results .

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