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Why Train Karate?

By Guest Author On June 21, 2011 Under Improve Your Self Esteem, Self Improvement, Success Secrets

There are a lot benefits in doing Karate.  Some do it for self-defense, some to get in shape, and others do Karate as a sport. However Karate is more then this, it is about becoming a better person. Karate builds character, self-esteem and instills strong values such as virtue, perseverance and fearlessness. It also helps to develop a strong competitive nature along with strong leadership skills.

Many forms of modern day martial arts focus much of their training on competition and fighting and a lot of the values have been lost. Traditionally Karate was about bettering oneself.  Strong values should be as important, if not more, when teaching martial arts as becoming a great athlete.  When looking for a good Karate school you should find one that is structured and disciplined. In Ellicott City Karate is very big on teaching good values.

Probably the most common reason parents bring their children into a Karate school is because the child is being bullied.  Self-defense is a great reason to take Karate. It gives you the skills you need to defend yourself but even more importantly it builds self-confidence. More times then not just being confident and standing up for yourself will deter a bully. There are many great schools that teach self defense in Maryland. Karate is not only good self defense for children but also for adults. Many adults attend martial arts classes in Columbia Maryland.

As far as technique Karate is one of the few martial arts that will teach both striking and grappling. Many Martial arts focus on only one or the other. Karate, although viewed by most to be a striking discipline, includes many throws and submissions. This makes karate perfect for self-defense. You will be prepared for any situation.  You will know that if you have no other options and you need defend yourself you will be prepared.  

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