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Why ‘no’ can mean ‘yes’

By Guest Author On June 28, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Self Help Tips, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

The result of the communication is the response you get…

You could be considering, what on earth does that mean?

Well anyone could be a outstanding communicator, you just need to know a few easy secrets to get there.

And it initiates with knowing about how people respond to our communication . You may mull over at the moment that if someone doesn’t respond to what you say or do in the way you wish for , then it’s something to do with them.

But it is far more empowering and could help you become a far more first-class at communication if you consider that it’s how you tell that leads to the response in the other mortal.

For example , if I went up to someone and said ‘it is outstanding to meet you’, someone can react and be actually happy. However someone else might respond in a very bad way.

it’s easy to consider that it’s their problem, but it would be far more useful in interacting if we think about what might be going on for the other person.

What do you consider might be going on for someone who responds in an undesired way?

potentially the completely enthusiastic greeting made them feel genuinely overpowered and unsure how to respond. People basically respond to situations based on their own past experience. it’s oft the case that a person who is quite an introvert might feel genuinely nervous when greeted over-enthusiastically and they will respond in a way that the other person can experience as acting negative or undesired .

Everybody has had completely different life experiences and we know how to respond to a thing based on past experience.

To one person, an intense look means it’s a sign of a person’s anger. To somebody else, it’s a sign of being liked .

To get your outcome in any communication, we need to be flexible. And part of that flexibility is about knowing that people react differently and we might need to change our way of communicating depending on how they respond.

Every excellent communicator must be flexible and can keep changing their way of communicating a lot of times before they get their big picture.

You can achieve your big picture when interacting with anybody if you have enough flexibility.

  Several really important keys to effective communicating are:

1 Know your big picture and have a positive result in mind for the other person
muse upon about a positive outcome for the other person – you could desire your outcome straightaway, but very considering the needs of the other person makes a outstanding difference

2 Don’t take it personally

People react to a thing in different ways. People might respond in a way that you don’t expect, but it’s not necessarily that they are not interested. Beware of your interpretations – what you muse upon might not be the reality!

3 Be flexible – if you keep changing what you are doing and how you are communicating, you can get your result quicker than you mull over !

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