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What is best for self defense, Boxing or Jiu Jitsu?

By Guest Author On August 15, 2011 Under Success Secrets

Self defense classes in Baltimore MD offer a wide variety of different fighting styles.  However it’s always fun to pit one fighting style against another.   In this case we will be comparing traditional boxing versus Brazilian jiu jitsu.   Boxing is a fighting system that is focused on staying on the feet and attacking with upper body striking.   It also focuses on counter-striking against an opponent to win the fight.   Boxing is a fast fighting style that requires quick feet and hands to work together to beat the opposition.    Many of boxing techniques are often used in self defense.   Self defense classes in Baltimore teach students the slip technique to avoid punches toward the face.   The slip technique is a technique used to dodge or slip punches aimed at your head.   Muhammad Ali is a good example of someone who is great at slipping and avoiding punches.  Cover is also another way boxers defend themselves.    Covering is simply holding your arms and hands in front of your face to deflect blows before countering.    Covering is usually used when the opponent throws a flurry of punches rather then a couple that can be easily slipped.

Brazilian jiu jitsu is a fighting style that doesn’t use strikes against the opponent.    In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you learn to control your opponent and make them submit or give up by either attaching with joint locks or choke holds.   BJJ is a combination of judo stand up and submission wrestling.   All fights start on the feet so the jiu jitsu fighter would have to takedown the opponent to beginning working for a finish.   When the opponent is taken down the ground they can choke via cross choke, loop choke, bread cutter, rear naked choke, triangle choke, the list goes on.  The opponent can also be submitted via arm locks, leg locks, and kneebars that are all capable of breaking the limbs.

 In a fight between a jiu jitsu fighter and a boxer the jiu jitsu fighter usually wins do to the fact that most fights end up on the ground.     Jiu jitsu fighters can even use submissions off their back in the event that the boxes somehow gets on top.     A boxer needs to get close to punch their opponent and when this happens the jiu jitsu fighter is in range for takedowns.   Most self defense classes in Baltimore combine the two style to provide students with the ultimate form of self defense training.

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