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What are some secrets to success and happiness?

By Guest Author On April 10, 2010 Under Success Secrets

Thank you.

The secret to success is Personal Development. It leads to financial, spiritual and all rounded happiness. You can embark into a Learn and Earn Program to achieve Success and Happiness.

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5 comments - add yours

April 10, 2010

1. Love the Lord your God with all your heart

2. Love your neighbor as yourself

~Dr. B.~
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April 10, 2010

NO God has nothing to…well kinda but not alot…. uh like study and stuff and go to college and get a good job.
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April 10, 2010

haing full faith in god and thanking him for everything he has ever provided you with
just gratitude is happiness
cuz the more you thank him the more he will give you!!
all the best
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Sunshine Hell

April 11, 2010

well first off you have to start off mentally.

if your constantly thinking about how bad things are then nothing is ever going to get better. You have to change your way of thinking with everything that is negative in your life right now.

For instance: instead of sitting there and thinking about how degrading it is not having a job, think about how good its going to feel when you DO get a job. Now, thats going to feel good isnt it?? take that good feeling and hold on to it as much as possible and keep believing in that good feeling. I want u to push that good energy out into the world and soon enough you will find yourself landing a job..maybe not the best job at first but, it will be something.

This technique takes a lot of practice..it really does. I have been practicing The Law of Attraction for months now and things in my life have completely turned around for me. My job has been better, I found the man of my dreams and my attitude towards life is always like a sunny day!

I know it prob sounds like a bunch of crap and I thought so too at first but, omg! i am in heaven with everything.! sure money is still tight for me but, i am still learning the concept of good energy on that too.

I rented this movie or documentray called The Secret. You can look it up online and read some of their E-Books but, getting the movie is much easier to understand and not boring lol. Ever since I watched that movie I have practiced the art on The Law of Attraction and its been a freaking Godsend to my life. If it wasnt for that movie and changing the way I think I would never be as happy as I am now. $hit I have never been this happy in my life!!

I want you to get that movie and tell me what you think..just ask for a few bucks to rent it out. When I watched it I actually cried, b/c this whole time in my life I have done nothing but concentrate on all the negative $hit in my life and was never happy. But, as soon as I started getting the hang of changing my thinking and being positive, things slowly but SURELY turned around for me. I could talk about this all day and I beg you to give it a chance. you have to have patience with yourself though.

so pic on how good this will feel: you WILL get a job, You will get an amazing and loving girlfriend who will love you and accept everything about you. You WILL have new friends and You WILL be happy for the rest of your life……just hold onto those good feelings and push them out there!!!

i promise it works, it just takes time and patience..lots of practice to beat the negative thoughts out of you! 🙂 good luck and I wish you the best with everything! life isnt easy but, that doesnt mean you HAVE to stand for that…you dig???

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Subra Daniel

April 11, 2010

The secret to success is Personal Development. It leads to financial, spiritual and all rounded happiness. You can embark into a Learn and Earn Program to achieve Success and Happiness.
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