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Wake Up the Nice Guy in You!

By Guest Author On March 28, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Law of Attraction, Self Help Tips, Self Improvement, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

How often do we all see the same scenario acted out – again and again.  The loud guys with a great line get the girls, while the keepers go home empty handed.   No matter what Cosmo says the same thing applies to women.   Every man has a nice guy inside – we just typically keep him locked up until the second date.  

When Men are in a public place – whether a club or nightspot – they are often unapproachable by any but the bravest women.  We suggest that an approachable demeanor and warm smile is far superior to being cool.   Remember best hunters do not pursue; they wait.  

That said, the reverse happens every Friday night across the country.   The nice guys “sit it out” while the aggressive ones force the envelope.  Yes, the most observant female eyes will seek out the real sleepers in the crowd.   However, there are not many such women in a given club on a given Friday night.   Therefore, salesmanship still counts above coolness or a ‘desperately bored’ look.  That is why we say ‘wakeup, Mr. Nice Guy’ and push the envelope.  A thorough understanding of these principles might, indeed, help to get ex back.  If you are trying to recover a broken relationship, your chance to win your ex back, will be heightened by knowing all these things.

If you are a nice guy and this seems a little uncomfortable for you, try going out with a couple other guys – with at least one of them being a ‘Hunter’ type.  This is the cool guy who seems to end up dancing with every doll in the place.   These guys, amazingly, are often not even decent dancers.   Their primary talent – balls.  They just have the guts to hang themselves out there – for all to see.   This might seem like overkill or needless self-sacrifice but it simply works. 

Women it seems, like it or not, just love a well-dressed, talkative guy who likes to dance.   If you are in the opposite camp – the one populated with sideline observers who never dance, introduce themselves, or even speak with anyone in the whole place for the entire evening – perhaps it is time to break with tradition, tighten your belt and jump in the water.

If you are attempting to get ex back from a breakup caused by the absence of these things, take heed.

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