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Using Affirmation Effectively

By Guest Author On January 30, 2011 Under Improve Your Self Esteem, Self Help Tips, Self Improvement, Success Secrets

A simple phrase to affirm a person’s existence is: “I am, therefore I exist”. It may be a simple phrase, but it says everything about the being saying them. It indicates a confidence not commonly found among other beings.

Why, however, does a person require affirmation? Why is there a need for a being to BE affirmed? Is existence relative to one’s affirmation?

Affirmation is a very powerful technique to empower one’s subconscious. It is possible to convert an affirmation into positive action for your conscious mind, once your subconscious is conditioned to believe in the affirmation. A being becomes empowered to work, to do and to strive for more by using affirmation. It is affirmation which empowers the individual to believe in him or herself; it’s by using it one can convert thoughts into actions.

What is affirmation? It is a combination of visual and verbal techniques, of a person’s preferred state of mind. Anyone can use a strong affirmation to help achieve their goals; they can be extremely powerful. That said, an affirmation’s power is dependent on the strength or weakness of the affirmation itself.

Affirmation is merely an assertion made by a person, about something or about a state of being. One can affirm what he or she chooses to attain. For example “I now have a good life”. It is also possible to become more healthy in mind, body and spirit via affirmation.

An affirmation made in the present tense will be more effective and stronger too; for instance if one made the affirmation “I am now a happy being” it is much more effective than one that said “I am GOING to BECOME a happy being”.Affirmation should always be in positive terms because it is supposed to work for you and not against you. Rather than using ‘not’, i.e. “I am not sad”, your affirmation should instead say “I am happy”. An effective affirmation is short and consists of simple, concise wording. A very long affirmation can work the other way around, instead of creating a positive mindset for a person. A short affirmation can be easily spoken and repeated by a person. It can serve as a mantra that can be repeated over and over again.

Your affirmation should be repeated for it to become effective. Repetition works and influences the subconscious, which in turn motivates the person into acting out his affirmation. When you create the affirmation, believe in the words you are using. This will help you when it comes to actually putting the affirmation into action.

However, creating an affirmation alone and repeating them a million times would not make the affirmation a state of mind. The important thing is to live one’s affirmation and to be open-minded enough to do the things that would help the affirmation become a reality. Feeling the affirmation and applying it in one’s life will help in making the affirmation a reality.

While affirmation is generally used to make an individual better, it can also be used to boost or confirm another person’s value. You can also improve the self-worth of another person by affirming THEIR existence.

Affirmation is a very simple thing that can make a very big difference in a person‘s life. It can be a great motivator and can make things happen.

Ronnie Soo is a M3 Master Consultant with Wealth Masters International and a director of 5th Wise Monkey Ltd, we aim to support new businesses from start-up through to maturity.

If you’re going into internet marketing, beware of those who promise you can earn money quick . Only the correct training will help you to reach the rewards on offer.

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