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Understanding Synergy in Getting Ahead in Your Career

By Guest Author On July 28, 2011 Under Success Secrets

Peter Drucker said in his book Daily Drucker, “Management will remain a basic and dominant institution perhaps as long as Western civilization itself survives. For management is not only grounded in the nature of the modern industrial system and in the needs of modern business enterprise, to which an industrial system must entrust its productive resources, both human and material. Management also expresses the basic beliefs of modern Western society.”


I have talked about using synergy in your business and in dental practice management strategies many times, yet I cannot claim credit with the fact that synergy is indispensable in any successful endeavor.


Management of a business is here to make all the pieces of a practice fall in place. For anyone who feels stagnated in their career or in the town where they live, consider this wisdom: Invest the time – as much as it takes, to discover the hidden resources to make your medical or dental consulting practice what you have envisioned it to be before you even became a doctor.


There are no shortcuts. As one has to spend time and money and lots of personal caring to become a good doctor, one has to care enough and be willing to invest the time and money needed to learn the tools of the management /marketing trade.


Here is an important thing you need to know. No business will run well, if at all, without the knowing of management technology. Be it marketing, public relations, human resources, selling and the modern communication tools such as the use of computers, web sites, accounting software etc.


It’s not enough to be aware of the tools of management technology; you must put them to practice in your own business and use them as cleanly and expertly as you would handle a scalpel or a drill.


In fact, management is so important that many companies nowadays consist almost entirely of management. And by that I do not mean management companies such as ours, but companies such as Ford Motors and BMW. Those companies and many others are shrinking in workers because most of their parts are being made somewhere else – at another company and even in another country.  


When another 50 000 people get laid off from such a company, as you read almost daily in the news, a management decision was made. Many times it means OUTSOURCING.


The arranging of available resources — that is what happened. The saying ”where there is a wil,l there is a way” is taken very seriously by top-flight managers or entrepreneurs.


They find a way, even if it takes years of trial and error.


People of this toop-flight echelon do not stagnate until the “perfect opportunity” shows up. Nor or they afraid that they might have made a wrong decision. Guess what? Half of the decisions made by the most capable people of this level are often wrong.


They know that much more money has been lost by inactivity (procrastination) than by wrong actions.


These sorts of top-flight managers lack the need to always be right. They put forth an effort to really looking at the big picture in a sychronized manner to make them more manageable.


Management has been learned by all those top-flight guys. Being a good manager and becoming successful is not left to the lucky that are at the right place at the right time.


It is left to the ones who know the power of synergy and use management to create it.


Every time a highly professional person does something great, it looks kind of easy from the outside, but in reality it was hard-earned knowledge, which made it all happen.


Being at the right place at the right time is, and lets make no mistake about it, the result of managing to be at this place at that time. No luck involved in it at all.



Helmut G. Flasch
Dental Marketing Specialist, Doctor Relations, Inc.


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