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Turning failure into feedback

By Guest Author On July 20, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Improve Your Self Esteem, Law of Attraction, Self Help Tips, Self Improvement, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

A time for hope ….

This has been a tough year for many people . I just walk down the high street and notice all the stores and cafes that I used to go to that have gone out of business ! Even the local DVD store which seemed like one of the busiest stores on the street has just closed down!

Naturally under times of stress like these , many people find really high stress levels and fear . However the other side of the coin is that this could be one of the greatest times of hope that we have had in a long time .

An anaolgy would be waves – many things happen like waves – an ebb and flow of movement . Like emotions – they start from nowhere, grow into a peak, before fading away once more But if we always felt the high strength of the emotion , we’d soon get used to it and we’d actually stop feeling it . That is why some people I know would like to feel happy all the time, but if they did constantly experience happiness the whole time , suddenly they would stop noticing it , because we’d get used to it. We need the contrast of not having it also to fully experience anything .

In a similar way , tougher times ebb away and lead to even better times . The economy might fluctuate for a while , but will lead to even greater times of promise .

Here are a few ways to inspire hope:

1 Become more resilient

When times are tough , ask yourself ‘what can I develop from this?’ or ‘How can I grow from this?’. Every difficulty you encounter makes you stronger . Keep reminding yourself that ‘this too will pass!’ and afterwards you will have developed new resources

2 Remind yourself of your many resources

We have all had many challenges in the past which we have come through, or certainly know of other people who have which may have been challenging at the time, but you  found the resources to get through them . That inner strength is there within you now and can help you face your current situation.

3 Plan a long term vision

Take time to brainstorm what you want in 10 years time, or maybe even longer into decades from now .  Things may be more challenging in the short term, however in 10 years or more , they’ll be so many opportunities to create the life you want to. Develop your long term thinking to help you realise that even now you can start to create the life you always dreamed of right now . Allow this vision to help give you energy through challenging times – remember the most successful achievers have usually faced the largest challenges in life – determination gets them through and gives them even greater strength after .

4 Take taime to really appreciate those things that you already have

Take time to review what really makes you feel good in life. Most things that we cherish aren’t the most pricey things – friends, family, a sunset, hiking or experiencing the real beauty of the countryside . Take time to enjoythe many experiences and people that you may have been taking for granted and get the most out of life now.

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