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Top Three Reasons Why Guys Dump Girls

By Guest Author On January 2, 2011 Under Improve Your Self Esteem, Law of Attraction, Self Improvement, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

No one likes to be rejected. This is especially true for women. One form of rejection is being dumped by the character whom you really love or are in a relationship together with. Getting dumped is never pleasurable. It can be the source of a great deal of suffering, confusion, fury, and hurt.

There was a time when girls were the ones who did the vast majority of dumping. But, this certainly isn’t true anymore. Guys, increasingly, are dumping gals. As a woman, who has been dumped, you may not fully understand the motives behind his actions. Men of all ages are not quite as complex as gals, when it comes to these sorts of things. This piece was written to help you find some of the answers to the question of “why do guys dump women?”

Here are the top three reasons why guys breakup with gals:

1. Deficiency of Communication

Communication is very important in every relationship. A lack of communication would definitely mean the conclusion of a relationship. Hence, it is often cited as one of the prime reasons of why guys break up with the gal they are with.

2. Gals Become Demanding

Another reason why gals are dumped by men of all ages is because as time goes by, they tend to become more and more demanding. Girls, Western gals in particular, have a tendency to try and regulate anything and everything about the relationship, sometimes even the man himself. They often will try to set regulations and limits on their male counterpart. Girls often will give the guys a hard time about them hanging out together with their friends, what they watch on television, working late, etc. Some men will tolerate this type of behavior. Having said that, the ones that finally get fed up with it, and end it, usually report this as a reason why they broke up.

3. Being Too Reliant On Guys

There are times when women become too clingy, needy, and reliant on their man. It’s okay for a woman to play up the “damsel in distress” routine once in a while. In fact, most guys enjoy playing the role of “hero.” Having said that, it can be taken too far and becomes quite bothersome if done on a regular basis. Most men of all ages want a woman who is independent, and can make judgements on her own. Some gals insist that the man spend every free minute of every free day with her. It is healthy for men and women in a relationship to have lives outside the relationship. If the woman makes the man the center of her life and has become too obsessed, it usually will be too much for the man.

Indeed, it is not only girls who hold the power to breakup with guys because guys also have that power. These very good reasons are by no means conclusive. There are many very good reasons why guys drop gals. The best thing you can do if you were dumped by a man, is to learn from your blunders, and try not to repeat them in the next relationship.

For more information on this, and for general dating and romance advice, do a google search of words and phrases like “free dating service“, “free dating chat rooms“, and maybe even “completely free dating site“. Doing that you will find plenty of opinions and guidelines to sort through and then you can decide on and put to use what you consider is best for your unique dating or romance situation in order to get improvement. If you have been dumped recently, these sites you will find are also the ideal, modern day way to meet new prospects. 

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