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Toner and Ink Recycling

By Guest Author On January 17, 2011 Under Personal Development, Success Secrets

I was at my mom’s last week and she asked me if I could replace the HP 78 cartridge on her HP printer. Of course, I obliged. My mother is an octogenarian and doesn’t have much computer know-how . But when I finished up , she was just going to throw the old cartridge into the trash can. “Let me take it and recycle it,” I told her. “That takes too much time,” was her reply.

What’s sad is that her attitude is similar to many people’s. For most people, if you can’t see what happens to the garbage, you don’t worry about it. Most people are willing to recycle things as long as it is easy. If the trash firm you use provides a large container to put recyclables in, most people will comply. If you have to take it in somewhere or mail it somewhere, that’s not so easy. Recycling needs to be made easy for the consumer .

Now I  always buy recycled HP compatible photosmart ink  online.

Currently , inkjet computer printers and copiers are a way of life. Just about every house in the worldwith a computer has has a printer , and nearly all of them use some type of removable ink container or toner . When people just throw those away, they go into our dumps and will stay there indefinitely, depositing harmful substances into the ground water .

So how do you recycle inkjet cartridges responsibly? The simplest way is to find a local non-profit that recycles them. Suchgroups earn a small amount for each cartridge , so you give them a small donation , while they turn them in to companies that refill them and then resell them as refurbished ink jet cartridges. This saves everyone a lot of money and keeps the ink cartridges in use and out of our dumps .

If you’re the kind who normally purchases the expensive inkjet cartridges like HP , Samsung  , Brother or Epson, make certain you   do some investigating prior to participating in their so-called recycling programs. Recent investigations have uncovered that many of the larger ink makers streamline the process of returning your ink cartridges back to them, but they do not recycle them. Instead they incinerate them so that they won’t dilute the market . This helps them sell more of their own brand new cartridges . They make more money that way. That’s not earth-friendly – so just be sure to investigate prior to sending anything in.

Reducing pollution isn’t the only benefit that occurs by recycling used up printer cartridges. You also can save tons of money. Many of the toner cartridges cost over 25 dollars per cartridge if you buy them at office supply stores . Reconditioned ink cartridges can save you up to 70%. Those kinds of savings can add up fast for any kind of business. My company uses  Xerox Phaser 860 solid ink sticks   that makes high quality copies. Unfortunatley the ink is very high priced. But we save more than 60% buying the recycled ink.The best part is that you can also be helping the environment and even help out a good cause while cutting costs That’s a positive solution any way you think about it.

All those who own a copier or whoever is in a position of procuring printer or copier toner and ink supplies for their business should look into how to take advantage of ink and toner cartridge recycling. If everyone participates, it can save our environment. Plus you will be saving money. It may take a little more time to get it all set up, but it is worth it.

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