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The real secrets of personal development…

By Guest Author On April 13, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

Have what you want now….

I used to be unsure about what to do with my life when I was at college – only that it wasn’t what I had back then! I didn’t know where to turn – I tried everything – reading personal development books, going on coursesand listening to tapes

But it was only when I learned about NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) by attending an NLP Practitioner training, that I learned the skills that really made the difference in my life.

Since then I have seen thousands of people put these principles into practice and entirely transform their lives. commonly respond in one of three ways when they hear the term NLP – ‘NL…what?!?’ or ‘That sounds like mumbo jumbo…!’ or ‘NLP is great!’.

The last response is usually from someone who has learned it properly and taken action on it. Because the techniques and principles in NLP really work – as long as you put it into practice.

The following steps are probably the most powerful guidelines that anyone can follow to achieve success in any area of life. In fact, if you put these into practice, you’ll pretty much secure that you’ll achieve great results – whether in sports, academic subjects or even web marketing!

So what are these steps….

1 – Know your goal – what do you want? Be really clear about this – nothing ‘fluffy’ like ‘I want to be wealthier’ – be specific – how much wealth do you want and when do you want it? What specific weight do you want to be and when?

Also make sure you state your outcome positively – say what you want, not what you don’t want. Its fine to know what you don’t want, but most importantly you have to know what you want , and that comes with knowing what you DO want.

2 – Do it now! – sounds obvious, but many people never do it! In fact, some personal development programs never stress taking action enough, but it is crucial if you want to get results. What can you do instantly towards achieving your outcome – and take action on it. Make sure each step is doable.

3 – Sensory Acuity – you need to know whether your actions get you nearer to your outcome or further away. Many of our greatest learnings come from when things don’t go totally the way we wanted. We need to notice our results and take action to get better results next time.

4 – Change what you do until you get your outcome – if the action you are taking doesn’t get you closer to your outcome, do something different. If that doesn’t work either, Change again . Basically, keep changing what you do until you get the results you want.

Follow these steps and you will get terrific results. Some of the most powerful principles people learn early on in an NLP training which you can apply straight away!

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