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The Present is a Gift, Live There

By Guest Author On August 15, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Improve Your Self Esteem, Success Secrets

Each one of us at one point or another have situations where emotions become intense and our sense of control wavers or seems to disappear .  For some this builds to violence aimed at  self or other people .  Some experience these intense emotions  more as the average occurrence than the extraordinary .  This prompts a feeling of helplessness , a criticizing  of options taken , a breakdown of confidence .  No matter if  it comes about  every once in a while or everyday , being overcome by our emotions is not a fun situation and it is one we can do something about .

There is a large movement within the mental health treatment community going to Mindfulness, or the act of focusing one’s attention and then slowly expanding that attention.  The goal is to be aware of the moment most of the time.  A lot of us spend a lot of time in the past where where things are unchangable or focused in the future that never comes.  Mindfulness is the the beginning of the feeling of confidence when it comes to emotions. 

Dialectical Behavior Therapy looks at the avoidance of uncomfortable feelings and on skills to deal with these.  The skills that have been developed within this therapy have great possibility for impact in numerous psychiatric conditions and can help practitioners as well.  The skill areas are Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation, and Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills.  Practicing these skills has the potential to give anyone a feeling of competence in everyday situations.  Anxiety and depression often trap those suffering from them in a web of worry or inaction.  Using the skills taught in DBT can help to cut the web and lead to freedom from the symptoms that keep one from fully functioning.

The skills are not revolutionary .  Actually , many of them are things that you may do anyway in other areas of your life.  The power of the skills are unleashed when they are done purposefully and consciously in a situation.  Many people undervalue the importance of feeling competent after finishing a small task.  There are therapists who can very effectively help one learn the skills within most major metropolitan areas.  There are specific skills training groups that are designed much like a college class to learn and implement the skills into daily life.

If a person is going to run a marathon, a lot training must be put in to even be able to complete it, much less strive for a certain time.  Most of us do not want to run a marathon, but do need to engage in some reasonable exercise to keep healthy .  We must also engage in repetition of skills to manage emotions.  This article seeks to introduce the idea that there are things that one can do to manage emotions and there are numerous websites dedicated to explaining the DBT skills.  For the most effective implementation, go to a therapist who is trained in doing Dialectical Behavior Therapy and begin to live a life enjoying emotions and not running from them.

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