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The power mindset for sales

By Guest Author On May 12, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

Principles of selling

Whatever you do for work – whether you run a business , consultancy or work for an organisation , at some time in your life you will have to make a sale .

Not necessarily conventional selling like trying to sell products, but maybe just selling what you do , your capabilities or a business proposal.

I manage a successful company , however I myself don’t consider about selling – I’m genuinely excited about what I do and when I meet people I want to share my experience with them . If I considered it as selling , I likely would not enjoy doing it, but my passion and energy for what I do is contageous and other people want to discover more.

Therefore I regard the most important part of sales is to intially sell yourself on the goods or things you provide . You have to totally believe in what you sell – if you do not then you will always come across as being false .

If you really believe in what you do , then people start to get enthusiastic about what you do or are selling and want to listen about it.

Its all about  outlook – establish yourself in the best mindset and you’ll discover it becomes a pleasure to make sales rather than a chore .

So how do you put yourself in the master frame of mind for making sales ?

Here are a few keys to follow:

  1. Make sure you sell yourself on the product or service before you even think about selling to somebody else.
    Use your own product if you don’t at the moment . Write down everything you like about it, how it benefits you and how it will benefit other people . Selling you on it is the most significant key to the master sales mindset
  2. Ask other people what they think the greatest thing about the product or service is – find out other people’s thoughts on the significant benefits
  3. Jot down a list of your own greatest features – what things do you think are best about yourself
  4. Ask your best buddies to make a list of the features they like most about you
  5. Read through the lists of the features you admire about you and that other people like about you and reallyrecognize your own greatest qualities – use these features in all your sales – don’t attempt and be someone else – one of the largest problems in sales is when the salesperson comes over as being false , which is for example when someone is simply reading out a script. It’s ok to use a script to begin with, but read it and repeat it in your mind several hundred times before you use it, so that it sounds as if it really intiates from you. There’s nothing worse than random sales calls from someone who is simply speaking from a script.


Remember, people will select to buy from somebody that they trust , and that really initiates from being congruent about what you are selling. When I first started to learn NLP, I found the skills that NLP and hypnotherapy I learned aided me in  a huge difference in my ability to sell .

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