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The Plague Of Unemployment

By Guest Author On July 20, 2011 Under Success Secrets

There is good reason the video below is taking the internet by storm, although it’s frustrating to watch.   The ballooning unemployment rate spreads across the nation like a plague.  And just like a plague it destroys lives and alters entire communities.

Whatever your politics are and whatever mine are don’t seem to matter much these days as our elected officials consistently ignore the will of the people and abuse their temporary elected positions for their own gain.   The result of this naked abuse of power is the suffering of its people.   This group seems to be the most devious and corrupt group in modern if not all of American history. 

What is being implemented to spur real economic growth?  Nothing!    In fact, the exact opposite is true.  The government appears to be intentionally destroying the greatest society ever created with layers of bureaucracy, burdensome taxes, and unfunded entitlement programs.

It does not take an economist to understand that these things retard economic growth and discourage entrepreneurship.  Businesses and industries that provide us with the most comfortable lifestyles on the planet, institutions that should be embraced, are vilified as if they are single entities not comprised of real American men and women.  It’s sad to see it unfold in such a manner and is extremely stressful for many a business person.

And yet, it your job to quietly tow the line, try with all your might to squeak out a living, and put your nose to the grind stone.  All you can do is continue to sell.  Sell yourself, sell you products, and sell your services as creatively and as hard as you can.  For example, with regard to our office supplies website, we’re concentrating on a niche that supports breast cancer patients. Pink office supplies are still under the larger umbrella of our core business but it allows us a new focus.  Find a similar area in your business and do the same.  Ignore the dark clouds and continue to move forward if only an inch at a time. Anything less could mean your demise.

Believe in yourself for now may be the time to invest in your business or your craft.  Perhaps now the window has opened just enough to leap frog your more passive competition.  Much easier said than done of course.    Pressing on while others peel back takes nerves of steel.   However, it is this exact contrarian posture that could be your saving grace.  In other words, you zig when they zag. Seriously explore new market opportunities be it on the internet or value added areas. We did just this exact thing when we started selling business office supplies exclusively online as a means to protect our business form the destruction left behind when hurricane Katrina passed through our area.   The economic climate that exists today is similar to what we experienced in New Orleans in 2005.  Only now the devastation is not physical structures but solely economical.  But just as the businesses in New Orleans found a way to survive during extremely difficult times, so too must you.  Find your motivation and stay positive it will sustain you.  And, have faith in America and its people.  They and you are ultimately stronger than any temporary political goon.

Enlarge your screen (there is no sound but the point is well made)

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