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The ACT Test: A Little Work Goes a Long Way

By Guest Author On February 10, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

             Making money is fun, but putting in a little work for it isn’t. But when you tell yourself it’s going to be worth it, things don’t seem too bad. With an outstanding score you can get any college to let you in. But with a higher score , that college will bribe you to come to their school. Sounds good to me!  

            Every little bit your ACT Score goes up ï»¿could mean a couple thousand dollars in scholarship money. ( Depending on the school) Fortunately your ACT score is very easy to improve. In each of the several sections of the test, the first series of questions are “freebies” if you will. You must ï»¿ answer correctly on these questions. For example, in the math portion of the ACT answering the first 25 questions correctly is not a hard task at all. They are all low level math questions. If you answer these ”freebies” correctly you will have put yourself near a 20 score on that section of the test. It is that simple . ï»¿ The same is true for most of the sections, make sure to answer all the easier ones correctly and you will have started out well.

            But what should you do about all of those harder questions? In the second half of the sections you will find the questions that will shoot your grade up if you get them right. Going back to math again, the last question in the section may be a hard trigonometry question, while the first one is 12×12. However, if you answer this question right, you will have proved that you deserve the higher score and the associated higher scholarships.

Do you see how important ACT test prep is? Some people choose not to prepare, while some people don’t know what to do. There are many places you can study for this important test. Almost all high schools offer prep classes for their students. There are also local test preparation centers that do nothing but help with this test. These professional organizations may seem a bit pricey until you look a bit more closely and calculate the return on your investment.  Remember, just a couple of extra points can mean thousands of dollars in reduced tuition each year.  There is one other option for the student whose mind is set on doing well. Buying ACT  workbooks and doing them front to back several times over. This takes a lot of will power and for most students procrastination and distraction make this approach an exercise in futility.  However, If you can make short work of every part of these books, you are all set.

             In the end, after you have tried preparing, take an ACT practice test . Have it scored and see how you have improved. If there is an area that is still lacking, don’t worry. Just keep practicing , hit it again in a new workbook or go to your next class with some questions to ask. Keep practicing, and keep taking practice exams until you are satisfied with your score. The ACT is quite simple if you know what you are doing.

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