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Stress Relief Tips for Math Anxiety

By Guest Author On March 30, 2011 Under Success Secrets

This article touches on a few math anxiety tips. Many students get anxious when they find out that they have to take a math class or study math .  Keep in mind , running the other direction will do you absolutely no good . Practicing is one key to overcoming a fear of math.  Here are eight math anxiety tips that steer towards the realization that the more math problems you do , will result in you being afraid of math less .

To help battle a math anxiety , adhere to these easy instructions :

Math Anxiety Tips #1- Tell yourself that math is not an aptitude that comes to most people naturally .  It comes to us through study and practice, understand, that math is an acquired skill .

#2- Learn Math Skills. Practice, practice, practice .  making more time to practice math in your daily life , the more comfortable you will feel using it.  For example, try to mentally calculate the cost of something you buy at a discount or try to not use an calculator when figuring simple math calculations.

#3- Get help with math equations. Buy math software that covers math basics. Doing a problem daily will help you feel more comfortable with math and will help you overcome your math phobia.

#4- Buy math review books and study them at your own pace.

#5- Always practice doing basic math problems before trying harder ones.  You will need a good foundation from which to build .

#6- Give yourself a pat on the back every time you answer a problem correctly and don’t get discouraged if you hit a road block with some math problems.   

#7- Research and take math review courses to help you learn more about math basics.

#8- Ask for help from family members and friends who have a good understanding of math concepts. Let them help you learn to grasp math concepts one on one.

Math is nothing to be afraid of. By using these math anxiety tips your child will achieve better grades in math and overcome their math phobia before they even realize it!

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