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Simple Techniques to Improve Your Memory Recall

By Guest Author On January 15, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Law of Attraction, Personal Development, Self Help Tips, Self Improvement, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

Are you anxious about taking assessments mainly because you have worries about your ability to recall facts?

Here are a number of tips that you can use to boost your memory abilities. Regardless of how much training you do to improve your memory, you will never be able to reach a mental ability beyond the level you were born with.

You have to realize that your brain works in a manner that is very similar to a computer. When you use a computer you merely save the data to your hard drive so you can access it anytime you like, unless of course those files become corrupted. Our memory functions bascially the same way. When using a computer it’s even essential to pay attention when you type in the data. Your brain demands the exact level of consideration in order to be able to retain the information and memorize it so you’ll be able to recall it again in the future without having to try too hard.

Our memories and other data gets stored in our brains. But what occurs when a bit of that data gets lost? Our memories are categorized and stored in varying levels within our brains based upon the volume of attention we give to them at the time the event happens or the information is stored, so the amount of time you spend putting that data in affects the way that data is stored, as well as the amount of time that passes from the time you store the information and the later date that you want to access it. These are the influencing factors that influence our brain’s relationships with our memories. Thus the higher level of attention you give to anything, the better that data will be stored in your memory.

Here are some of the memory techniques that can be used to improve memory. Some of the most greatly used techniques are known as mnemonic devices. The primary factor you need to remember when using mnemonic techniques is that you need to associate the data that you want to remember with something that you know very well in your life so that even when you aren’t concentrating, you will recall it in detail. If you can learn to exercise your brain you will be able to prevent the data that you’ve stored from being atrophied and forgotten, even over time. One example of this might be a mnemonic technique that calls for you to associate the object or thing you want to memorize with a picture of one thing you know. If you can recall the picture vividly, it will help to give your brain clues that will in turn help you to recall the object or thing you wanted to memorize.

Too often these days, our high-tech gadgets and instruments that we have prevent us from making use of our brainpower to recall things like we used to. One example of this might be making use of a Blackberry to keep track of your schedules and manage your workday rather than remembering your appointments in your head. The gadgets on their own are not exactly a negative thing; they can be quite beneficial. However, we have to realize that we count on them too much in our daily lives.  Use these tips for improving memory

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