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Settle for Xeriscape Gardening to Improve your Landscape

By Guest Author On May 16, 2011 Under Improve Your Self Esteem, Personal Development, Self Help Tips, Self Improvement, Success Secrets

 Water is a precious resource and when we are talking about a region like Calgary Gardens, where I am from, in which the climate is semi desert, then water becomes even a more precious commodity.

 Xeriscape gardening was actually an attempt by the residents of Denver Colorado in 1971, to conserve as much water as possible.  If you are wondering what xeriscape means then it is a word derived from a Xeros in Greek which can be translated as dry. 

 Here are 7 principles of Calgary Gardening Company that can help you in understanding it better. 

 1) Better the design 

 This concept is simple for  gardens.   Polish the garden design to meet the plant’s watering needs. 

 Make sure you group the same plants together that have similar watering needs. 

 You can also group your plants in such a way that the plants with lower water requirement level are planted in the lower level of your garden so the water can flow freely from the higher level to the lower level. 

 2) Do you need big turf? 

 We basically need to put a limit in our turf for it drinks out a lot of water.   By planting smart we can use up space in our yard with beautiful plants and conserve water. 

 3) Plants that need little water is good 

 Many plants that you will choose  should be drought resistant so it might be wise to use them in your  garden design.   Following are some suggestions from experts. 

 Potentilla, pygmy caragana, mugho pine, sea buckthorn, many species of juniper.   Trees such as russian olive, tree lilac, and pines. 

 Some good perennials include succulents, grey or silver leafed plants, rock garden plants, and spring bulbs.   You can also use other perennial flowers in your garden.

 4) Your irrigation has to be set up efficiently 

 One of the most irritating things is seeing that neighbor that waters his lawn, street and neighbor all at the same time.   Try to fix your system if you’re one of those people.  

 Aerial sprinklers are  mostly affected by vaporization.   For that matter you may need to find a new overhead sprinkler every now and then.   Another option to aerial sprinklers is drip irrigation which has a very low emitting system. 

 I can understand if you have some sort of an attachment to overhead watering system, it’s still okay to use it!   Try using it in the morning. 

 5) Consider using mulch 

 The perfect choice to minimize vaporization in garden is to use mulch.   About 2 to 3 inches should be enough in your garden. 

 6) Modify your soil garden. 

 If you have stony or sandy soil in your garden, then you must have seen how water seeps slowly.  But if you do have composting, some covering of leaf mould could have easily solved the problem. 

 7) Maintaining your garden. 

 It is of prime importance to maintain your garden all the time.   You can do this pulling the grass often and keeping the mulch at a normal level.  Once you have attended to this then you will find your garden water efficient. 

 In short, Koi pond waterfall supplies store makes it possible for people to use water smartly. 

 If you choose to apply the techniques I have given you, then you should be in fine feather in the next few years. 

 You should be able to anticipate that water laws would get tough in the future and that is the time you would realize what I have said about xeriscape gardening, and how you could have prevented fines for your water loss. 

 When time passes drip irrigation would be the staple choice over the spray heads. 

 The key with all this is to have fun and be waterwise!  Even if you have no  Gardens to nurture, you can still research shrubs to make this flourish. 

It doesn’t matter if you are engaging in a Calgary Garden Design or are are designing in some other region, using water wisely is important. In my Calgary Gardens we always take these xeriscape principals into consideration.

Written by: Custom Stone and Waterscapes ‎3829 Parkhill Place SW, Calgary, AB T2S 2W6 (403) 870-1142

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