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Self Defense – Stop Bullies!

By Guest Author On April 6, 2011 Under Improve Your Self Esteem, Success Secrets

Children are parent’s most prized possession so self defense classes in Baltimore should be considered for their children. No one can fault parents for wanting to keep their children safe and protect them from the often cruel world. Realistically the parent has to understand that they can’t control every outcome in their child’s life, but they can prevent or prepare them for most situations that they may encounter. It is the responsibility of the parent to prepare their children for anything that could happen when they are in school, out playing or any other time the parent may not be there. One of the most common issues your child will face in life is being bullied at school. Parents can’t be at their school 5 days a week protecting their child, but they can give their child the tools they need to either avoid the situation or defend themselves if necessary. The suicide rate for children was at high point in 2010. Parents should do whatever they can to not let their child become a statistic.  Below are three suggestions to help keep your child safe from bullies.

  1. Self defense classes: Children should take self defense classes in Baltimore in general not just for bully defense. Self defense classes not only teach the child how to protect themselves but also teach them to be confident and will increase their self-esteem. Bullies prey on the ‘weak’, the kids who seem socially awkward in their eyes because they are different from them.
  2. Activities: Sign your kid up for activities. Whether they are school activities or after school activities you child should be involved in something to preoccupy their time in a positive way. Self defense classes in Baltimore are an extremely positive experience for your child. 
  3. Speak up: Let your child know that it is okay for them to tell you or another adult that they are being bullied. Children are often afraid to say or do anything about the bully out of fear that it will get worse so it is important that they understand that in order for it to stop they must speak up.
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