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Save time and money! Vinyl removal options.

By Guest Author On February 23, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Success Secrets

Removing vinyl lettering can be a tedious job, especially if you are removing vinyl lettering that has been installed on a surface that has been outdoors in the sun for a long time. Some of the items you will need are a heat gun (hairdryers work well too), a Little chiseler (or razor blade will work too), some adhesive remover and some towels or rags.


First start by using a little chiseler or razor blade on the edge of on of the letters. Be careful not to damage the paint of the surface that the vinyl lettering is on if you’re using a razor blade! If you manage to get a fair chunk of the vinyl lettering to come loose, grab a good hold of it, and keep steady slow pressure on it in the direction your removing it. This is to prevent breaking or tearing. If the vinyl lettering breaks then you will need to use a heat gun or hairdryer to soften the vinyl lettering so that it will not be too brittle. You will also want to be doing this in an environment that is not lower than 70° F. If the vinyl lettering is not too brittle or too old then it should come off in one piece.


Once the process of getting the actual vinyl lettering off is done, then you need to remove the adhesive it used from the old surface. You can use the same removal process for vinyl decals, vinyl stickers, or vinyl lettering.


It’s a good idea to spray some adhesive remover on the underside as you are removing the vinyl lettering giving it’s chemicals plenty of time to break down the compound bonds of the adhesive so that once you remove the vinyl lettering, the adhesive removal process is fairly pain free.


Removing custom vinyl from windows is easier than most surface since you can use the razor blade and not have to worry of damaging the surface.

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