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Rework Book Review: 5 Quick Project Management Strategies that Can Support Your Firm

By Guest Author On April 30, 2011 Under Personal Development, Self Help Tips, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

“Rework” is an uncommon self improvement book penned by the brains behind of 37signals.com.

You might not already be acquainted with 37signals.com if you have a small-scale company. They produce a wondrous, low-priced set of net services for small businesses.

One of my personal favorites is called “Basecamp”. We utilise it here at CPA Site Solutions every day to help deal with projects for accountants, so when we heard 37signals had written a book we just needed to look at it.

When you’re finished with improvement education that inspires you the next suitable action is to pull away some things that resonated to make use of in your workforce or daily routine.

What follows are 5 actions we’ll be applying in the subsequent quarter.

  1. The tools your company is using does not count. What you do counts most. Don’t let yourself or your business to get hung  up on what iteration of software you’re using or stuck with a gimmicky newfangled instrument you will not be able to use in a few weeks.
  2. The best idea has a limited shelf life. If you get a powerful plan, get working on it STRAIGHTAWAY, before your idea dies. Basecamp is perfect for this undertaking. Mark a milepost, an actual deadline, and establish actionable plans that you can achieve in the next two weeks.
  3. Scratch your own itch. Produce products or web apps that you would make use of to make your ideas thrive.
  4. Out-educate your rival. Produce training modules for your widgets or software. Share these instruments to your clients. Competitors could simulate your feature list and tool offerings but they can’t duplicate your instruction. That takes unfeigned thought and hussle.
  5. Meetings are toxic. Companies frequently exhaust a big slice of the week in meetings.

This part made us anxious. This was warning sign, however, that we should give extra close attention to the idea. We learned quite some time ago that if we are uncomfortable it more often than not means there is space for betterment. We honestly studied our meeting procedures and exploited these strategies to make them more efficient:

  • The price of a meeting is the time taken away from each anyone in the meeting. If 10 people take part in a 1 hour meeting, that’s 10 hours of productiveness taken away.
  • Continually email an schedule to your direct reports preceeding the meeting.
  • Adhere to the docket. If someone goes too far off-topic take them back to an agenda topic.
  • Only invite team members who genuinely need to be there and those who will contribute to the meeting.
  • Construct action steps for any resolution to a concern that pops up and make it due in the next two weeks. If it is not done, or can not be done in two weeks then it probably wont get done.
  • Set a timekeeper on your watch, phone, computer or other device. When the timer goes off the meeting is ended, no exceptions.

Finally, “Rework” is a marvelous read. You can finish it in an afternoon and it’s well worth the time spent. 

About The Author:

Jim Tourville is the Operations Manager of CPA Site Solutions, a CPA website design firm building and maintaining more than 4000 websites for accountants throughout the United States. Please take a look at our growing list of CPA Website Designsto get design and content ideas for your own website.

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