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Results start in your mind

By Guest Author On March 2, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

Maybe you’ve experienced that occasionally we will do excellent in a situation and other times we perform completely medium, but we don’t absolutely know why?

It all comes down to the emotional state we’re in . When we feel brilliant we perform well – when we don’t we get in truth average results.

And a major factor in our state may be distortion.

This is wherever we give import to an experience that may not absolutely have that meaning. For example, it is a little while ago we had a visit in our home from a group of mice . We would commonly hear then running around in the area above us in the middle of night. The first time we heard the noise, we didn’t have any clue what it was. Getting up in the middle of the night I heard this strange noise as they must have been racing across the floor above us. Our cats must have dealt with the mice problem , because some days subsequently there was no sign of any rodents except for the occasional carcass the cats would kindly donate to us. However , a short time after this incident, I was resting in the living room, and I glimpsed, I was sure that I noticed a rodent running along the floor. But on looking around there was no sign of any mice , nor anywhere it can have hidden , so I must have distorted the experience in my mind due to my prior experience. So that’s what happens  – past events frequently influence us to distort present experience. If it’s the case that I had a bad experience in a job hearing, then in the future if I went into a job meeting and the interviewer stares at me intensely, I will distort the event as meaning they didn’t like me. Strangely, somoeone else may interpret staring as the individual liking you.

it’s important about this that whatever way you represent an experience to yourself leads to the way you feel and subsequently behave.


So how could you program yourself for fantabulous results – quit staying ok!

Here are some keys to program yourself for good results

So the secrets for success from NLP – the first thing is you might train yourself to stop deleting your positive experiences. changing thought patterns might take effort and consistent practice is essential. By keeping a daily journal and following these principles , that is how you might programme your brain for successful mull over ing. I recommend doing this at the end of the day – maybe on the way home from work , or preceeding you go to bed at night

Step 1:

Write down in your journal 3   somethings that you did well today

Step 2:

Write down 3   somethings you will improve on tomorrow

Step 3

Write down what you will do tomorrow to make these improvements – write down quite specific actions and behaviours which may make the difference to be brilliant .

Step 4

At the end of the day make an action plan for personal and professional big pictures for the following day – be specific and make sure you go over the list prior to you go to sleep.

NLP Training is one of the fastest ways to master your muse upon ing. Another way is to visit a hypnotherapist in North London.


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