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Relationship damaged by a real love affair – can it be saved?

By Guest Author On February 12, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Improve Your Self Esteem, Law of Attraction, Self Help Tips, Self Improvement, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

Almost everyone knows someone whose relationship was damaged by one of the parties straying and engaging in infidelity.  Similarly, we all know situations where the parties patched it up or were unable to.   The aspect we are dealing with here is solely the question of whether or not a relationship damaged by a full-fledged love affair can survive.   This is the subject of many deeply ranging discourses regarding the weaker side of human relationships.  Basically the answer is Yes you can save such a relationship but it is difficult and usually takes outside help.

Let is examine first by men and women stray in the first place.   Understandably, the genders stray for different reasons.   Men usually as not will stray when they feel cramped or nagged.   This, then, often drives them to reacquire this key element of manhood in the arms of another woman who does not make these fatal mistakes.  Women, on the other hand, stray for emotional support.   Generally speaking, women can more easily forgive a transgression of the body; not so one of the heart.  Men, however, have a genuinely hard time forgiving any infidelity.

What happens, then when we add to this soup of psycho-emotional flaring, the element of Love.  Full-fledged love affairs produce rippling effects that are highly unlikely to end well, in any regard.   A man will have an uphill battle if he wants to get his mate’s heart back after expressing love for another woman.  A woman’s task, given the same scenario, is even more difficult.  Men universally refuse to forgive a woman a higher percent of the time than women do men.

If you are in such a relationship you need to learn to deal with the love part first and let the infidelity go as a separate issue for later.   If your mate is made to believe that – all transgressions out for all to see – you had a choice of partner for the remainder of your life but you still chose him/her you have gone a long way to at least be considered for reconciliation.  If, on the other hand, you are trying to get back a mate who wants another person, then you are in for the struggle of a lifetime.

The two of you should engage in serious discussions and accept the fact that you will not have a genuine outcome that both of you can live with unless you get professional help.

If you are trying to get ex back from an infidelity-damaged relationship, or if you plan to win your ex back from the brink of disaster because of a history of infidelity you may find these concepts helpful.  Regardless, you may find that trying to get your ex back might be met with a partner who feels the same way.

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