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Read About Others… Then Be Great

By Guest Author On February 12, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Improve Your Self Esteem, Law of Attraction, Self Help Tips, Self Improvement, Success Secrets

We enjoy reading their stories; stories of great men and women who against all odds not only found success but became legendary in the process.  Often, we think how such incredible achievements are fine for these people but in our own lives we are destined to remain in our meaningless rut.

Such thinking is a trap!  Avoid this at all cost as it serves no benefit but to poison your mind preventing you from maximizing your potential.    I have often wondered what makes some men great.  My personal conclusions have lead me to two very important factors.  They are belief and unwavering determination. 

Belief is that unshakable confidence you feel when you know to your core that you’re right.   It’s what propelled a man like George Washington to continue on despite devastating loses. It is historical fact that he lost almost every battle save one…the one that won the war.   Through it all, he stayed the course dismissing critics and traitors alike.   Yes, luck played a role as it often does men of greatness.   But luck is nothing more than the manifestation of faith. It took a rare fog to save his army from complete annihilation in New York.   When he needed something like a fog to save him, it appeared as if by magic.  When you experience such strange and times phenomenon, you are tapping into the power of faith, belief, or however you chose to define it.    It was as if his will created the very thing that could save him.  Is this truly possible?  Yes, it is.   

In business, self made men that created out of nothing thriving companies that employed thousands and bettered the lives of millions did not happen in an instant.  Men such as Andrew Carnige that risked everything he had both mentally and monetarily on an idea, helped to physically create the very nation we enjoy today.   

The list of examples for greatness is utterly exhaustive.  However you’ll find the underlining theme remains true.   Faith, belief, confidence, name it what you will, but it is incredibly important.  This power is in you as well as it is every man.  Your challenge is foster it. If you think this is too cliche, you’re getting closer to your problem.  Modern society has contributed mightily to loss of faith.  We want instant gratification or we quit.  We are unwilling to toil for years and reach the brink of failure only to wrestle success from its insidious grasp.  That’s what the winners do.   They believe in their cause and they fight for it until they have no fight left. 

Perhaps you are businessman struggling in a tough economy and money is running low.  How does a pep talk help you?  Well, I live in reality and I have learned that your spirit can remain strong by choice even as your financial state contracts.   When dollars are scare, will must replace it.  Whether you are presenting a better way to sell office supplies against fierce competition, or inventing a life saving medical device, the journey is often the same.  Success requires that we be willing to skate the line of failure.  It is the walk through fire that earns you the right to claim victory.  Some may achieve instant success but these cases are not the norm.  Dwelling on instant success will drain you and discourage you.   Focus instead on the feeling of your desired end result and nothing more.  This will serve as your fuel.

One of the greatest inventors of all time, Thomas Edison, tried over 6,000 times before he found the right filament to burn inside what would become the light bulb.   With it the world changed too.  How many of us would be persistent enough to do this?  By the 20th, 60th, or even 10th time, how many would have quit and given up on a dream not knowing how close they were to its realization?  The answer is those willing to be ordinary would have.  While my aspirations may be simpler, they I am required to be no less dedicated.   Armed with a cardscan and a few other office machines I am steadfast in my approach.  I want to sell millions of smead file folders through my company.  I want to challenge the big box supply stores in my industry because I believe I have a better way.  Setbacks will happen but staying true to the course is a  must.    You have opportunities within your field as well.

 As a kid we are told we can do or be anything we want. I don’t subscribe to that mindset because it can result in unrealistic expectations.  I do however believe that there is greatness in all of us.  The hard part is finding it nurturing it and confidently and doggedly pursuing it.   When your inner greatness is discovered, opportunities and luck will suddenly appear where they could not be found before. 

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