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Positive Affirmations and the Manifestation of your Intentions

By Guest Author On January 21, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Improve Your Self Esteem, Law of Attraction, Personal Development, Self Help Tips, Self Improvement, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

There is no stopping a person from manifesting the type of relationship that you dearly want to be a part of. Is there anything that is stopping your from making the money that you are dreaming of? Why you are poor while your friends are rich? Can you see the justifications you voice to yourself for the above? If you are, then you could always be at the basement forever running in circles endlessly aka your life struggles. You can use Positive Affirmations Self Esteem to help you along the way!

Remember that each thinking trend that limits is a mental procedure that our subconscious minds are operating without outside interences. Medical scientists have discovered that our conscious minds only run at optimum at near 5% most of the time. The rest of the 95% we minds run on auto pilot mode when we go throgh our daily life.

In the area of processing information the unconscious mind is over a thousand times more powerful than the conscious mind.

Next, you could discover yourself by asking for more relevant questions like “How do I become more aware of what is in the way of my view, or what my inhibiting beliefs truly are”?

What’s not getting you an idea job you want is not due to the poor economy or job market or you have poor connections with other peopole. What’s holding you back from churning out more money than you can is not because you lack a right set of skills. What is holding you apart from your ideal love relationship is NOT that you are too old, or that all the good ones are taken or because you live out in the boonies.

All masters say that spiritual affirmations begins with realizing what you truly desire. Next follow up by discovering an intense impetus or want that you can drive yourself on.

Einstein said, “No problem’s solution is realized from the exact area of consciousness that manifested it.” You have to intend and imagine your way out of the thinking of the problem and into the level of the solution. Intention has creative energy. We are all adept at creating things. We were manifested in the image of the Creator. When we operate with that level of creation we are moving to that other area that Einstein referred to.

Set an intention to create a SOLUTION. Rather than to figure out the PROBLEM from the area of the problem. The action will surpass the area of your physical intellect. Because right now we are taping onto the power of the Universal Energy when we have this level of Intention.

Most accounts of inventors thinking on a solution to a problem that has eluded them have said that the solution came in a flash of insight, a dream state or some unrelated situation.

When you think about the ultimate solution from the angle of the problem, you are tapping on the creative eneryg of your subconscious mind.

With positive affirmations, it could go like something, I wish to have a great well-paid job with cooperative co workers. Every day at the office is an enjoyable 8 hours and there is respect and friendship among one another. I come and leave the office at spirited mood each day.

That’s the kind of energy you access during the attraction stages of looking for your ideal job.If there aren’t any counter intentions lurking, what you want will come quite quickly.

Take note that you need to think clean and positive throughout with your expectations and fan out the destructive negative energy. Yes, you can achieve what you want!.

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