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Plus Size Mothers of the Bride turning to the internet for help in choosing their MOB dresses

By Guest Author On June 21, 2011 Under Personal Development, Success Secrets

A lot little girls are socialized from pre-school age to make believe about their wedding day way before it is ever to come to fruition.  The many years of build up all the way up to the engagement and then to the actual ceremony is something that a lot of women long for and undergo preparing for when they are quite young.  Then there are those who never truly gave a wedding much thought.  But then when the right person comes along and sweeps you off your feet, a switch turns on and a few  gals  go into full on bride mode. 

However you come into the event most would concur   a wedding day jubilation is a huge milestone in ones life.  It pin points a time when young grownups chose their partner for life and move on into adult hood to build their own families and traditions.  The groom commonly takes a rear seat in the planning process.  However the bride spends countless hours of preparation on how to produce a terrific party.  But most of all on how to make herself look the best she can with her wedding garment choice and all of the accessories that go with the garment.  But doesn’t the mother’s of the wedding merit to look her best too.  Well of course.  It is just as important to the parents as it is to their children.  This day is meant to be a one time social function that is special to the entire family.

What makes the process easier for some mom’s is that normally more times than not mothers of the wedding have already worn special occasion dresses more than once in their lives.  So the process of picking an evening dress or ball gown probably isn’t near as overwhelming as it is for someone going to a prom or becoming a bride for the first time.  A mother at this point pretty much knows what she likes, wants and does not like on her body.

For instance most women of age at this point know that they want to cover up some parts of their body – especially plus size females who know they actually want long sleeve dresses.  As well, many ladies at this point also know their best features and what they would like to feature on this very special day.  Many times once the mark of “wedding” is placed on the event some clients tend to brush aside what they already know and allow emotion to take over instead of relying on their own and best judgement.  At Darius Cordell Couture  we help women decipher and go through the process of deciding what they like the best and what they already know what works for them in regards to mother of the bride dresses   We prompt them of what they already know thusly helping the process of devising a decision of what to wear to the party much easier and unproblematic.  Once the process is complete and the ball gowns have arrived most of our clientele are extremely shocked at the results.  They are amazed at how well the item fits and how well it works for their body.  To read a few comments from some of our out of town consumers who purchased without a face to face appointment please click on the following link for “Darius Cordell Customer Service

We like to recommend all of our MOB consumers to not make it possible for the stress of the occasion day to effect their decision.  And even though you want to do all you can to make the bride and groom happy (visually) on the day of their party and ceremony you still want to look your best and wear colors that best suit your personal taste, personal manner and preferences.

As soon as the design has been narrowed down and chosen.  The process becomes much easier.  You basically convey what you want (either as shown or with changes).  When ordering from us you would communicate that selective information on our order form.  Instead of request our patrons to plainly chose a size from a size chart we all of our clients to submit their personal measurements on our form.  We then make the beaded gown or elegant dress in your particular measurements alleviating the need for “fittings”.   If for some reason the person changes in weight or size from the time the order is started to the time it is finished note that any one of your local alterationist or seamstresses can aid you with minor tailor-makeing and tweaking if ever necessary.  Most mature women who attend several functions and parties throughout the year already have a professional tailor on hand in their city near them.  As far as color and textile are concerned, you can choose a color from our color chart.  Or if you do not trust the World Wide Web you can simply go to any one of your local fabric stores and get an example of the colors you want.  Or with our style architect company you can even submit the exact yardage you want us to use and we will make your couture evening wear in that fabric for you.  This removes all questions as to what will the fabric look or feel like.  Once the merchandise is completed we would obtain your net balance and then ship it to you.

For more info concerning Darius Cordell Inc evening gowns and mother of the bride dresses and to see images of the bridal & evening wear collection please visit Darius Cordell Designs at dariuscordell.com .



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