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Pheromones – Definition For Sexual Attraction in Men and For Women

By Guest Author On August 5, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Improve Your Self Esteem, Law of Attraction, Self Improvement, Success Secrets

Pheromones, are nature’s own aphrodisiac. The word is derived from the Greek language and roughly translated signifies “a communicator of excitement” which I think adequately describes the chemical. It stands to cause that all creatures will need some implies to attract the opposite sex apart from appears. Nature’s way of utilizing pheromones is distinctive and is utilised by most animals such as the human assortment. Strange as it may sound, but the nearest to a human’s pheromones are from pigs.

Boar-Mate has been utilized for several years in animal husbandry, which makes me think conclusively that it is not “all in the mind” as some would recommend. In fact a local pig farmer living in our area came to us to get some of our product for humans simply because for some specific reason Boar-Mate was not readily obtainable at that time.

The pheromones produced by men and females do vary slightly in their makeup, plus guys secrete around two to 3 times as considerably as females. The most critical components in the formula are Androstenol and Androstenone for guys, plus in the woman’s secretions along with Androstenol is a little quantity of copulins which are fruity odours and all-natural aromatic acids. These are recognized to have a calming impact on men. As these pheromones are most robust at the fertile stage of the female reproductive cycle, levels can be drastically reduced by any hormonal imbalance triggered by contraceptive preparations or the menopause, plus of course competition from any perfume utilized. Also the use of de-odourants and the contraceptive pill seem to have interfered with our natural pheromonal functions of the olfactory nerve.

The biggest single trigger of impotence in civilised society is tension. Sadly, men peak with their pheromone production all around the age of 20 and then there is a gradual decline in most males. Hence the production of synthetic versions appearing in the marketplace in the 1990s.

Regrettably even though for shoppers there are a lot of organizations creating so called human pheromones but not using Androstenone and Androstenol, as an alternative they use more affordable chemical compounds with a like sounding name such as Androsterone and they basically do NOT operate. They are deceiving the general public as are those other firms proclaiming that each bottle of their item has 1, 2 or 3 grams of Androstenone.

Well, firstly high grade Androstenone and Androstenol pheromones are really costly retailing between ??4,595 to ??9,100 per gram and ??1,500 – ??two,400 per gram respectively based on quantities bought. These are genuine costs and if, as other people claim, they have such high concentrations, how can they afford to efficiently give them away? Operate it out for by yourself……. it’s just fraud, and not only that, if these claims had been even genuine…. you would not get ANYBODY near you since you would stink like a polecat. If pheromones Had been utilized in these quantities, it would have an enormous repellent impact!

Our laboratory in fact creates their own top grade Androstenone and Androstenol crystals and have pioneered the production of them given that 1979. These rogue companies trade on the reality that to analyse their products would be time consuming and very high-priced as only a gas chromatograph can measure these minute chemical quantities with any degree of accuracy.

So as the saying goes, “you pays your funds and makes your choice”


human pheromones

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