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Pain Manager: Back Sprains in the Back Country Solved

By Guest Author On May 10, 2011 Under Self Improvement, Success Secrets

My medical concerns evaporated  as I curled up to drift and dream through another Patagonia night, pain free. A magnificent universe of birdlife roosted in this park tonight:  flamingoes, parrots, Andean Condors.   I would seek them tomorrow.

The following account focuses on the potential agony and ecstacy of wildlife photography, in particular one day in the Southern Hemisphere during an expedition, a rare find, a gnarly accident, a remedy and the concerns about emergency impacts in remote areas. A herniated disc would have shipped me out, set me back and propped me on pillows awhile. My problem proved a sprain.

I had zoomed in on the pics that I needed: moments with the rare and enchanting Torrent Duck, which inhabits Rio Viedma. She showed up in form, bibbling and bobbling with her 3 babies.  Gleeful,  I had been experiencing one of the few tranquil days in this reach of Argentina, which typically blasts 60 mph.  The female’s mix of slate, rust andsnow-colored  feathers mask her foraging existence: the granite shadows and the water’s depth the only cover. This type of duck is only found, if you are lucky, in rapid glacial currents of Patagonia.

An intense pain took hold of me because my back got spun out while crossing a relatively shallow but deceptively accelerated section of the river in my chase of the duck family. However,  I expected to be knocking outany pain within about an hour and a half.  Our expedition Doc brings online Tramadol in the medicine kit for expedition members to deal with certain moderate to severe pain issues. This is just a minor tumble , I told myself, yet I felt way too chilly in my now-soaked duds. The horizontal blown pines above me had traded their emerald hues for calamitous wizardy-looking silhouettes.  I  felt a wave of spookiness, having allowed a state of weariness to develop. It’s probably because I had risen at 4:00 am  to catch December’s sunrise display.  Losing my balance, I actually collapsed ,and the accident left me feeling “un poco mareada” . 

I ascended the trail, back to camp, my innards now screaming for dinner: griddle pancakes with lots of butter and jam… hot chocolate and gobfuls of cashew nuts. Upon reaching at camp, I felt confident that a muscle spasm would prove the worst case scenario.  The doc examined me. He said when you suffer a strain, the affected muscles may recoil and have less flow of blood.  Pain then occurs. Injured muscles may also cramp up or twinge.  He added that section of my body until it improves.

 Can you imagine, the sleepless  night in a mummy bag on a foam pad I would have otherwise suffered without online tramadol?   I wondered how my back would feel in the sunup. Earlier in the season, one of my friends had a minimally invasive disc procedure done to solve a moderate-sized herniation of one of her spinal discs. It was performed by a pain medicine physician using laser tools to repair it. Methods have advanced for these kinds of pain interventions and include coblation tools (a type of radiofrequency vibeenergetic) and high pressure water jets. There is now this amazing invention called Intradiscal Electrothermal Therapy (IDET).  A specialized endoscope enables tools to be inserted into the discs for pain relieving repairs.

Wildlife photography in the back country not only energizes me, it provides the adventure and precision in craft that I crave. My father always said it is better to do what you love and take calculated risks to fullfil it than to look back on your life with regrets that you didn’t seize an opportunity. Back health is a critical concern for all ages. A good pain management program is worth its weight in rare photos.





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