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New uses for old things 2

By Guest Author On January 15, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Improve Your Self Esteem, Self Help Tips, Success Secrets

So this week I have blogged about examples to use things you already own in fresh ways. Yesterday we blogged about the kitchen. Next, we continue on to the bathroom. There are tons of small treasures in this space that may be used in some fun ways that you possibly have not even considered ! So here we go: 

Baby Oil!

-This fantastical  things can be used to unscramble a necklace chain. Put a little bit onto the tangled spot, then put a pin through the tangled spot and slowly and carefully pull apart. 

-Baby oil also works wonderfully to pull off a ring that is stuck on your finger. This trick could also work in other strange situations to rescue various body parts. (head stuck in the bannister anyone?) 

Dental Floss

-Use this to unstick photographs. Have you ever come across that picture finally only to find it stuck to another, seemingly hopelessly? Simply slide some floss between the photos and cautiously pull them apart. 

-You can use dental floss to hang a picture in the place of a normal hanging wire. It’s quick, easy, cheap, and relatively sturdy. 

-Cut a cheesecake with some floss. It makes for a great make-shift pie cutter, and perhaps even does a better job. 

Antacid tablets

-Throw a couple of these (alka-selzer maybe) into a toilet for a squeaky clean commode. Follow up with a good brushing. 

-Use this to take off a stain from the bottom of a vase or glass container. Simply drop it in with a little water and let it do its work. 

-This is my personal favorite, so I will just quote real simples description word for word: “Impress a kid. Pour water into a plastic 35 mm film canister until it is one-third full, drop in a tablet, replace the lid, and place the canister upside down on the ground. In 5-10 seconds, the gas force will make the canister pop its lid and shoot several feet into the air.” Now that sounds like fun! 

Hope these inspire you as well as  College Station Houses  or Georgetown Real Estate ! 

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