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New Methodologies in Leadership

By Guest Author On February 19, 2011 Under Personal Development, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

 By Trisha Sertori

The buzz is out there. Leadership training courses are the big thing in business – so trainers say. But what is a leader anyway? Are we focusing on the person in the corner office who has a passing similarity to the holder of the company or the long lunch guy that yells a lot over missed deadlines? Are we talking about the President that some of us voted into office, or are we talking about the awesome dude on the production line that everyone pays attention to and would do anything for. And where did they get that charisma anyway.

Different approaches to Leadership psychology (for example: Arthur Carmazzi‘s Directive Communication Organizational Development Methodology; and Sigal Barsade’s theory of The Ripple Effect, perceive leadership as a product of awareness and command of the reactions and influences of a group on the emotions of the person.

According to Arthur F Carmazzi, leadership development does not involve changing the mindset of the group, but the development of an environment that encourages the individuals to give their best in that group… Each individual has various environments that exhibit different facets from their own personality, and emotionally directed conception drive each factor within each environment. To lead, Carmazzi says, one must build a platform with the help of education and consciousness where individuals fill each others needs. A Leaders charisma is accomplished by knowing the psychology of how they and others react favorably to a situation in environment A, but become frustrated or disappointed in environment B.

“There is no doubt that there are born leaders. Look at Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandela. They were not taught how to lead. It was just a part of their makeup and the circumstances of their lives,” Carmazzi says.

“While we cannot do anything about the a leaders past, we make use of Directive Communication Psychology to create experiences that act as a catalyst to promote a strong Leadership Personality and charisma.”

Carmazzi along with his Malaysian and Singapore DC leadership trainers target key people in organizations who have a talent to become great leaders.

“When we give leadership training we actively seek out those individuals that have hidden charisma, and use experience to draw it out” says Carmazzi.

‘They may well not be in leadership roles, but these are the people who’s past experience may be hindering their potential for great leadership.

“When companies tap into these people and give them training to take on leadership roles, whether that be on the factory floor or at the highest levels of management, a real shift in corporate culture is accomplished,”

Carmazzi stresses that if these “natural” leaders are bypassed or under utilized, their natural leadership potentialities may be frustrated.

“You can not change how people are. And if you ignore those in your company that have these qualities, their energies will be re-directed and you may eventually have a highly dissatisfied workforce.

“Natural leaders possess a force that needs to be utilized. It is these people that colleagues turn to and if they are negative that soon passes on to the whole organization,” Carmazzi says.

He stresses that it is here that workforce training can make a real difference to a company’s bottom line performance.

“I have worked with companies that were losing money hand over fist through resource wastage. We went in and recognized the key people and management throughout the organizations. This is where we targeted our training. So across organizations, from the ground up, departments had leaders that were respected by their colleagues. Within 12 months of training we have seen organizations turn around and profits rise substantially. So, yes, the proper training works,”.

Here is one of 20 of Carmazzi’s Leadrship Training Videos:

More Free Tools and Videos from Arthur F. Carmazzi and his Leadership Development Methodology at: www.carmazzi.net and www.directivecommunication.com

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