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Natural Pick-Me-Ups to Make You Feel A Lot Better

By Guest Author On May 5, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Self Improvement, Success Secrets

If you’re sick, physically or mentally – be it cancer or depression, you can’t avoid feeling bad. Sometimes, no matter how often you tell yourself to smile more, be happy, acquire out of bed and get pleasure from life, it just doesn’t seem to work out. You are not on your own, there are many others who feel the same way. Have you looked at or are taking drugs to help boost your mood? If you are then that’s great. Nevertheless, if you are willing to experiment with something natural, you’d be glad to understand that there are some natural pick-me-ups that can help elevate your mood.

Do exercises

There is more to keeping fit than keeping the body fit and your muscles firm not the only thing that exercising can do for you. It can also keep you happy. Studies have shown that exercising can improve serotonin levels. Serotonin is an enzyme that is liable for making you feel happy. Do as much exercising as you can and help keep yourself in high spirits.

Vit. D

Your skin makes Vitamin D when it is exposed to direct sunlight. Vitamin D, just like exercise, can help augment the serotonin levels in your brain. Getting 10 to 15 minutes of direct, but sunscreen protected, daylight everyday is one way to keep you happy. You may also look into using some Vit. D supplementations. Before you decide to purchase any specific Vitamin D supplement, it might be a advantageous idea to study product reviews like Revitol Hair Removal Cream Reviews.

Larger Doses of B6

Just like Vit. D and do exercises, B6 can help to increase your levels of serotonin. In fact, it is really necessary in the method of metabolizing serotonin. B6 is present in the food you dine on. It is also possible to obtain pyridoxine from supplements. Before you buy any diet supplements, make sure you study reviews like Resveratrol review or a dedicated B6 review.

Calcium Health supplements

Women who suffer from Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) will benefit from taking calcium carbonate or folate diet supplements together with magnesium and Pyridoxine. Calcium can help reduce the physical warning signs of PMDD that will help you feel better. The mineral is also good for your bones.   Before you choose one particular product, it may just be a good idea to peruse product reviews first. Intracal Review is an example of calcium product review.

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