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Moving On After a Breakup – The Process Of Moving On And The Things You Need To Know

By Guest Author On February 17, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Improve Your Self Esteem, Law of Attraction, Self Improvement, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

Moving on after a break up is hard but the end result will be worth it.This it not an over exaggeration of feelings, moving on is really hard.It’s as if your world stops and ends.No one can actually understand your true feelings, how brokenhearted you are and how your feelings are immeasurable and mixed, and you’re the only one who can understand it and those people who have been there in your situation.

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When it has finally synced in to you that the relationship is over, we can become unjustifiable of our thoughts. No matter how hard it was for us to move on after the break up, we are blessed with the abilities to cope. 

Breaking up makes you feel so mad to the highest level, but at one point you can realize that despite those hurts, it is one great thing that ever happened to you. Yes, the initial part is the most painful, but along the way, you will be able to pick up the pieces not to start love again, but for you to be wholeMoving on after a break up can make you a better person as it gives you time to reassess yourself and be able to see who you are destined to.

In time, wounds will heal

As you go on acceptance, you must first allow your self: mind and heart to healIt is actually helpful that you will put away all the memories with him such as pictures, pillows, text messages, etc.Doing the things that can make you forget him will really be of help for you to heal.When you are on your weakest time, do not allow your feelings to dwell on another relationship or a rebound love, it can just add up to your hurt and pain.

Count your blessings: Family and Friends

Realize that you are surrounded by a good and loving family and friends.It is a big help for you to know that you have family and friends that you can depend on even if you heart is in pain.Dealing with break up is harder when you do not have family and friends whom you can turn to and you can release all your emotions.

Meet old time friends, rebuild old relationships, and spend most of the time with your family especially on a weekend. As much as possible, make yourself busy and do all the things that you enjoy and you love together with the people you love.  

Go out and have fun

It is okay to be asocial for quite some time after the break up, but being forever inside your room staring blankly at the ceiling is not healthy anymore. You have to remember that when you are still dwelling on that painful emotions for a long time, it is very hard to move on.Staying asocial for a long time can actually make your life more miserable. Why not divert your attention? go out with friends for a shopping and eating out. Socializing with friends can help you forget all the painful emotions before and the person who did it.

 Spend some time for yourself 

 Spend time for yourself alone as this will help you learn to live without him.Do things that you love and of your interest.Engage yourself in relaxing activities and also as possible, make things that can really be worth it.Take time to think and reflect in your most relaxed and calm time.

Fall in love again
When you finally forget him and all the pains he caused you, consider yourself to get back into finding new. Make yourself fall in love again this time. However, you really have to be careful as you enter a new relationship.You have to take some time to really know your date before going into a deeper part of the relationship.If you are entirely ready for a new relationship, do not simply allow the relationship to eat you whole or else you will have another heartbreak experience.


 There are things that you have realized on the process of moving on after a break up. You realize that even wounded and hurt, you are capable of loving still and you are loved as you are still surrounded with your lifetime family and friends.  You may even appreciate singlehood, and it makes you feel so happy.  Don’t ever think that the break up is the end of your life, rather think that it’s the start of great things in your life. You may cried, but now you have more reasons to laugh as you move on, and one important thing that you can get from the relationship is that you can live life to the fullest even without commitment and relationship.

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