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Memory Techniques for Actors – Discover the best techniques Memory Techniques for Actors

By Guest Author On September 4, 2011 Under Success Secrets

Have you ever wondered why actors are capable of memorizing long storylines? Like you may notice the script for any whole movie, it’s contains lots of pages. Especially, if you’re the primary actor, you would be using a large amount of dialogues, and when I had been the actor, the initial question on my mind is “how on the planet am I going to remember all that?” well, that’s the actor’s job. However, they have a memory technique process cope with that. It’s nothing flashy, nothing expensive, just a slight alternation in the entire process of memorization that proves to be effective, as you can tell. 

One of these techniques to improve memory tips that i’m referring to is association. Why name it “association”? Well, from the word itself, the process is associating what with images, pleasant ones. Something that is memorable or something like that that you are really used to and you would never forget.  This is because your brains have the tendency to bar unpleasant images out. When doing this, you should definitely use images that are vivid, vibrant and has sense. These makes it much easier to consider when compared to senseless ones. Also, using all your five senses works well.  Try exaggerating that image in your thoughts making it humorous, this way you would always remember it. This is true because I have a hard time forgetting funny moments.

Listed here are also some from the techniques actors use to create their memorization capabilities much stronger:

1. Recorder – reading the scene or even the dialogue and recording it on the tape recorder. After which replay it a lot of times and listen to it. 
2. Envelope – understand the script or the scene after which have an envelope, cover that part of the scene yon your script and think of the person’s face while saying those lines and look for the script again should you did it correctly. 
3. Writing – copy and write the lines into a paper but do it in sequence. 
4. Song – then add notes on your words, like a melody. Recite the script in a sing – song way. (I don’t know if this works)
5. Crazy Dude Technique – mumble the words to yourself. Get it done as you are talking to yourself. And of course, you should also answer yourself, that’s how it is. Warning: you will look totally crazy.

Well, it thinks that’s all of it. You could also try combining all of these mnemonic technique it makes sure you’d be memorizing each line. But if you actually desired to understand how actors memorize their lines, you should go question them. I’m confident there is some actor out there who does definitely tell you something about it. Or you could even use the web, Google it and find the solution. But to create your life easier, simply subside with these things. These are the techniques which have the greatest probability and assurance that actors rely on them.  

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