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Looking for Authentic Happiness? Try 7 Little Life Changes

By Guest Author On July 2, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Improve Your Self Esteem, Self Help Tips, Self Improvement, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

After taking more than ten years researching personal achievement and authentic happiness , I’ve decided to provide these seven quick self improvement tips as a way of giving back and helping someone like you to enjoy greater results in their life.

Daily Journaling

If you learn about the most significant people of all time , you’ll find that almost all of them were daily writers. Writing, every day helps you to focus your ideas and create a sense of self-awareness and that gives you the ability to motivate yourself quickly and help you to develop non-negotiable self-confidence.


This is usually the most consistently neglected of the seven little tips … but,  it’s also one of the most beneficial . Meditation is the most effective means of reducing stress and clear your mind from “junk thoughts” which create anxiety and worry . Daily meditation also helps to relax your heart rate and regulate your digestion along with a myriad of other health benefits .

Meditation also improves the restfulness of your sleep and enables your body to recover more efficiently . Unquestionably , the habit of meditation is the lynchpin that helps make the other six of these self improvement tips work for you and be your best self help

Expecting to Win

Many of those who accomplish wonderful deeds in life are not usually anymore capable or intelligent than the average person . But they do one thing different which many intelligent people can’t seem to do : they expect to win, even before they know how they’re going to win .

Creating expectations is the starting point , and if you begin with a foundation of solid expectancy, the rest is just a matter of perseverance.

Writing Goals and Plans of Actions

The practice of writing down clear and specific goals and action plans for accomplishing those goals is a must if you want to accomplish anything. This is because writing down your goals clarifies them and begins building an expectation in your head . Also, goals don’t happen without your actions . Having written plans gives you a specific set of actions to take each day towards the success of your end result .

Be Well Rounded

Personal development is about all parts of your life . Each individual aspect of your life affects every other area either directly or indirectly . If your family life is out of order , it will impact your health and your financial life . If your health is out of order it’s going to affect your personal growth and it will be harder for you to find the focus to achieve any of your dreams .

So no matter what you’re trying to do , being well-rounded is the key to living a fulfilling life and for having the physical stamina , the strength of mind , the financial security and the social support in place necessary in order to win

Positive Affirmations 

Your affirmations have more power than you would expect and will literally change how you see yourself your actions and your life . Write a simple   positive affirmation for the key parts of your life (health , how you handle relationships , money and work ) and promise yourself to say them out loud two times a day .

Teach to Learn

If you choose to own these tips , write about them to others . The more you teach other people to comprehend the principles of personal growth, the better your understanding will be.   Even if you have no one to help , you can write about the principles of personal development and finding happiness.

Much joy !

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