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Little Known Secrets of Influential to Practically Steal Your Customers Money

By Guest Author On June 24, 2011 Under Success Secrets

When it comes to business management, one of the most essential , yet poorly managed skills is selling. So in this article I will introduce you to some of the most powerful, yet subtle persuasion techniques to convert more prospects into sales, almost effortlessly!

Not many people understand the real meaning of the word influence, so first of all let’s investigate what it is and isn’t.

Influence isn’t force, or agression . Its gentleness power. A wise man once said, ‘the force with the greatest strength is gentleness’.

We want to be treated gently not harshly when we are customers of a business, so keeping this in mind is an important clue to excellent selling abilitiy .

People forget what’s its like being a customer when its time for that same person to sell something.

We’re all customers of other companies but because we forget what our feelings are at that time we aren’t as good at selling as we could be if we remembered.  So let me refresh your memory about being a customer…

When you are about to buy from a business you aren’t familiar with you have concerns about getting the appropriate product that suits your needs for a good price. You aren’t an expert about what it is you buy, the company you are buying from is. You expect help in picking what it is you want to buy.

Purchasing is like having a problem you need to solve. You want good value for money and to have confidence you are buying what suits your needs. You have an idea as to what you don’t want in your purchase; it may be size, quality, quantity, price and a few other criteria, but the problem is, you don’t know what you don’t know about what you want to buy.

When taking on the role of being a potential customer, we don’t tend to trust salespeople as we’ve all met bad ones and bought products we regretted afterwards because we thought we knew what we wanted and didn’t. We believe salespeople can will lie to get our money and so we are cautious around them, not disclosing all that we have as buying criteria.

Now, let’s go back to you being a top salesperson.

Remembering all these points we need to change how to sell to people if we want to win more sales.

As a customer isn’t an expert at what they buy, because they spend only a tiny percentage of their time ever buying from your industry , they need assistance . They need an education to eliminate their aprehension due to their own ignorance.

As people don’t trust salespeople, how much do you think your opinion means to them?

If you start making recommendations about what they should buy and they have a belief ‘salespeople are liars and only want to win sales’, what point is there in recommending something if they think you only care about winning the sale?

This HUGE principle is the number one reason why salespeople don’t convert the majority of prospects into customers !

The difference between an average salesperson and a top one is how many questions they ask before they make statements .

Top salespeople know people don’t trust salespeople’s opinions, so instead of giving a suggestion after a few questions from a prospect, they keep asking them questions. If you diagnose a solution before hearing all the criteria, of course a prospect hesitates buy. People like to feel heard before they like to hear.

When you listen twice as much as speak your prospect starts to trust you. When they trust you their barriers come down and they feel like you care about them and are a genuine person. When their barriers come down they will let you know they want your suggestion , by asking you a question. Until they ask you a question (this is a powerful principle), do not give them your opinion!

Practice the art of asking questions, excellent quality ones not superficial ones.

Finding out how much your prospect knows before buying your products is critical. In the first 30 seconds ask, ‘have you bought (your product) before?’

It’s such as beneficial question, yet few salespeople ever ask it. They either assume the prospect doesn’t know much and talk about things that can create confusion, or they talk about simple details, which irritates knowledgeable prospects . You have to find out how much knowledge a buyer has about buying and NEVER assume you know.

Selling is really effective leadership. Its about leading a buyer out of ignorance, defensiveness and apprehension into certainty and happiness about their purchase decision. In order to lead a person you first of all have to connect with them at their level and then you can lead them.

When you understand how to relate to a buyer at their level of knowledge by asking them questions to let them talk and relate to them, you will find prospects become friendlier, more truthful and you can lead them to your solutions easily . This is what influence is all about and its what can make you millions of dollars when you develop your skills and potentially master it.

When you do master influence you’ll find you have new found skills to lead your staff , win back old customers and convert resistant prospects into high paying customers who happily buy and tell all their friends to buy from your company too!

Small business marketing has many dimensions and this subject on influential leadership is a small but very important part of effective business development, but learning better leadership and people skills is a major part of extraordinary business success. After all, what’s left of a business if you take out all the people?

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