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Knowing how to think can get you what you want

By Guest Author On August 2, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Improve Your Self Esteem, Law of Attraction, Personal Development, Self Help Tips, Self Improvement, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

I’ve oft thought about what makes some people get so much out of any course they go on and someone who seems to take away very little . It actually comes down to what you put in to it .

To get the most out of a course , or in fact everything we do in life , its really all about giving it 100% .

An analogy for this would be seeing your life as if it was a game of sport . Are you just going to watch from the side – or are you going to be a player on the field . Observing life can be easy and sometimes fun , but being a player and going for it with everything you’ve got is the way to real fulfilment .

Many people just live their life day to day , but don’t really give it 100% , and therefore don’t get get out of life everything that they really could .

Just like deciding to take up a new lifestyle program and only giving it a little effort . If you wish to get the body you deserve and still think eating a few donuts a day won’t hurt, you’ll never get there!

When you really want something in life , then give it 100% !

Totally go for it .

That’s why on every NLP training I run I really encourage my students to go for everything 100% . NLP trainings provide a unique opportunity for people to completely transform their lives and whether or not they do , largely comes down to the amount of effort they put into it.

Don’t give much, and you won’t get much .

Give it average effort and you’ll get average results back .

Give it everything and you’ll be amazed at how much you get out of life!

At the moment as I write this I’m actually on the train on the way back to London . I was meant to fly , but with Icelandic volcanic eruptions and resulting ash and many flights being cancelled , the train seemed like the best idea . It turned out to be a good idea – I’ve been writing and doing things for the last 4 hours solidly working on new ideas and programmes .

Many people I know consider commuting and travel as a waste of time – but now I love it! I do lots and lots – I give my time to focus on writing , learning and reading which I can give 100% and now love the journey time .

So take some time to reflect on your outcomes .

What is something that you really want?

How much time or energy have you spent on it ?

Have you invested everything into it ?

If not, then why not ?

What can you do to totally go for it 100%. This week?

Remember, what you put  into things determines what you’ll get out , so give your dreams everything you’ve got and you’ll get great results

NLP is one of the greatest ways for getting results and success in life that I’ve come across – and I’ve learned lots of different approaches over the last 20 years . Probably, to me more accurate, NLP when its taught well will help you achieve what you want – its most important that you spend time finding an excellent trainer , because standards ca be really mixed . When I first attended an NLP training and hypnotherapy in London, it completely changed my life and I’ve seen the same for countless people since !


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