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Is Purpose the Key to Your Happiness

By Guest Author On June 24, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Success Secrets

Everyone is in quest of happiness. For many people it comes easy, but for many others it can be hard to get hold of. What is the secret to determining happiness in life? Is there even a secret to finding it? Is it just discovering purpose or is there something else that may help you find your happiness? It is definitely true that purpose is one of the secrets to discovering happiness in life, but is it everything?

05/20/2011 Washington, DC – John Oakland recently made the decision to change careers to follow his passion. He says he is much happier now and he reveals his experience here. “It was incredibly melancholy working for my old bosses. It was so mundane and it didn’t in truth add to what my passions in life were. It was intimidating to make the move that I did but I had my life-long friends and family behind me and it gave me the braveness.” Oakland was also present at the launch of the webpage – http://www.numerologist.com/articles/numerology/astrological-predictions-2010/.

Purpose is significant in life, that in itself is already a no-brainer to figure out. But, it is not always very easy to find your purpose in life. Many people strive for years and they are still not able to find what their purpose is. There are a number of methods that may help you figure this out. Some people will even use ways similar to numerology and astrological predictions to aid to them learn what they really have to do, you can also do the same thing if you wanted to.

Why is purpose so significant for happiness? It is due to the fact that purpose is going to be what drives us. If your days seem endless and repetitive, there is a good chance that you s have found your life’s purpose yet or you may not have recognized it yet. Ask your self for whom or for what do you wake up for. What are the causes that you choose to do what you do? Is it out of love and passion or do you do it because it is a means to make money?

Purpose is going to give you direction and from it you will find significance. You will learn about what the significance of your life. It can give you the direction that you are craving. All these are secrets to happiness. At the same time, you will also need to have love in your life. This does not need to be the romantic kind, it can be love from life-long friends and from family. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, it is also important that you give yourself time and attention. If you choose to do that, you run the risk of getting a burnout and that don’t contribute to your happiness.

When you make use of tests to and mediums just like astrological predictions to help you find your purpose in life, always have in mind that these are just recommendations at best. They are not end all be all doctrines that you cannot deviate from. Your happiness is reliant on you and it is your choices that can help make sure whether you are happy or not. 

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