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Important Methods to Get Rid of Bloating

By Guest Author On January 12, 2011 Under Improve Your Self Esteem, Success Secrets

Common ailments like bloating and constipation are often overlooked because of lack of knowledge on how to get rid of bloating; yet they affect one in four among us. Don’t you worry; numerous bloating remedies are here for your rescue. Sometimes toxins from foods we have taken enter the body and stick to our colon, that is where the trouble starts. Toxic waste lying in our body released gases and in the stomach gets filled with by the following gas. Bloating is simply those gases building up in the abdomen, and this can cause discomfort. The belly cupped sees itself, and a rise in length and their diameter if you haven’t done to get rid of bloating.

The major causes for bloating in the abdomen are consumption of food beyond one’s limit or else the food items consumed are allergic to the person’s digestive system. There are people who are allergic to milk, butter and other dairy products. Unable to absorb the lactose or sugar in dairy products, this condition is also known as lactose intolerance. There may be bloating in your abdomen if you suffer from lactose intolerance. Women who are experiencing their menstrual cycle or who has the problem of ovarian cysts are also likely to suffer from bloating. Take small walks or do some exercise to get rid of the bloating during those days. If you are looking for immediate relief from bloating you also use a pill of Phazyme. Phazyme has a base of charcoal and it helps with the fulness you feel associated with bloating and heartburn. People who are using other drugs or contraceptives should avoid using activated carbon tablets, which could cause side effects. Taking activated charcoal pills for an extended amount of time is not recommended for anybody.

In order to get rid of bloating you should find out the real cause behind it. It could be constipation, which can be helped with laxatives or the proper diet. If the gas is causing you trouble then you can drink some carbonated water so that gas escapes naturally from the body in the form of a burp. Betaine hydrochloric acid in tablet form can be used by people who prefer medications. Even a simple matter, for example inhaling air through the mouth or taking calcium supplements may lead to serious bloating. Exercise caution while eating. Chew your food thoroughly and slowly.

Popping a few seeds of celery to chew on is a great natural homemade remedy to cure bloating. Chamomile can be taken also as a tea. This will quickly relieve bloating. Such teas can be made from other things like ginger, peppermint and ginger. The tea they are from the very healthy natural products, they will not have side effects.

Once certain foods are determined to cause you to bloat, don’t eat them. Not all the foods will be taken in the same way by everybody’s digestive system. Some eat more food that are found to be allergic to others.

There are remedies to get rid of bloating, and you can choose one based on your body type and the availability where you are. See your doctor if you experience any discomfort while using these bloating remedies.


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