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If someone else can do it, so can you…

By Guest Author On March 11, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Law of Attraction, Self Help Tips, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

Everybody  has had the experience , or seen somebody or listened about someone who conquered amazing odds to achieve incredible outcomes when allseemed to be against them.

Everyone has the resources within us to reach amazing heights , however many of us only settle for getting by with an average life .

Everyone has the potential to live a truly incredible existence , and within us we have the potential within us to do it .

Take a moment right now to consider how your life would be if you knew there were no limits –  and when I’m talking about restrictions I’m speakig about fiscal, mental ability beliefs and everything else.

Often we limit ourselves because of internal restrictions that limit us, like ‘’I’m too old , or I’m too immature or I’m too past it to learn a musical instrument ’!

Well , you might believe that those musings are valid if you believe them, but they are totally not . They’re all in your mind . Beliefs are statements which we have an emotion of certainty about that we act on as if they are true.

For example , you might think that the world is round and as a result never travel far for fear of falling off the edge, however the reality is very different.

I had a buddy who used to believe that he was too old to take up jogging . He was just 28 years old. When he said this I was about 18 and I really was amazed that at 28 you would be past it!

Then I heard a story of a lady in her 70s who took up martial arts and within 5 years had gained her black belt.

What a greatstory !

It really shows that if you believe you have the potential do something, that you can go for it and get truly amazing outcomes .

If you think you can’t do things , you’re not even going to give it a go .

So right now , you can unleash your true potential to get some outstanding outcomes in your life which possibly you only previously imagined as being a possibility.

So follow these keys to take action:

  1. Jot down some dreams that you would love to achieve but haven’t taken action on.
    What are some old ruminations that you always wanted to get , but now maybe cast aside as fairy tale dreams?
  2. Ask yourself ‘what is preventing you from achieving these dreams? Is there really anything preventing you?
    Take note of any statements that you write down such as ‘I’m too old / it’s too late / it’ll probably never happen ’ or other excuses that are effectively disenabling beliefs?
  3. Start to search for opposite examples. Search for people who have achieved similar outcomes in similar places to you. Search in papers , the internet , television to find real counter examples to your belief. When we have enoughevidence to the adverse, it will begin to slack our old thoughts and allow us a new reality .

These are some simple keys that can develop all the difference. A brilliant way to discover more about changinglimiting beliefs is to discover NLP. When I first went on an NLP training and hypnotherapy course in North London, I was astounded at how new chances opened up to me in my future .

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