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How To Select a Diamond Cut for Your Engagement Ring

By Guest Author On May 9, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Improve Your Self Esteem, Law of Attraction, Self Help Tips, Self Improvement, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

As you choose an engagement ring, you are involved in a decision representing one of the most significant purchases that you will ever make. A diamond engagement ring portrays love and romance unlike any other gift or item of jewelry. Attention to detail is absolutely a requirement throughout this process, and one of the biggest selections affecting the appearance of your engagement ring is the choice of your diamond shape, or “cut”, and its size.

I speak from experience with this area, having personally spent much time in the diamond industry.

The below list describes several of our favorite diamond shapes, with a particular emphasis on the modern and contemporary:

  • A favorite long-lasting diamond shape can be found in cushion cut engagement rings. Over hundreds of years, the cushion shape is one of the most elegant shapes in which diamonds have been cut. Far before recent technology was built to fashion perfectly round diamonds like those that are commonly seen today, the cushion cut was a style used to shape some of antiquity’s most dramatic diamond stones.

    This particular diamond cut is patterned after the 57-facet design of the round cut, but is shaped in a square or slightly oblong geometry with heavily rounded corners. Visually stunning, cushion cut engagement rings are known for being highly sparkly and full of fire.

    One unique trait of cushion diamonds is that they can be shown off very nicely in bigger sizes. Instead of showing an overwhelming, gaudy appearance, over-2-carat cushion stones carry their large size with elegant dignity, and are a great choice for couples with high-budget tastes. 

  • Considerably more traditional in style, emerald cut engagement rings are the champions of traditional engagement diamond rings. The emerald cut has an extensive history, and remains one of the most alluring cuts to this day. The deep, pool-like appearance of the emerald cut continues to be a popular choice for engagement rings, and these stones are found with the most gorgeous settings to be seen in the industry today.

    The geometric attributes of the emerald cut lends itself to a broad spectrum of incredible ring designs. From gorgeous solitaires to split shank and halo settings actually encrusted with stones, emerald cut engagement rings are real masterworks. Leveraging the aid of a diamond expert to find a expertly shaped emerald stone will go a long way toward making your engagement jewelry a piece of incredible fashion.

  • Next, princess cut engagement rings bear a resemblance to the overall square shape expressed by cushion and emerald cuts, but without beveling on the corner edges, the four corners lend a sharp and distinct definition to the edge of the diamond. The geometry of this cut is popular among diamond cutters, since its shape requires the least waste to be generated from the raw diamond stone, preserving as much of the primary weight and size as possible. As a result of this, you can obtain a nicely-sized princess diamond for slightly less expense than alternative shapes.

    The princess cut is designed to accentuate the “fire” of a diamond – in other words, when viewed from above, the light should be reflected in such a way as to make the diamond appear as bright as possible. When firmly installed in a white gold ring setting, the juxtaposition creates an exceptionally brilliant display.

It’s often recommended to pick out your diamond shape and your ring setting design together as a pair. This helps you to consider precisely what the finished ring will look like, rather than making your selections independently. However, if you currently possess a keepsake diamond, then your search will be focused on locating a setting style that complements the cut of your diamond as closely as possible.

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