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How Loving Parenting Creates Healthy and Happy Children

By Guest Author On March 17, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Improve Your Self Esteem, Self Improvement, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

While  parenting can be a joy, its also hard work which is why I’m sharing these  logical  and loving parenting  tips .   Many times ,   discovering  a  positive outcome to a conflict with our kids  can seem impossible.  There really are so many theories on child psychology and child rearing that a parent  probing for tips on  practical and loving parenting ideas can feel  inundated and begin to doubt their own beliefs.

But while there are so many different theories  for parenting and  bringing up  your kids,  there are a few tips for being good parents that should always be practiced.  Of course no parent is  flawless or ever will ever be perfect,  but what we can do as parents is continue to move forward and identifyeffective  and loving parenting ideas  in order to bring up happy and healty  kids. 

There is not only one right way to raise  kids just as there is no such thing as a perfect parent or a flawless  child.  But here are several  effective and loving parenting  tips  to help your  kids grow up healthy and happy that you can implement today.

Loving Parenting Tip #1- Show  Affection 

Children need to be shown and told they’re loved. Each and everyday ,  tell your children you love them.  Take them in your arms and hug them, kiss them, and tell them how  wonderful  they are to you.

Loving Parenting Tip #2- Praise

Kids  need to know you notice when they do something acceptable.   When you catch your child  doing  something good, using positive reinforcement, tell them you are  pleased with them and that you remark how   important  they are.

Loving Parenting Tip #3- Listen

It is so significant our children are heard.  Even if they are wrong or nonsensical,  listen to them.  It doesn’t mean you give into them, but listening tells your  kids  you think they are important and you are interested in their feelings and what they are saying.

Loving Parenting Tip #4- Show Your Kids  Free from Harm

When your child is scared or  insecure ,  give them comfort and let them know you are always there to protect them.

Loving Parenting Tip #5- Structure

In order to feel safe and to  learn healthy boundaries , kids  need a regular schedule of meals, naps, bedtimes, and other activities. Try posting a  chart  where your children can view it as well as making clear the family rules and what consequences will take place  should they ignore  those rules.

Loving Parenting Tip #6- Consistency

Family Rules need to be clear and consistent.  Both parents  must apply the same rules and it must be done all the time.

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