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How hypnotherapy really works

By Guest Author On June 30, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Improve Your Self Esteem, Self Help Tips, Self Improvement, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

What is hypnosis ?

Can a hypnotist actually make you quack like a duck?

Well we’ve all seen tv shows , a hypnosis show or stories about people that have taken part in absurd things as part of a hypnotic show , but what really is possible ?

So , the first thing is you’re only going to quack like a duck if you really want to !

If you do want to , then I’m sure it can be arranged !

However a fundamental principle in hypnosis is you cannot make anyone do anything that violates their beliefs and values .

Hypnosis for most people is a very relaxing and enjoyable state, no more difficult than just closing your eyes and relaxing. Your mind might deviate , or you could stay alert the entirely time.

But the hypnotic state is very crucial , as it is a time where you can tap into your full potential and access internal resources you normally aren’t aware of .

Eg , I was once working with an athlete who believed he wasn’t reaching his full true potential , but he couldn’t realise what was preventing him. He was wanting to get his running speed up, but just felt he was pulling back .

Using strategies from NLP and hypnosis , we were able to unleash incredible potential within him and help him overcome all of his past records that he previously had been trying to reach.

Other standard areas where hypnosis is highly helpful include stopping smoking , weight loss , focus and concentration, dealing with exam nerves, boosting confidence, wiping out phobias and lots of issues .

Hypnosis really has applications in so many different areas . When I first startedworking as a hypnotherapist in North London, I was amazed at the outcomes clients would discover .

Many people have the belief – well I don’t think I could be hypnotized.

Well have a go at these simple procedures :

  1. Stare at a point on the wall or something in front of you
  2. Shut your eyes
  3. Have three deep breaths and let your body relax more a little with each breath
  4. Reopen your eyes again!

So, who shut your eyes and reopened them? It certainly wasn’t me!

Of course it was you !

However many people think that hypnosis is all about being controlled by someone else .

It couldn’t be farther from the reality . You will be in greater control than you normally are when you go into hypntherapy – you can reduce your breathing, your heart rate and lower your blood pressure.

When people attend a hypnotherapy or NLP training, they are close to always shocked that it is not at all like what they thought it would be. In truth it is frequently a disclosure at how much control they can have over themselves and can tap into the true resources we all have include us.

Hypnotherapy is particularly useful in helping to deal with unwanted habits that we have , such as nail biting , over eating and scratching . Medically trained hypnotists can even aid patients to have operations under hypnosis rather than anaesthesia and to help deal with a range of physical conditions.

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