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Help Save My Marriage – Let Intimacy Rescue Your Marriage

By Guest Author On May 17, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Improve Your Self Esteem, Law of Attraction, Personal Development, Self Help Tips, Self Improvement, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

When you think that your marriage is about to meet its doom, never lose hope and believe in yourself that you can put it back the way it used to be.   You should believe that you truly can rescue your marriage in order to save it.   So right now, believe that it is possible for you to save the marriage. 

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  The common problem usually being faced by married couples is the lack of intimacy.   For a marriage to be happy there must be a level of intimacy that goes beyond the physical and wholeheartedly embraces the emotional.   Have you ever asked yourself about the intimacy status of your relationship?

 Are you open and transparent with your spouse?   Do you share and include or do you exclude and keep your emotions and emotional needs locked away and try and deal with things on your own?   If you are excluding your wife emotionally, your marriage may be lacking intimacy and need to rescue your marriage before it’s too late.

 Make sure that you’re making every attempt to share your problems and worries with your spouse.  In the midst of a difficult situation, tendency is that people become more worrisome and preoccupied.   People don’t get to share their worries with their spouse because they get too focused on thinking about a solution.   This mistake is huge because you are excluding your spouse wherein both of you should be helping each other.

 Remember, spouses can very easily sense when something is wrong and if you exclude them, they quickly begin to feel shut out and redundant and that’s when hurt can quickly find its way into a marriage.   

 Another way to inject intimacy into your marriage so that you can save marriage is to make time for your marriage.   Not spending time for your marriage would be a plan for disaster on your relationship   It’s no fun discovering that when you were busy carving out a career or focusing your time on attending to the kids, that your marriage just shriveled up and died.

 Make sure to allot some time for your spouse and your marriage.    From time to time, try surprising your spouse by taking a day off and spend it with your partner.   When your spouse realizes that you value them to the extent of changing your schedule to include them, you will begin to see an improved difference in your marriage.

  Continue to save your marriage by keeping the intimacy between the two of you continuously.   Don’t try to commit a mistake by letting your marriage be without even enjoying the company of your partner.   A healthy and intimate marriage is one that is attended to regularly, only then will it thrive.

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